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Cotton – Midsouth – Picking Starts - Hurricane Roll in - AgFax  9-7


Cotton – Southeast – Defoliation Starts But Then Stalls Ahead of Hurricane - AgFax  9-7


Cotton – Southwest – Clean Fields - Gins Up, Running - Kansas is Cotton Happy – AgFax   9-5



Bee in the corn field. @baldpathologist
Photo: Tom Allen, Mississippi State University




Farm Trade Aid: Signup Starts – 5 Midwest States to Get 45% Share – DTN   9-5


U.S. Ag – Where Do We Fit? NAFTA, Brazil Competition, China – Listen Up   9-2


Ag Tax: Proposed “Grain Glitch” Section Gives Landlords Pause To Think – DTN   9-7


Drying Grain? Latest On Propane Inventories By Region – DTN   9-7


China Tariffs: Seed Association Requests Exemption From The List   9-7


Corn Weekly Outlook: Will the 2018 Corn Crop Get Smaller? – Video   9-4


Immigrant Workers Fill the Need When Farm Labor is Scarce – DTN   9-7


Illinois Corn and Soybeans – Will the August 1 Crop Yield Predictions Hold Up?   9-7


Family Farm: Law Equalizes Property Sale in Iowa, 10 Other States – DTN   9-5


Farmers’ Outlook Improves In August But Still Lags Spring Optimism – Ag Barometer   9-4




Arkansas: Ramping Up Australian Weed Seed Destructor Tests – Video   9-4


Nebraska Winter Wheat: Fall Strategies for Weed Control   9-2




Cleveland On Cotton: Whipsaw Price Swings Linger   9-7  


U.S. Crop Exports – Low Price Policies are a Fool’s Errand – Commentary   9-5


Weekly Cotton Market Review   9-7


USDA Peanut Price Highlights   9-7 


Beneficial friends in the field.
Photo: ©Debra L Ferguson




Conservation Practices – Long-Term Value, Farmers Bear the Cost – DTN   9-7s


Illinois Corn and Soy: Record High Yields Projected for 2018 – Overconfident?   9-6


Texas A&M: Longtime Ag Writer Retires   9-6


Farm Labor Shortage: How to Qualify for H-2A Immigrant Employees – DTN   9-7


North Carolina Cotton: Plastic Contamination Video – Reputations At Stake   9-7


Rice Research: University of Arkansas Scientist’s Gene Editing Recognized Internationally   9-7


Texas: Gill Appointed Interim Associate Dean, Texas A&M   9-3



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Dragonfly in the cotton field.
Photo: Kate Harrell, Texas A&M



Grain Yield Monitor Calibration: Garbage In, Garbage Out   9-7


Texas: Bt (GM) Crop Resistance – Corn Rootworm, Corn Earworm, Cotton Bollworm   9-6


Minnesota: Fall Fertilizer Decisions – DTN   9-5


Corn and Soybeans


Louisiana Soybeans: Where Nickel (The Nutrient) Fits Into Fertility   9-7


Mississippi Corn: Crop Mostly Dodges The Bullet With Gordon   9-7


Midwest Corn: Stalk Rot and Nitrogen Loss, Try the Pinch Test – DTN   9-6


South Carolina: Soybean Insects – That’s The Focus Now   9-7


Tennessee Soybeans: Special Disease, Nematode Screening Available – Podcast   9-6


Texas: Bt (GM) Crop Resistance – Corn Rootworm, Corn Earworm, Cotton Bollworm   9-6


Illinois Grain: Will August 1 Crop Yield Predictions Hold Up?   9-5


Ohio Soybeans: Early Yellowing in Some Fields   9-5


South Dakota Corn: Ear Rots – How To Deal With Them At Harvest   9-4


Michigan Corn: Site-Specific Nitrogen Management – 3 Factors Affect Levels   9-2


Cotton and Sorghum


Sawyer On Crops: Cotton Defoliation – Dealing With Thidiazuron Shortage – Podcast   9-7


Georgia Cotton: Thidiazuron Supplies Possibly Short – 6 Ways To Cope At Defoliation   9-6


Texas: Bt (GM) Crop Resistance – Corn Rootworm, Corn Earworm, Cotton Bollworm   9-6


Georgia Cotton: 7 Disease/Nematode Issues – Preparing For 2019   9-6


Georgia Cotton: When To Pull Back On Pest Management   9-6


Arkansas Cotton: Finish Line is Close – Harvest Aid Update   9-5


Mississippi Cotton: Updated 2018 Defoliation Guide   9-3


Virginia Cotton: Doing the Cotton Walk – Estimating Yields   9-3




Sawyer on Crops: Scout Pecans Now for Scorch Mites – Podcast   8-31




Arkansas Rice: Timing Harvest Aids On Hybrids – Cut Quickly   9-7


Arkansas Rice: Hurricane Gordon – It Could Have Been Worse  9-7


Arkansas Rice: Good News Bad News And Lingering Questions   9-3




Nebraska Winter Wheat: Fall Strategies for Weed Control   9-2




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