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Bt Corn: Single Toxin Varieties Withdrawing from Market   11-15


Bt Corn Hybrids : Confirmed Resistance to Western Corn Rootworm – DTN   11-16


Clock Ticking on Farm Bill Talks – DTN   11-15


Hubbs on Grain: Corn Prices Unimpressed by Smaller Crop   11-12


Cleveland on Cotton: China’s Polyester Dump; Pricing – Think Aggressively   11-16


Thanksgiving Dinner: Turkey Prices at 10-Year Low   11-15


Farm Bill Perspective – How Do Things Stand Following Elections?   11-12


Ag Trade: What to Expect from the New NAFTA   11-16


Dossett on Rice: Long Way to Planting Time – Anticipate Price Shifts   11-16


Farm Business: 6 Reasons to Consider Hiring Military Veterans – DTN   11-12


Farm Bill: Sen. Grassley says Southerners Need a More Realistic View – DTN   11-14


Montana Court Stalls Keystone XL Pipeline Project, Property Owners Relieved – DTN   11-12  


National Wheat Yield Contest Winners Push for Quality – DTN   11-14




Farm Business: 7 Financial, Risk Management Suggestions for 2019   11-14


Farm Business: Comparing Cash and Accrual Net Farm Income – Case Study   11-14


U.S. Rice Market: Rain, Cold, Snow Impedes Final Harvest in Some Areas   11-16


Thompson On Cotton: How Much Patience Do You Have?   11-14


Moving Grain: Upper Mississippi, Illinois River Return to Normal Operations   11-15


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   11-16


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-16


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   11-15


Wheat: Human Consumption Sets New Record   11-15


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   11-13




Ag Trade: Soybeans Seek Additional Markets; Fears Grow for Lasting Impacts   11-15


Soybeans: Shedding Light on U.S. Export Variables   11-13


USA Rice Works to Overcome Trade Issues with South Korea   11-13




Dicamba: Kansas Researches Evaluate Effect on Non-Resistant Soybeans   11-15


Dicamba: Moving Forward – 7 Label Changes   11-15


Minnesota: Palmer Pigweed – A Proactive Management Approach Is Key   11-14




Georgia Pecans: Dreary Harvest Continues   11-16


Georgia Pecans: Righting Leaning Trees vs. Removal – Which Is the Right Option?   11-16


Georgia Pecan Prices: Deliveries Light as Harvest Finishes   11-16




Diesel Prices Down Slightly, Gasoline Drops   11-15


Former President Jimmy Carter Joins Georgia Ag Hall of Fame   11-12


Cotton: CCI Goals for 2025 Enhanced by the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol   11-13




Oil Crops Outlook: Lagging U.S. Exports To Exacerbate Soybean Surplus   11-13


Rice Outlook: U.S. Export Forecast Lowered   11-13


Wheat Outlook: Larger China Crop Offsets Reductions Elsewhere   11-13




Sawyer on Crops: Georgia Timber Losses – Salvaging Damaged Areas – Podcast   11-16


Seasonal Drought Outlook – Dec., Jan., Feb.   11-16


Drought Monitor Weekly: Most Deadly Wildfire in California’s History   11-15


Florida: Hurricane Emergency Bridge Loans – 8 Points You Need to Know   11-12


Florida: Disaster Relief – Properly Documenting Damages   11-12


Mississippi: 20 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Floods   11-16


Arkansas: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Floods   11-16


North Carolina: 32 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Florence   11-16


Alabama: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Gordon   11-16


Oklahoma: Tulsa County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Drought   11-16


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Tennessee: Seed Treatment Decisions for 2019 – Podcast   11-15


Iowa: 4 Considerations for Improving Soil Health   11-16


Conservation: How Cost Efficient Are N Loss Reduction Practices?   11-15


Nebraska: Irrigation – Checklist for Winterizing Your Center Pivot   11-13


Precision Pesticides – 3 Emerging Technologies   11-13


Corn and Soybeans


Arkansas Soybeans: Cold Unlikely to Speed Harvest; Seed Quality Looks Low   11-16


Bt Corn: Single Toxin Varieties Withdrawing from Market   11-15


Arkansas Soybeans: Variety Performance Against Southern Root-Knot Nematode   11-14


‘Scaring’ Soybeans into Defensive Mode Yields Stronger Seeds – Study   11-13


Minnesota Corn: Controlled Release Nitrogen – Another Tool in the Toolbox   11-14


Kentucky Soybeans: SCN Management Starts with Soil Sampling   11-14


Corn: Bt Trait Table Updated in Time for Seed Selection   11-13


Nebraska Corn: Fall Nitrogen – To Apply or Not to Apply?   11-13


Nebraska Soybeans: When Does Seed Treatment Pay?   11-13


Illinois Soybeans: Stem Zone Lines Do Not Indicate Charcoal Rot   11-12


Tennessee Soybeans: SCN Resistance and the Need for Variety Rotation   11-12




North Carolina Cotton: 2019 Weed Management Starts Now – Preemergence Herbicides   11-14


Georgia Cotton: Hurricane Michael Impacts on ARC/PLC Decision   11-12




Louisiana Crawfish: Get Equipment Ready for Harvest   11-13




South Carolina Sorghum: Company Developing Improved Regional Varieties   11-14        




Louisiana Sugarcane: New Record in Sight Despite Difficult Harvest   11-12




Arkansas Rice: Variety Decisions for 2019   11-14


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