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Hyper Herbicide Resistance? This Waterhemp Defies 6 Modes Of Action – AgFax   10-19


Kochia Gains Cross Resistance To 2 Key Herbicides – AgFax   10-19


Herbicides: Australians Facing Slippage With Key Resistance Strategy – AgFax   10-19


Minnesota: Palmer Pigweed – Detection, Reporting – Timeliness Is Key   10-19


Herbicide Resistance in Annual Bluegrass is Epidemic in Turf Management   10-19




Weather Forecasters Disagree: NOAA Says Warm Winter – DTN Says Cold Winter   10-19


Soybean Pod Shatter – Bad Enough to Scout Before Harvest? – DTN   10-17


Corn, Soy, Wheat: ARC-CO Payments for 2017, Outlook for 2018   10-17


Soybean Harvest Losses Continue To Mount In Upper Midwest – DTN   10-17


Thompson On Cotton: When Will The Market Catch Up With The News?   10-18


Arkansas Soybeans: 2nd Year of Poor Seed Quality   10-19


Hubbs on Grain: Soybean Price Potential for 2018   10-15


Rice: U.S. Complaint Against China’s Producer Subsidies Moves Forward   10-17


Trade Talks: U.S. Pushing for Agreements with Japan, EU, UK – DTN   10-18


Organic Acres Increase; Non-GMO Acres Decline – DTN   10-17


Cotton: Pink Bollworm is Gone After 100-Year Fight   10-19


DTN Fertilizer: Farmer Poll – 45% Plan Spring Applications, Not Fall   10-19


Tariff Conflict and Other Factors Affecting Farm Production Values   10-17


Rice Market: Export Sales Volume Down; Ratoon Growers Watching Weather   10-19


Cottonseed Protein One Step Closer as Human Nutrition   10-17




California Invests Over $100 Mln in Ag Conservation in 2018   10-15


California: Conference Will Focus On FARMER Funding For Equipment Replacements   10-19




Wheat Market: U.S. Exports Unchanged, Decreasing Global Production   10-18


Rice Outlook: U.S. Crop Forecast at 218.8 Mln Cwt   10-19


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-19


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   10-19


U.S. Trade Agenda Continues: Japan, EU, and U.K.   10-18


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-16


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-19


Ag Trade: U.S., China Plan Nov. Talks, Soybean Trade Flows Adjust   10-15




California Cotton: Upcoming Tour Puts Designers, Textile Industry In Touch With The Crop   10-19




Seasonal Drought Outlook – Nov., Dec., Jan.   10-18


Drought Monitor Weekly: Heavy Rains from Michael and Sergio   10-18


DTN Adds Spray And Moisture Enhancements To WeatherSentry Ag Edition   10-18


Georgia Cotton: Hurricane Michael Impacts ‘Promising’ Crop   10-19


Texas West Plains Cotton, Sorghum: Impacts from Monday’s Freeze   10-16


Georgia Peanuts: Growers, Buyers Assessing Damage, “Worst Disaster in 30 Years”   10-19


Georgia Farmers Face $2 Bln in Losses from Michael   10-19




Colorado: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   10-19


Missouri: Cass County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Drought   10-19


North Dakota: 6 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   10-19


Georgia: Disaster Assistance Programs – Everything You Need to Know   10-16


Georgia: Hurricane Assistance Available for 7 Additional Counties   10-17


Texas: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   10-15


Ohio: Holmes County Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Flooding   10-15


Missouri: 8 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   10-15


Colorado: 7 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   10-15


Iowa: Wayne County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Drought   10-15


Kansas: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   10-15




Farm Policy: Expiration of the 2014 Farm Bill, CRS Report   10-19


Farm Bill Stalemate: Conservation Concerns   10-18


WOTUS: Will Ongoing Legal Wrangling All Be Decided In This Federal Court? – DTN   10-17


Food Production is Not Growing Fast Enough – DTN   10-18


EPA Changes Coming – E15 Ethanol Rule, WOTUS, Air Emissions – DTN   10-18




Outdoors: Soil Disking Can Improve Wildlife Food, Habitats   10-19


Moving Grain: Barge Traffic Slowed by Flooding Along Upper Mississippi   10-18


Mississippi Pumpkins: Summer Weather Provided Good Crop Conditions   10-19


Louisiana: ‘Big Data’ Presents New Opportunities, Challenges in Ag   10-16


Cotton: Clemson Studies Using Robots for Harvest   10-15


Texas: CRP Risk Management Decision Aid Available   10-15




Cotton Outlook: China Leads World Stocks Decline   10-19


Oil Crops Outlook: Soybean Growers Face Mounting Storage Issues   10-19


Wheat Outlook: Global Supplies Tighter on Reduced Australian, Russian Production   10-19




Winter Grazing Prospects Look Bright In Southern Plains – DTN   10-17


Georgia: Hurricane Relief – Livestock Mortality and Carcass Disposal   10-16


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Cover Crops | Soil


Kentucky Cover Crops: Ryegrass Helps Break Up Fragipan Layers   10-17


Arkansas: Cover Crop Seeding Rate, Establishment Guidelines   10-15


Corn and Soybeans


Drought Tolerant Soybeans: Arkansas Researchers Find Genetic Markers   10-17


Louisiana Soybeans: 2018 Core Block Yield Data   10-18


Missouri Soybeans: Dry Summer, Wet Fall – How Will It Affect the Crop?   10-18


Minnesota Corn: Consider Options Before Applying Fall Nitrogen   10-18


Iowa Corn: Mycotoxins and Crop Deterioration   10-18


Arkansas Soybeans, Cotton: Continuing Rains String Harvest Along   10-17


Iowa Soybeans: Top 3 Diseases of 2018   10-17


Nebraska Corn: Stalk, Grain Quality Decline in Wet Weather   10-17


Soybeans: Better Storage Starts with Harvest Moisture   10-17


Grain Storage: Pros, Cons of Alternative Methods   10-17


Kansas Soybeans: Conditions Before Harvest – Pod Shattering   10-17


Minnesota Soybeans: Storing, Drying, Handling Wet Crops   10-17


Ohio Corn: Harvest Delays Impact Crop Performance   10-16


North Dakota Soybeans: Tips for Drying, Storing Your Crop   10-15




Tennessee Cotton: Harvest Issues – Wet Conditions, Regrowth, Quality Concerns – Podcast   10-19


Mississippi Cotton: Rapid Detection Method from Infected Plant Material   10-19


Georgia Cotton: Hurricane Michael Impacts ‘Promising’ Crop   10-19


Texas West Plains Cotton, Sorghum: Impacts from Monday’s Freeze   10-16


Peanuts | Pecans


Arkansas Peanuts: Avoiding Cold Injury   10-19


Sawyer on Crops: Pecan Injury – What Are We Looking At?   10-19


Georgia Pecans: Preliminary Acreage, Crop Loss Values from Michael   10-17


Georgia Pecans: Hurricane Michael Leaves Mark on Industry   10-17




Rice: New Study May Lead to More Heat-Tolerant Varieties   10-18


Wheat | Small Grains


Georgia Wheat: McMichen Wins Yield Contest Thanks to Extension Audit   10-19


Pennsylvania Wheat, Barley: Fall Herbicide Options   10-19


Alabama Wheat: 22 Production Practices for High Yields   10-19


Oklahoma Alfalfa: Fall Army Worms are Here Until We Get a Frost   10-15


Michigan Wheat: Late Planting Suggestions   10-18


Ohio Wheat: Delayed Planting – What Should You Do?   10-16


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