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Smart Sprayers Getting Smarter, Australia’s Evolving Resistance Program – AgFax Weed Solutions   12-3




China Fixing to Buy US Soybeans – DTN   12-5


Commodity Markets: Do We Need More Futures Contracts?   12-3


Corn, Soybean Marketing: What Should You Do Differently in 2019? – DTN   12-7


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Continue to Rise   12-6


Beige Book Observations on the Ag Economy, Nov. – Federal Reserve   12-6


Cleveland on Cotton: Tariffs Still the Big Question Mark   12-7


Farmers’ Sentiment Steady, Lack of a Farm Bill a Concern – Ag Barometer   12-4


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Global Nitrogen Market Faces 2-3 Year Deficit   12-7


Group Decries USDA’s Shifting Economic Research Functions Into Policy Realm   12-4


Ram Trucks Adds Ag-Related Incentives On Truck Purchases   11-30




Farm Taxes: Tips for Fixing Quicken Mistakes Quickly  12-3


Farm Taxes: 5 Things to Do ASAP, Plus Old Strategies that No Longer Work   12-3


Farm Taxes: Charitable Giving – Standard Deduction Has Changed – DTN   12-1




California Almonds: Pruning – Heading vs. Thinning Cuts   12-6


California: Almond Board Fueling Innovation with $6.8Mln Research Investment   12-4


California Herbicide Resistance – 6 Questions On How It Compares To South, Midwest   12-4




Weed Management: Using Effective Herbicide Groups   12-4


Eliminating Resistant Weed Seed At Harvest – Aussies Make Huge Push – AgFax   12-1


“Smart” Sprayer Shows Promise In 2018 – Less Herbicide, Less Movement – AgFax   12-1




Net Farm Income Forecast – How Accurate Is USDA?   12-6


Ag Economy: What Does 2018 Farm Income Forecast Look Like as of Nov.   12-4




Ag Trade: New NAFTA Signed, China to Buy More U.S. Ag   12-3


Rice: Louisiana Crop Consultant Receives USA Rice Award 12-7


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   12-7


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   12-6


Moving Grain: Vessel Loading Activity Remains Strong   12-6


Chinese Pork Under Pressure – DTN   12-5


Wheat: 2019 a Year of Marketing Opportunities, Says Economist   12-6


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   12-4


Trade Talks Rally Markets at Least for Now – DTN   12-4


Brazil Biodiesel Industry is Expanding – DTN   12-3


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   12-7


Livestock: Will Pork Industry Have a Better 2019?   12-3





Kansas: K-State Crops Team Wins National Contest   12-7


Diesel, Gasoline Prices Continue Decline   12-6


Georgia: Frequently Asked Questions About the GATE Program   12-6


New Ag Book: The Fault Lines of Farm Policy   12-7


Texas A&M Agrigenomics Lab Receives Sponsored Support from PerkinElmer   12-5


USDA Announces Peanut Standards Board Appointments   12-4


Cotton: Gin Out Plant Growth Regulator Joins 2019 Phytogen Residual Rewards   12-4


Mississippi Row Crop Short Course – Where It Came From, Where It’s Going – Podcast   12-3


Brazilian Digital Ag Company to Set Up Near Purdue, Create Over 300 Jobs   12-3




Farm Bill: How Does New PLC Protection Hold Up?   12-5




Oklahoma Pecan Prices: Moderate Demand as Harvest Wraps Up   12-6


Texas Pecan Prices: Deliveries Remain Light, Demand Strong   12-6


Western Region Pecan Prices: Active Buying Interest, Variable Quality   12-6


Louisiana Pecan Prices: Lower with Lower Percentage Yields   12-6


Georgia Pecan Prices: Accumulators, Shellers Cutting Back on Hours   12-6




Drought Monitor Weekly: Storms Drench Most of Country   12-7




Texas Wild Pigs: Report Sightings, Activity with New Online Tool  12-3


Mississippi: Wildlife Group Wants Ban on Supplemental Deer Feeding   12-4


Outdoors: Deer Communicate with Sense, Scents   12-3


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Georgia: Pesticide Training Program Has Lowered Drift Complaints   12-7


Corn and Soybeans


Soybeans: Lower Quality Seed for 2019 – Check Your Germination Rates – DTN   12-7


Tennessee Soybeans: Free Soil Screenings for Nematode Pathogens – Podcast   12-7


Tennessee Soybeans: 2018 Variety Test Preliminary Results   12-7


Michigan Corn: Mid-Season Nitrogen – How Much Do You Need?   12-7


Iowa Soybeans: Should You Use a Fungicidal Seed Treatment on Low-Quality Seed?   12-7


Indiana Corn: How Effective Are Sulfur Applications at Boosting Yields?   12-7


Biostimulants – What Are They and Do They Work?   12-6


Soybean Gall Midge, A New One Emerges – DTN   12-5


Minnesota: Nutrient Management – On-Farm Research, The Basics and Beyond – Podcast   12-4


Ohio: Corn Variety Regional Performance Test Results   12-4


Indiana: Purdue Crop Performance Program Trial Results Published​​   12-3




North Carolina Cotton: On-Farm Fiber Quality Results for 2018   12-7


PhytoGen Releases Full Enlist Portfolio for 2019   12-7




Sugarcane: Maximizing Yields with Multispectral Imaging Technologies   12-4




Carolinas Tobacco, Sweet Potatoes: Aggressive Nematodes – New Research   12-5


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