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Shutdown Moves in Congress – DTN   1-11


Government Shutdown Grinds On – DTN   1-11


USDA: Tariff Compensation Deadline Extended; Jan.11 Crop Reports Delayed  – DTN   1-9




DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Strong Spring Demand Expected   1-11


Farm Business: Management and Conservation in the Face of Lower Returns   1-11


Fuel Report: Diesel 2 Cents Above Last Year; Propane Stocks Low   1-9


Dossett on Rice: Expect International Prices to Stay Strong   1-11


Agriculture – What’s in Store for 2019? – DTN   1-7


Ag Conservation on Working Lands – What Practices Are Farmers Using?   1-9


Grain Prices: My Long-Term Corn Chart, Plenty to Learn from the Past – DTN   1-10


Farm Business: How Much Debt Can a Farm Carry?   1-7


Soybeans: SCN Resistance is Increasing Even on Reliable Varieties – DTN   1-10


Cleveland on Cotton: Market Second-Guessing More Than Usual   1-11


Crop Insurance: Multi-County Enterprise Unit – What Is It and How Does It Work?   1-9


Rice Market: Farmers Need USDA WASDE Report to End Speculation   1-10


Ag Confidence Pressured by Harvest Weather, Trade Disputes, Uncertainty – DTN   1-10




Drought Monitor Weekly: Generally Wet for Southeast, Southwest   1-11


Inland Rivers – Too Much Rain Complicates Barge Movement – DTN   1-8


Monthly Drought Outlook – January   1-7




California Walnuts: Getting Up To Speed On Scale, NOW And Borers   1-9


California Pistachios: “Rest” And Yield Effects In “Off” And “On” Years   1-7


California Walnuts: Winter 2019 Meeting Schedule   1-7


California Almonds: Prepping For Pollinator Safety In 2019   1-7




Texas: Auxin Herbicides – What You Need to Know for 2019   1-7


Mississippi: Pesticide Applicator Certification Required for Dicamba Training   1-11




Immigration Issues: Sorting Out Who’s Supported Walls In The Past – DTN   1-9


Senate Ag. Committee Chair Announces Retirement – DTN   1-7


Waters of the U.S. Rule: Supreme Court Asked for Input – DTN   1-9


Presidential Race: 2020 Campaigns Start With Warren In Iowa – DTN   1-8






Shurley on Cotton: Fundamentals, Fear, and Uncertainty   1-11


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   1-11


Grains: Brazil’s Projections And U.S. Closing Estimates Slip – Indigo GeoInnovation   1-11


China Purchases U.S. Soybeans, and U.S.-China Trade Talks Conclude   1-11


Wheat Market: U.S. Export Pace Likely to Pick Up   1-10


Pork Industry: Some Recovery from Decade Low Prices   1-7


Mississippi: International Ag Marketing Workshop Coming Up Jan. 17-19 – Podcast   




Western Region Pecans: Prices Slightly Higher as Season Nears End   1-11


Texas Pecan Prices: Light Deliveries, Good Demand as Season Wraps Up   1-11




Phytogen Partners with Cotton Inc. Denim Recycling Program   1-10




Livestock: Iowa ‘Ag-Gag’ Law Overturned – DTN   1-10


No Quick Decisions – Cage Standards Cases Routed To Lower Courts   1-8


Pork Industry: Some Recovery from Decade Low Prices   1-7




Sustainability Impacts Agriculture’s Future   1-11


Crop Growth Boosted 40% by Making Photosynthesis More Efficient   1-11


Louisiana Master Farmer Program Graduates 13, Honors Outstanding Participant   1-11


EVENTS UPDATE Click here for a complete list of upcoming events.






Corn | Soybeans


Tennessee: Soybean Seed Quality Concerns Going into 2019   1-11


Tennessee: Enlist Soybeans Gain Chinese Approval – What It Could Mean for Growers   1-11


Planter Maintenance Checklist – 14 Steps to Take Before Spring   1-10


Northern Michigan Soybeans: Early Maturity Variety Trial Results from 2018   1-10


Mississippi Soybeans: Production Challenges Going into 2019 – Podcast   1-8


Michigan Corn: Tar Spot the Focus of 5 Pest Management Meetings in Feb.   1-10


Mississippi Soybeans: Frogeye Leaf Spot – Real Concerns Deserve Real Action   1-7




North Carolina: 2019 Auxin Stewardship Training Schedule   1-11


Mississippi Cotton: 2018 Variety Trial Data   1-9


Arkansas Cotton: Making Variety Selections for 2019   1-8


Texas Cotton Researchers Boost Plants’ Natural Defenses   1-7




Georgia Pecans: ‘Avalon’ a Quality Cultivar for Recovering Farmers   1-11




Arkansas Rice: How Many Acres Will Be Planted in 2019?   1-11


Louisiana Rice Research Board Gives $1Mln to Fund LSU AgCenter Research Chair   1-11


Rice: Engineering Plants for Improved Photosynthesis Boosts Yields   1-11


Sweet Potatoes


South Carolina Sweet Potatoes: New Pest in Darlington County Forces Quarantine   1-9




Tobacco: Could You Make Money Growing Low-Nicotine Leaf?   1-11


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