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Resistant Weeds Demand Attention During Harvest – Tips, Plans – AgFax Weed Solutions   9-21




Farm Co-op Fraud: $2Mln and a Big Game Hunting Habit – DTN   9-21


North Carolina Crops: Florence Hit at Worst Possible Time, Pre-Harvest – DTN   9-18


Corn’s Bullish Outlook and the Charlie Brown Syndrome – DTN   9-18


Tariff Farm Aid: Iowa Soybeans – Strategies for $550Mln in Payments   9-20


Climate Change: By 2100, Ohio “Will look more like Arkansas or West Texas” – DTN   9-21


Thompson On Cotton: Prices Have Taken A Hit In Trade War – What’s Next?   9-19


U.S. Tariffs – China Responds; Trump Threatens More to Come – DTN   9-19


Corn Market: USDA Record Yield Forecast Weakens Prices – Video   9-18


Hay: 3rd Largest U.S. Crop in Harvested Acres – Why Is It Trending Lower?   9-20


Farmland Values Decline in Illinois, Iowa; Up in Northern Midwest   9-17




Midwest Harvest: Wet Conditions Threaten Harvest Progress, Crop Quality – DTN   9-17


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Soggy Conditions Hinder Harvest   9-21


Drought Monitor Weekly: Tropical Activity Mostly Misses Heavy Drought Areas   9-20


Seasonal Drought Outlook – Oct., Nov., Dec.   9-20




North Carolina: Pesticides – Post-Flood Cleanup and Disposal Assistance   9-21


North Carolina Soybeans: 10 Considerations Following Hurricane Florence   9-20


South Carolina: USDA Assistance Available for Flood Damaged Ag Land   9-20


Arkansas cotton harvest.
Photo: Debra L Ferguson




Cleveland On Cotton: Waiting For The Reality Of Demand   9-21


Corn: Record Yield Forecast Weakens Prices   9-17


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   9-21


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   9-21


Ag Economy: FAPRI – U.S. Net Farm Income Projected to Decline   9-20


Kentucky: Wheat, Double-Crop Soybeans Look Profitable in 2019   9-19


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   9-19


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   9-18




Biofuel: Facing Challenges – Midwest, California, Mississippi – DTN   9-18


Biofuel: Mississippi Ethanol Plant Closing in Vicksburg   9-18


Ethanol Producer Green Plains Has NOT Shut Down Plants – DTN   9-19




Texas Livestock: What’s Your Biggest Predator? Take the Online Survey.   9-20




California Almonds: Securing Irrigation Tubing   9-17




Fall Burndown – Is This The Year To Get Ahead Of The Game? – AgFax   9-21


Pennsylvania: Monitor Palmer Amaranth, Waterhemp After Harvest   9-20


Herbicide Resistance: Why Does it Happen? 7 Key Tips to Aid Prevention   9-20




Waters of the U.S. Rule: 28 States Not Under EPA’s WOTUS Jurisdiction – DTN   9-19


Rural Broadband: More Incentives Needed to Help Build Networks   9-20


Ag Tech Companies – Contract Shortcuts Will Come Home to Roost   9-15


Mississippi Outdoors: 3 Safety Tips for a Successful Hunting Season   9-21


DowDuPont Announces Corteva Agriscience, DuPont Leadership   9-18


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Two combines harvesting soybeans.
Photo: Bruce Schultz, LSU AgCenter



Harvest Related


Arkansas: Harvest Accelerates Ahead of Forecast Rain   9-21


Louisiana Soybean Farmers Harvesting Good Crop   9-21


Grain Storage: What’s Inside Your Bin? – DTN   9-20


Harvest: Don’t Forget to Calibrate Your Yield Monitor!   9-18


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: Preparing Grain Bins for Post-Harvest Storage   9-18


Tennessee: Trailer Roadway Safety – Podcast   9-18


Corn and Soybeans


Tennessee: UT Offering Free Soil Testing for Pathogens   9-20


Pennsylvania: Harvesting Corn Silage – 4 Tips for Inadequate Moisture   9-21


Mississippi Soybeans: Late-Season Diseases – Podcast   9-20


Tennessee Soybeans: Taproot Decline – A New Disease to Deal With   9-17


Pennsylvania Corn: ID Caterpillars Now to Prepare for Next Year   9-21


Ohio Soybeans: Late Season Insect Considerations   9-18


Michigan Soybeans: Recommendations for Harvesting Lodged Crops   9-20


Nebraska Corn: Stalk Rot Diseases Hard to Diagnose   9-18


Pennsylvania Crops: Good, But No Record Breaker   9-17




Louisiana Crawfish: Almost Time to Flood Ponds   9-17




Virginia Cotton: Crop Looks Promising, Not Out of the Woods Yet   9-21


Virginia Cotton: Defoliate Now Before Overcast Conditions Return   9-19


Virginia Cotton: Defoliation to Begin Mid-Week   9-18


Tennessee Cotton: Warm Weather Defoliation Mixes With, Without Thidiazuron   9-17




Louisiana: Sugarcane School Cranks Up   9-21




Sawyer On Crops: Digging Starts Early – Fungicides Still Needed? (Podcast)   9-21




Texas Rice – Mo Way: Stink Bug Issues; Blackbird Repellent   9-17




Arkansas: Winter Wheat – Combination of Factors May Boos Acres   9-20


Wheat: Weather Continues to Affect Global Production   9-20



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