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Rice – Delta Harvest Starts, Barely | Coastal Harvest Stalls – AgFax Rice   8-10


Cotton – Midsouth – “The Crop Wants To Go Home Early This Year” – AgFax Midsouth Cotton   8-9


Cotton – Southeast – Whitefly Aren’t Going Away – Light But Concerning – AgFax Southeast Cotton   8-9


Cotton – Southwest – Water Choices | Coastal Bend Harvest | Bollworms – AgFax   8-8




Dicamba: As Decisions Go, This Is The Big One – DTN   8-10


Farmers Split on Trade Tariff Damage – DTN   8-10


Corps of Engineers Hands Off Parts of Clean Water Act to States – DTN 8-8


Farm Economy Dip – Soy and Corn Prices – KC Ag Credit Survey   8-10


Court Orders Chlorpyrifos Use Canceled – DTN   8-10


China Tariffs: The Last Straw for Our Weak Ag Economy – Commentary   8-8


North Carolina: Gag Order on Hog Farmers – $473.5Mln Awarded to Plaintiffs – DTN   8-9


China Tariffs: List Includes More than 5,200 U.S. Products – DTN   8-6


Rose On Cotton: Demand Should Erase Today’s Losses – But When, How?   8-10


News Groups Challenge USDA Shut Down of Early Commodity Info – DTN   8-6


Grain Market Volatility – No Magic Pill, Hold on to Your Hat – DTN   8-6


Soybean Market: Consumption and Yield Potential   8-6


Conservation Reserve Program – CRP Signup Deadline is August 17  


Rice Market: Harvest in Full Swing, No Surprises in WASDE Report   8-10


U.S. Roads and Bridges – What’s Your State’s Report Card Grade? – DTN   8-8


Farmers Turn Negative: Weak Prices, Trade War - Ag Barometer  8-7





Cleveland On Cotton: Bearish Reports – But It Could Have Been Worse   8-10


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   8-10


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   8-10


Grains In All Forms Exports on Track To Set New Record   8-9


Moving Grain: Weekly Barge Tonnages Decline   8-9


Wheat Market: Futures on a Powder Keg Ahead of USDA Report   8-9


World Rough Rice Prices Decline   8-9


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Crop Budgets for 2018-19 – Low Returns Ahead   8-8


Wheat: Heat Wave Impacting Outlook, Prices   8-7


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   8-7


Soybean Market: Consumption and Yield Potential   8-6


Diesel, Gas Prices Little Changed   8-8




Farm Bill: Conference Negotiations Begin   8-10


Louisiana Soybeans: AgCenter Economists Foresee Strong Demand   8-10


USDA Made a Blunder Cutting Media Early Access to Reports – DTN   8-10


Ag Trade: Dispute with China Continues to Escalate   8-6




Georgia Weeds: 6 Possible Reasons for Failed Grass Control   8-7


Palmer Pigweed: Increased Resistance Doesn’t Reduce Plant Fitness   8-7




Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Hit Southeast, Nationwide Dryness Expands   8-9




WASDE Cotton: Increased Production, Exports, Ending Stocks   8-10


WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Soybean Production Raised on Higher Yields   8-10


WASDE Rice: Increased Domestic Beginning Stocks Offset by Reduced Production   8-10


WASDE Coarse Grains: Increased U.S. Corn Use, Exports, Higher Ending Stocks   8-10


WASDE Wheat: Greater Domestic Use, Reduced Stocks   8-10


Soybean Production Up from Last Year, Corn, Cotton Down – USDA   8-10


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"This pigweed emerged next to my driveway
mid June... it has been mowed once per
week since and sprayed with Roundup once.
Trying to decide what to name it."
Tweet from Johnathan Morris @jmorriscca90



USDA Crop Progress: Corn, Soybeans Speed Along, Conditions Decline Slightly – DTN   8-7


Corn | Soybeans


Louisiana: Soybean Nutrient Profile – Copper   8-10


Indiana Corn: Physoderma Brown Spot – Video   8-10


Louisiana Soybeans: Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper Threshold   8-10


South Carolina Soybeans: Worms Demanding Attention   8-10


Illinois Corn: Physoderma Brown Spot and Node Rot   8-10


Mississippi Soybeans: Late Season Stink Bug Management – Podcast   8-10


Virginia Soybeans: Is It Too Late to Apply Foliar Fungicides?   8-10


Pennsylvania Corn: Avoiding Mycotoxins in Grain and Silage   8-10


Mississippi: Soybean Desiccation; Paraquat Drift on Rice – Podcast   8-10


Minnesota Soybeans: Late-Season Soybean Aphid Management   8-10


Michigan Corn, Soybeans: Timing the Last Irrigation Application   8-9


Alabama Soybeans: Tariffs Initiate Market Shift, Cause Concern   8-9


Minnesota: 4 Considerations for Fall Sulfur Application   8-8


Alabama Soybeans: Scout Closely for Stink Bugs in August   8-8


Minnesota: Chlorpyrifos – Remember Best Management Practices, Respirator Requirements   8-8


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Scout Drought-Stressed Crops for Mites   8-8


Minnesota: Extension Requests Aid with European Corn Borer, Corn Disease Survey   8-8


Tennessee Soybeans: Diseases, Fungicides, and Soil Sampling   8-8


Iowa Soybeans: When Is it Too Late to Spray for Soybean Aphid?   8-8


Iowa Soybeans: Hot, Dry Season Means Soybean Cyst Nematodes   8-7


Ohio: Western Bean Cutworm Flight Past Its Peak   8-7


Louisiana: Soybean Nutrient Profile – Chloride   8-6


Nebraska Soybeans: Orange Gall Midge Infestations Are Early   8-6


Minnesota Soybeans: Japanese Beetles Feeding – What Should You Do?   8-6


Arkansas Soybeans: Protect Crops from Nematodes in Old Cotton Fields   8-6




West Texas Cotton: Insects Quiet, Some “Occasional Pests”   8-10


Georgia Cotton: Target Spot and Areolate Mildew   8-10


West Texas Cotton: Bollworms and Bt Resistance   8-10


Mississippi Cotton: Parrot-Beaked Bolls   8-6


Mississippi Cotton: Last Effective Bloom Date   8-6


Georgia Cotton: When Should You Terminate PGR Applications?   8-6




Livestock: Drought Hits Missouri Cattle – DTN   8-9


Livestock: Cattle Finishing – Net Return Prospects   8-6


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Shell Hardening – Water Split, Irrigation, and Shuck Decline   8-10


Alabama Peanuts: Snails and Slugs in Fields   8-6




Kansas Wheat Alliance to Release New White Wheat Variety 8-8


Ohio Wheat: Tillage After Harvest – A Good Idea?   8-7




Arkansas Rice: Harvest Aids – A Year To Consider Them   8-10


Arkansas Rice: Harvest Starts, “Yield Potential Seems To Be There”   8-10


Louisiana Rice: Yields Mostly “Hold Strong” In SW Parishes   8-9



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