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Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains - Plains, Midwest   10-11


Texas High Plains Cotton: Potential for Snow, Freeze Pushes Boll Opener Applications   10-12


Georgia Pecans: 1st Look at Hurricane Michael Damage   10-12


Southeast Cotton – 80 to 90% Open Bolls in Hurricane Michael’s Path – DTN   10-11


Georgia Cotton: Start Documenting Hurricane Losses Now   10-12


Georgia Pecans: Preparing for Hurricane Michael Cleanup   10-11


Soggy Harvest Delays – Some Farmers Seed Shopping for 2019 – DTN   10-9


Moving Grain: Flooding Stops Barge Traffic; Railroad Congestion at Mexican Border   10-11


Colorado: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Storms   10-9




Soybean Market: Iran was Top U.S. Soybean Buyer in August, What Gives? – DTN   10-9


Diesel, Gasoline Prices Jump Higher   10-11


Hubbs on Grain: Price Recovery Due to Several Factors   10-9


Cleveland On Cotton: 80 Cents Possible?   10-12


USDA Issues $4.8 Bln in Farm Safety Net, Conservation Payments   10-12


Soybeans: Export Variables, Storage Issues, Trade Policy Outlook   10-10


Rice Market: Near Term Outlook Has Positive Scenarios   10-12


Tariff Realities: Farmer’s View – Basis, Cash Flow, Storage – DTN   10-9


Syngenta Corn Seed Settlement Claims Due Oct.12th   10-9


Fertilizer: Urea Prices at Gulf Continue Higher   10-9


Soybean Cyst Nematode: Changing Up SCN-resistant Varieties is Key – DTN   10-10




California Almonds: Lower Prices, More Shipments?   10-12




Illinois: Making 2019 Cash Rental Decisions   10-10


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-12


Shurley on Cotton: Bad Timing – This Likely Won’t End Well   10-9


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-12


World Rough Rice Prices Down from Last Week   10-11


Illinois: Making 2019 Cash Rental Decisions   10-10


Cotton: No Marketing Quota, Acreage Allotments for 2019 – USDA   10-10


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-9       


DDG Weekly – Spot Prices Mixed, Shutdowns Keep Supplies Balanced – DTN   10-9


Corn, Soybeans: Ending Stocks Moving Higher   10-9




Ethanol: President Trump on the Political Trail with E15 Sales Rule Change – DTN   10-11


Biofuels: Trump Opens Door to Increased Ethanol Use   10-10


Ethanol Blends: President Tells EPA to Allow Year-Round Sales – DTN   10-10




Fall Weed Control in Florida Pastures  10-9




Mississippi Outdoors: Ponds – Simple Tests Improve Management   10-8




Midwest Nitrate Escape: Buffer Strips and Control Boxes are Key, Study Says   10-11


Minnesota: Free Farm Financial Counseling Available   10-10


U.S. Rice Stories: Tell Yours – Win a College Scholarship, Deadline Oct. 31   10-10




Tariff Realities: Would Whole Soybeans Work as Cattle Feed? – DTN   10-10


Texas Study: Fumonisin Not Detrimental to Beef Cattle Diets   10-11


Livestock: Swine Feed Cost Projections for 2019   10-8




Global Markets: Soybeans – Continued U.S.-China Tension Affecting Trade   10-12


Global Markets: Rice – Brazil Reasserts Role as Top South American Exporter   10-12


Global Markets: Wheat – Robust Russian Exports, in Spite of Smaller Crop   10-12


Global Markets: Coarse Grains – U.S. Corn Exports Forecast to Tie Record   10-12


Global Markets: Cotton – Mali, Burkina Faso Drive Record West Africa Exports   10-12


WASDE Cotton: Increased Domestic Production, Reduced Exports   10-11


WASDE Oilseeds: Higher Domestic Soybean Yields Offset by Reduced Harvest Area   10-11


WASDE Rice: U.S. Production Lowered on Reduced Yields   10-11


WASDE Coarse Grains: Lower Corn Production, Increased Exports, Higher Ending Stocks   10-11


WASDE Wheat: Reduced Domestic Use, Larger Supplies   10-11


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Cover Crops | Soil


Texas: Fall Cover Cropping – Is It for You? What You Should Know.   10-10


Iowa Harvest: How to Minimize Soil Compaction   10-12


Minnesota Soybeans: Is It Feasible to Lower My Soil pH?   10-10


Texas: Soil Health – 5 Common Misconceptions   10-10




Louisiana Citrus: Canker Disease Recently Found in 2 Parishes   10-12


Corn and Soybeans


South Dakota Soybeans: Waiting on 2018 Harvest   10-11


Iowa Corn: Mycotoxins Smartphone App Available   10-11


Tennessee Soybeans: Dealing with Seed Quality Issues   10-9


Minnesota Soybeans: Drying and Storage   10-11


Kentucky Soybeans: Seed Quality Moving Backwards in the Field   10-9


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Crop Quality Hurt by Rains   10-8


Ohio Soybeans: Seed Quality Issues   10-9




Virginia Cotton: Damage Not as Bad as Expected   10-12


Virginia Cotton: Low Pressure Coastal System   10-11


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: Harvest Injury from Burrower Bugs, Rootworms   10-9


Georgia Peanuts: Digging Ahead of Hurricane Michael – Yes or No?   10-8


Florida Peanuts: Leaf Spot Defoliation – To Dig or Not to Dig?   10-8




Arkansas Rice: Severe Stem Rot Hit Some Fields in 2018   10-12


Arkansas Rice: Cultivar Responses to Major Diseases   10-9


Sweet Potatoes


Mississippi Sweet Potatoes: Harvest Progresses, Yields ‘Fair’   10-12


North Carolina Sweet Potatoes: Impacts of Guava Root Knot Nematode Quarantine   10-12




Tobacco: After the Storms – What’s Left of the 2018 Crop   10-8




Mississippi Wheat: Keys to Producing a High Yielding Crop   10-11


Ohio Wheat: Soybean Aphids and Barley Yellow Dwarf   10-9


 Ohio Wheat: A Few Considerations for Planting After Corn   10-9


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