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Dicamba: EPA Extends OTT Label For 2 Years, Rolls Out New Requirements   10-31


Midwest Fall Fertilizer: Tip 1 – Don’t Jump the Gun – DTN   11-2


Dicamba Label Revision: Sorting Out The Implications   11-1


Georgia Cotton: Economists Estimate $600 Mln in Damage from Michael   11-1


Ag Trade Tariffs Overwhelm Gains from the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement – DTN   11-2


Dossett on Rice: Texas Needs Rain Break; Futures Promising   11-2


Neonic Seed Treatments: Canadian Farmers Struggle with a Phase Out – DTN   11-1


Cleveland on Cotton: Finding a Sustainable Market is the Issue   11-2


Hubbs on Grain: What Will Acreage Look Like in 2019?   10-30


Farm Equipment: Steel Tariffs, Low Farm Income – Finding the Balance – DTN   11-1


Rural Medical Emergencies: Helicopter Air-Ambulance Can Mean Life or Death – DTN   10-29


Peanuts: Argentina Expects Big Acreage Decline   10-29




Soybean Market: Bearish Times? A Contrarian’s Checklist – DTN   10-30


Wheat Market Highlights – Global Production Shortfall, Record Consumption   11-1


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-2


Soy – Edamame: 70% Imported from China – U.S. Researchers Working on U.S. Bean   11-1


Ag Trade: Additional U.S. Tariffs Possible; Markets Absorb Impacts   11-1


Illinois: What Could Change the 2019 Corn, Soy Return Outlook?   10-31


Rice Market: Slow to Move – Slow to Change   11-2


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   11-1


Crop Market Explorations: USDA Crop Baseline Projections – ERS   10-30


Rice: 2017 PLC Payment Rates Announced   11-1


Moving Grain: Funding for Water Infrastructure Programs Approved   11-1


Rough Rice Prices Remain Unchanged   10-31


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-30


Ag Trade: Tariff Disruptions Persist, Talks with China Uncertain   10-29


Indiana: Crop Share Net Returns vs. 2 Flexible Cash Leases   10-29




Corteva Agriscience’s Board Of Directors Named   11-1


Farmer Health Insurance: Land O’Lakes Launches Coverage In Minnesota, Nebraska   11-1


The Seam Partners with Tech Hiring, Training Company   10-29




Tennessee: Roundup Ready Soybean Response to Dicamba Exposure   11-2


Cornbelt: Milkweeds, Monarchs, and Crop Production   11-2


Pennsylvania: Late Year Weed Control   11-2


Nebraska: Fall Burndown Options for Controlling Winter Annuals in Wheat   10-29


Nebraska: Atrazine Resistance in Waterhemp – Researchers Investigate   10-29




DDG Weekly: Spot Prices Unchanged, Indonesian Demand Remains Steady – DTN   10-29




Drought Monitor Weekly: Virtually No Degradation Except for Florida   11-1


Texas: Extreme Weather Events Are the New Norm   11-2


U.S. Drought Outlook Monthly – November   10-31


Georgia: Wilcox County – Damage Estimates to Pecans, Cotton, Peanuts   10-31


Southwest Georgia Farmers Pick Themselves Up, Trudge Ahead   10-31


Florida Panhandle: Drones Used to Assess Hurricane Michael Damage   10-30




Livestock: Methane Digesters – New Growth for Renewable Energy in Agriculture – DTN   11-1


Sawyer on Crops: Livestock, Pasture Issues from Michael – Podcast   11-2


Nebraska: Can Damaged or Discolored Soybeans Be Used as Cattle Feed?   10-29


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DTN Fertilizer: Prices Rising; French Co. Finds Use for Insect Excrement   10-31


Pennsylvania Cover Crops: Still Time to Plant   11-2


Grain Bin Safety: 11 Steps to Avoid Accidents   11-2


South Carolina: Cover Crops Improve Soil Health, Increase Bottom Line   11-1


Cotton Bollworm Resistance to Bt on the Rise in China – New Study   10-31


Tennessee: Time to Test the Soil – Podcast   10-31


Illinois: Fall Fertilization – Be Aware of Costs While Covering Nutrient Basics   10-30


Minnesota: Tips for Fall Fertilizer Applications – Podcast   10-29


Texas: Multiple Online Ag CEU Courses Offered in Nov.   10-29


Corn and Soybeans


Michigan Soybeans: Drying and Storing Wet Beans   11-2


Tennessee: Corn Checkoff Vote – Nov. 28-29   11-2


Michigan Soybeans: Recommendations for a Late Harvest   11-2


Illinois Soybeans: Late Season Stem Discoloration – What Caused It?   11-2


Virginia Soybeans: Variety Selection – What Maturity Is Best?   11-2


Minnesota Soybeans: Regional Variety Yield Results Available   10-31


Iowa: Do You Need to Till This Fall?   10-30


Georgia Soybeans: For Seed Crops – Can Paraquat Be Used a Harvest Aid?   10-30


Minnesota: Reduce Your Chances for Volunteer Corn Next Season   10-30


Mississippi Soybeans: Varietal Response to Advanced Weathering   10-29


Soybeans: Sporebuster App Helps with White Mold Fungicide Decisions   10-29


Nebraska Soybeans: Crop Insurance May Soften the Blow of Low Quality   10-29




Louisiana Citrus: Early, Sweet Crop Despite Cold Winter   11-1


Louisiana Citrus: Disease, Insects Causing Concern for Growers   10-31




North Carolina Cotton: EPA Clears Dicamba OTT – With Stipulations   11-1


Virginia Cotton: Late Defoliation – Patience Required; 2019 Varieties   10-30


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecan Prices: Growers Holding a Wait and See Approach   11-2


Louisiana Pecan Prices: Light Offerings; Short Crop Expected   10-31


Georgia Pecan Prices: Domestic Trade Picking Up, Exports Coming Into View   10-31


Mississippi Pecans: Yields Decline, but Future Looks Promising   11-2


Outstanding Georgia Young Peanut Farmer Award – Nominations Now Open   11-2


Peanut Stocks: Utilization Down 2%; 2.6 Bln Pounds in Storage   10-30




Texas Rice: Endigo ZC Gets EPA Crisis Exemption to Control Planthopper   11-2


Webinar: New Rice Breeding Tech – CRISPR Gene Editing, Nov. 1   10-29


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