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Dicamba: States Scramble to Get a Grip – DTN   11-9


Georgia Farmers Need Financial Relief Immediately, Says Ag Economist   11-9


Soybeans and Trade: China Finding Bean Supply Elsewhere – DTN   11-7


California Cotton: Pink Bollworm Eradicated After 50 Years 11-6


Ag Trade: Effects of Tariffs Ripple Beyond Exports  11-6


China’s Got Way More Corn Than Anyone Thought – DTN   11-9


Cleveland on Cotton: Tariff Impact; Non-U.S. Cotton Products Still Coming   11-9


Soybean Market: Brazil’s New Pres. May Be Asset to U.S.-China Trade Deal – DTN   11-6


Soybeans: Seed Quality Issues In 2018 – Unraveling A Critical Issue   11-6


Producer Sentiment Rebounds in October - Ag Economy Barometer  11-6


Diesel, Gas Prices Decline; Propane Stocks at Average Levels   11-7


Farm Bill: The “Won’t Work” List Versus Supply Management – Commentary   11-7




California: David Doll to Leave UC Extension   11-9


California Walnuts: Autumn Weed Control Options   11-7




Rice Market: WASDE Holds No Surprises, Could Be Worse   11-9


Farm Bill Wrap-Up is Priority with Lame Duck Congress – DTN   11-8


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   11-9


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-9


Moving Grain: Slower Barge Tonnage Pace Drags Down Freight Rates   11-8


Ag Trade: U.S. Exports Up From a Year Ago; Tariffs Dim Soybean Prospects   11-8


Corn, Soy Prices Down; Trade Gap Grows: Short on Optimism  11-7


Soybean Marketing Videos Available from North Dakota State University   11-7


Illinois: Crop Insurance – Soybean Harvest Prices Lowest Since 2006   11-7


World Rough Rice Prices Decline   11-7


U.S. Soybeans: Containerized Shipping Could Reach New Markets   11-5


Biodiesel: U.S. Exports Up 90% from a Year Ago – DTN   11-5






Dicamba: States’ Ability to Add More Restrictions is Fading – DTN   11-5


Dicamba Movement – pH Potentially Plays A Role   11-8


Ohio, Illinois: Fleshing Out the New Dicamba Label  11-7


Midwest: Herbicide Resistance and Weed Management – New Online Course   11-6


Texas: Herbicide Options for Killing Cotton Around Gin Yards   11-6




Georgia Pecans: Struggling with Low Market Prices   11-9


Georgia Pecans: Prices Higher for Top Quality Nuts; Door Sales Slow   11-9


Oklahoma Pecan Prices: Harvest Off to Slow Start   11-7


Texas Pecan Prices: Demand Good as Harvest Ramps Up   11-7


Louisiana Pecan Prices: Rains Creating Delivery Issues   11-7




Ohio River: New Olmstead Locks and Dams Will be Paid Off in 4 Years – DTN   11-7


Mississippi Bureau of Plant Industries – How’s It Set Up, What’s It Do? – Podcast   11-7




North Dakota: Rolette County Designated Natural Disaster from   11-9


Drought Monitor Weekly: Southwest Improves, Northern California Worsens   11-8


Pecans: Impact of Hurricane Wind on Trees Depends on Variety   11-5


Illinois Weather: Bone-Chilling Changes in October   11-6


Florida: Post-Hurricane, 4 Steps to Take in Reporting Damage   11-5


Michigan: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas   11-5


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Texas: Get the Most from Your Soil Test Dollars – 8 Considerations   11-7


Cornbelt: Reducing Nutrient Loss – Understanding the Variables   11-5


Nebraska: Panhandle Center Tests New Subsurface Drip Irrigation System   11-5


Corn and Soybeans


No-Till Corn: Study Focuses on Profitability of Enhanced Efficiency Urea Fertilizers   11-9


Illinois Soybeans: Too Wet to Sample for SCN? Spring Is Still an Option.   11-9


Michigan Corn: Tar Spot Is Impacting Yields, Causing Stalk Lodging   11-7


Iowa Soybeans: Fewer, More Diverse Choices of SCN-Resistant Varieties in 2019   11-7


Kentucky Soybeans: Green Stem Syndrome – What Causes It?   11-7


Missouri Soybeans: Late Season Disease, Seed Quality Concerns   11-6


Soybean Acres to Drop in 2019 Says USDA   11-6


Ohio: Soybean Cyst Nematodes – Fall Is the Time for Sampling   11-6


Ohio Corn: Variable Rate Seeding Considerations   11-6


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: How Were Diseases in 2018?   11-5


Nebraska Soybeans: Does a Late Season N Application Increase Yield, Profit?   11-5




Louisiana Cotton: Harvest Yields Mixed Reactions   11-9


Texas Cotton: Figuring Out Herbicidal Stalk Destruction With New Seed Technologies   11-8


Texas Cotton, Sorghum: Insecticidal Virus Products – What are the Facts?   11-8




Arkansas: Peanut Harvest Seeing Same Slow Progress as Other Crops   11-9




Louisiana Sorghum: Extension Urges Growers to Give It a 2nd Try   11-8




Texas Upper Coast: Rice Planthopper Found in Ratoon Rice   11-5




Tobacco: Flue-Cured Market Coming to an End   11-7


Tree Crops


Virginia: Chestnuts Make A Comeback   11-7




Mississippi Wheat: Frequent Rain Limiting Acreage   11-9


Texas High Plains: Wheat Rust Showing Up, Treatment Not Recommended   11-8




Global Markets: Grains – Chinese Stocks Swell on Production Revisions   11-9


Global Markets: Oilseeds – Chinese Soybean Imports Lowered   11-9


Global Markets: Cotton – Lower Stocks, Higher Consumption, Production Since Outlook Forum Forecast   11-9


WASDE Cotton: Reduced Domestic Production, Demand, Stocks   11-8


WASDE Oil Crops: Reduced Domestic Soybean Production, Exports, Higher Stocks   11-8


WASDE Rice: Reduced U.S. Exports, Higher Stocks   11-8


WASDE Coarse Grains: Lower U.S. Corn Production, Usage, Stocks   11-8


WASDE Wheat: Domestic Stocks Lowered on Higher Demand   11-8


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