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All-Electric Pickup Truck - Zero to 60 in 2.8 Seconds 11-28


Driverless Tractors are Closer Than You Think – DTN   11-26




Dicamba-Tolerant Seed and Herbicide Future Rests on Court Decision – DTN   11-28


Farm Bill: House Ag Committee Agreement Reached “in Principle” – DTN   11-30


Hubbs on Grain: Corn Consumption Still Up Even with USDA Projections 11-26


Cleveland on Cotton: Demand Factors Weaker; Cotton Belt Waterlogged   11-30


U.S. House Tax Package is Jam-Packed, Includes Biodiesel Tax Credit – DTN   11-29


Corn, Soybeans: Do Growing Season Yield Changes Impact Prices Too Much?   11-23


Trade-Aid: Congressman Wants Payments on Planted Acres Not Harvested Acres – DTN   11-29


Yield Decline Projected for 6 Major Crops – National Climate Assessment – DTN   11-27


Midwest Corn: Genetically Engineered Seeds May Help Offset Climate Change   11-26


Soybean Trade: China Tariffs Not the Only Thing Holding U.S. Back – DTN   11-26


Soybean Oil Missing from FDA’s Boost of High Oleic Oil Health Claims – DTN   11-25




Farm Taxes: Net Operating Losses No Longer Offset Profits in Future Years - DTN 11-20


Farm Taxes: Good Time to Get Out of Your C-Corp with Less Penalties – DTN   11-23


Farm Taxes: Equipment Trade-Ins – Navigating State vs. Federal Rules – DTN   11-21




California Walnuts: “Concerning” – Pacific Flatheaded Borer Activity   11-19


California: Italian Ryegrass Resistant to Multiple Herbicides   11-27


California: New or Beginning Farmers Given Educational Opportunity in Salinas   11-30




Dicamba: Midwest States Recommend Added Steps To Prevent Movement   11-26


Waterhemp’s Metabolic Resistance to Topramezone – What’s the Cause?   11-29


Herbicide Resistance Management – Using Multiple Modes of Action   11-28




Farm Finances Stressed: Lenders Helping, But Wary – DTN   11-19


Farm Income Keeps Sliding Lower – Ag Credit Survey, Kansas City Fed   11-19


Ag Economy: Chapter 12 Bankruptcies on the Rise – Minneapolis Fed   11-21


Farm Income, Loan Repayments Down; Farmland Values Mostly Steady – Federal Reserve   11-20




Soybean Price Strategy: A Bigger Dice Roll Than Usual – DTN   11-25


Rice Market: Overseas Buyers Still Active   11-30


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   11-30


Wheat Market: Increased Price Competitiveness Boosts Exports   11-29


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   11-29


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   11-28


Kansas: Soy, Corn Prices Down – Looking at Alternative Crops   11-27


Trade War – Ag Market Disruptions Persist   11-26


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-30


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   11-27


Shurley on Cotton: A View of the Boll Game at this Point   11-21


Hubbs on Grain: Selling the Soybean Rumor? Trade Negotiations and Prices   11-19


Corn Prices: Market History Repeat? Putting the Deja in Déjà vu. – DTN   11-19




Gas Prices at Last Year’s Levels, Diesel Remains Above Last Year   11-28


U.S. Ag Sec. Perdue Kicks Off DTN Ag Summit   11-26


Biofuels: Election Makes RFS Reform Unlikely – DTN   11-20


Public Funding of Education – It’s Time to Do it Again – Commentary   11-30


Biofuel: EPA Allegedly Ready to Freeze Small Refinery Waiver Program – DTN   11-29


Ag Production from High Plains Aquifer Worth Over $3Bln per Year   11-28


USDA Reorganization: Ag Leaders Call Proposal a ‘Major Disruption of Research’   11-29




Crop Insurance: What Can Corn, Soybean Growers Expect in 2019?   11-21


Are Input Decisions Affected by Crop Insurance? 11-29


Farm Bill Includes Legalizing Industrial Hemp and SNAP Changes – Commentary   11-25




Texas Pecan Prices: Light Deliveries, High Demand   11-28


Western Region Pecan Prices: Harvest in Early Stages, Demand Is Good   11-28


Louisiana Pecan Prices: Embryo, Black Rot Concerns   11-28


Georgia Pecan Prices: Quality Concerns; Very Slow Sales   11-28




Texas Cotton: High Plains Weather Aids Harvest, ARC/PLC Deadline is Dec. 7   11-30


Sawyer on Crops: A Month of Rains Bad for Harvest   11-30


Georgia: More Rain, Less Harvest   11-30


Drought Monitor Weekly: Southern Plains Continue to Dry Out   11-29


Florida: County-Level Estimates for Hurricane Michael Ag Losses   11-27


Kentucky: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Floods   11-29


South Carolina: 10 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Hurricanes   11-29


Texas: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Flood   11-29


Michigan: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Excessive Rain   11-29


Alabama: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Hurricane Michael   11-29


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No-Till November – Leaving Stubble to Protect the Soil   11-20


Corn and Soybeans


Mississippi: Corn Hybrid Demonstration Program Results   11-29


Illinois Soybeans: Dectes Stem Borer and Lodged Plants   11-29


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Fall Fertilizer Application Outlook   11-28


Mississippi Soybeans: Stem Canker Inoculated Variety Trial Evaluations   11-28


Nebraska Crop Production Budgets for 2019   11-20


Nebraska Corn: Which Bt Traits Do You Need to Buy?   11-20


Tennessee: Charcoal Rot – What Is It, How to Screen for It   11-20


Texas Bt Corn: Resistance in Rootworms – What Can You Do?   11-19


Minnesota Soybeans: 5 Timely Tips for Nutrient Management   11-19


Corn: Breeding Traits to Improve Water Use Efficiency   11-19




North Carolina Cotton: On-Farm Variety Trial Yield Data Available   11-27




Georgia Pecans: Where Do We Go From Here?   11-28




Louisiana Field Reports: Wrapping Up Ratoon Rice – Quality Concerns   11-26


Arkansas Rice: An Interesting Year, Indeed   11-24


Texas Rice: Freeze Hits Ratoon; Endigo ZCX; China Rice   11-19




Tobacco: The Smallest U.S. Burley Crop in History?   11-26


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