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Tariff Realities: Soybean Storage – It’s Coming Up Short – DTN   10-2


Farm Business: Gauging Management Skills – 9 Point Check List   10-1


Soybean, Corn Stocks – USDA Added Insult to Injury – DTN   10-2


Cleveland On Cotton: So Much For Tariffs Or Making Farmers “Whole”   10-5      


Soybean Herbicide Tolerant-Trait Systems for 2019 – Breaking it Down – DTN   10-3


Ag Economy: Steady Farmland Values Help Insulate Struggling Ag Sector   10-4


Herbicide Resistant Weeds – Ag Bots Could be the Answer – Video   10-5


Farm Comes Before Party Affiliation; Health Care Big Worry – DTN   10-2


Wheat Market: USDA Confirms Ample Supply, Reassures Customers About Availability   10-4


Soybean Planting – Brazilian Farmers Anxious Over Trade Tariffs – DTN   10-1


Farm Succession – Addressing Fair But Not Equal – DTN   10-1


U.S. Rice Market: Futures Have had Good Run   10-5


North Dakota: Farmland Values Tested by Rising Interest Rates   10-1


Midwest Corn: Tar Spot Disease – 3 Tips for 2019, Start with Hybrid Selection – DTN   10-5






Canada – Trade Deal Wins, Losses Depend on Perspective – DTN   10-5


U.S. Rice Sale to Iraq a Shot in the Arm   10-5


Thompson On Cotton: Regional Updates, Points Worth Emphasizing   10-4


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-5


DDG Weekly Update: Spot Prices Moving Higher – DTN   10-1 


Moving Grains: Soybean Barge Tonnages Lower than Last Year   10-4


Ag Trade: Japan Agrees to Talks, Will Rice Get a Seat at the Table?   10-3


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-5


PLC Payment Rates for 2017 Feed Grains, Oilseeds   10-3


World Rough Rice Prices Edge Higher   10-3


Ag Trade: New NAFTA Announced – What’s in It?   10-2


USDA’s Trade Aid Package, Potential Tariff Impacts   10-1


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-2




Drought Monitor Weekly: Heavy Rains in Tennessee Valley; Moisture Moves into Southwest   10-4


U.S. Drought Outlook Monthly – October   10-2 






South Dakota: Palmer Amaranth – A Growing Concern   10-3


Grain Sorghum: Advanta Breaks New Ground With Herbicide-Tolerant Technology   10-2


Nebraska: Comparing Soybean Competitiveness with Herbicide-Resistant Waterhemp   10-1




Livestock Markets: Pork Prospects Improve, But Losses Still Loom   10-1


Tweet from: Craig Paulek @CraigPaulek "Harvest is truly the best time of year."




Farm Bill: PLC Yield Updating for Exceptional Drought Counties – Commentary   10-3


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Tariff Realities: Keeping Your Stored Grain Safe – DTN   10-3


Grain Storage: Precautions to Avoid Mold Spoilage   10-4


Ohio Soybeans: 5 Tips for Harvest, Planning for 2019   10-3


Grain Storage: It Starts With Harvest   10-2


Ohio Corn Harvest: Stalk Quality Concerns   10-3


Tennessee Harvest: The September Rain Delay – Podcast   10-2


Cover Crops | Nutrients


Fall Fertilizer: Considering P and K Applications   10-3


Minnesota Corn: Nitrogen Credits – How Will Soybeans, Cover Crops Affect Next Season?   10-5


Alabama Cover Crops: Everything You Need to Know   10-3


Ohio: Are Cover Crops for You? – Podcast   10-2


Minnesota: Nutrient Management – What is Cation Exchange Capacity? – Podcast   10-1




Corn and Soybeans


Tennessee: What’s the Difference Between Nematodes?   10-5


North Carolina Soybeans: Velvetbean Caterpillar Defoliation in Piedmont   10-5


Michigan Corn: Reducing Impact of Mycotoxins   10-5


Corn: Illinois Study Identifies Key Drivers of Corn Photosynthesis   10-5


Virginia Soybeans: Early Harvest Reports – Seed Quality Not Good   10-5


North Carolina: Soybean Rust Detected in South Carolina, Consider Spraying Late Fields   10-4


Ohio Corn: Premature Kernel Sprouting   10-3


Louisiana: Soybeans Suffer in Soggy September   10-2




Virginia Cotton: Extended Weather Looks Promising   10-4


Virginia Cotton: Hot Sunny Beginning For October   10-2


Tennessee Cotton: When Should I Resume Picking?   10-1


Grain Sorghum


Georgia Sorghum: Crop Heading – Scout for Midge   10-5


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: New Irrigation Scheduling Recommendations Save Water, Money, Boost Yields   10-4




Texas Rice: Too Much Rain, Look Out for Planthoppers   10-5




Tennessee Wheat: Weed Management Considerations   10-5


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