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Rice – Yields Holding Up Well As Coastal Harvest Widens – AgFax Rice   8-3


Cotton – Midsouth – Bolls Opening In Spots As Quick Crop Pushes Along - AgFax  8-2


Cotton – Southeast – Whitefly Turning Up – What Next? AgFax   8-2


Cotton – Southwest – Weeds Not a Problem | Dryland Acres Gone Bare – AgFax   8-1


Almond Harvest – Shaking Starts, More Just Ahead – AgFax Tree Crops FINAL Edition, 2019  




Wildlife Field Control: Tall, Smiles All the Time, Doesn’t Need a Pay Check   7-30


Trump Tariffs – U.S. Farmer’s Aid Package Like an “Insurance Claim,” says Perdue – DTN   8-1


Free Trade: Why Has the U.S. Reversed Long-Standing Positions?   8-3


Corn, Soybeans: How Effective Is the Farm Safety Net in 2018?   7-30


Estate Plan: Keeping the Farm and Satisfying Off-Farm Siblings – DTN   8-3


Cleveland on Cotton: Selloff Today, but it’s Not About Tariffs   8-3


Remember When ‘Freedom to Farm’ Became ‘Freedom to Fail’? – Commentary   8-2


Cotton: ARC and PLC Seed Cotton Signup Started   7-30


Landowner Liability – Do You Have a Silver Bullet? Probably Not.   7-31


Dossett on Rice: September Futures Broke Through this Week   8-3


Corn Market: Low Prices Spur Export, Ethanol Demand   7-30





Cash Rents, 2019: Potential Trade Disruptions Increase Uncertainty   8-3


Rose on Cotton: Market is Looking for Solid Ground   8-3


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   8-3


Ag Economy: USDA Highlights Land Values, Cash Rents, Production Costs   8-3


Mississippi: Soybean Growers Wait Out Trade War   8-3


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   8-3


Bunge Reports $12Mln Loss 2Q; ADM Up 79% – DTN   8-2


Moving Grain: Corn Inspections Rise; Barge Tonnage Recovers   8-2


Rice Market: Prevailing World Prices and LDP Rates   8-1


USDA Lending Rates Increased from July   8-1


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   7-31




Illinois Corn, Soybeans: How Have Trade Negotiations Affected Prices?   8-1


Ag Trade: Soybean Issues – Surging Exports; EU Trade Talks   7-30


USDA Opposes EU Court Rule on Gene-Editing and GMO – DTN   7-31




Rice: UA Amps Up the Research – Yield Loss and High Nighttime Temps   8-3


Citrus Greening Prevention – Focus of $1.2Bln Research Project   8-1


Mississippi: How Has Ag Research Changed Over 4 Decades? – Podcast   8-3




U.S. Drought Outlook Monthly – August   8-1


Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Hit East Coast, Central Plains; Texas Still Dry   8-2


Is Irrigation Affecting Cloud Formation, Rainfall? UNL Study   8-1


California: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Freeze   7-31


Delaware: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Flooding   7-31


North Dakota: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   7-31


New Mexico: Luna County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Drought   7-31


Florida: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Hurricane Irma   7-31


Georgia: 24 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Freeze Events   7-31


Texas: 11 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   7-31


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Rice Research and Extension Center in
Stuttgart, Arkansas. Photo: Ehsan Shakiba,
University of Arkansas




Corn | Soybeans


North Dakota: Scout Now for Palmer Pigweed   7-31


Indiana Corn: Distinguishing the Worms in Your Ears   8-3


Iowa Corn: Got Aphids? 10 Considerations Before Spraying   8-2


Pennsylvania Corn: Potential Nitrogen Losses from Extreme Summer Rainfall   8-2


Michigan Corn: Western Bean Cutworm Nears Peak Flight   8-2


Kentucky Corn: Southern Rust Confirmed in State   8-1


Iowa: Soybean Gall Midge – A New Pest for Producers   8-1


Mississippi Corn: Late Season Management, Irrigation Termination – Podcast   7-31


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: Japanese Beetles – Damage Looks Worse Than It Is   7-31


Ohio Soybeans: 4 Steps for Estimating Yields   7-31


Ohio Corn: Estimating Yields at Early Stages of Kernel Development   7-31


Ohio Corn: Night Temperatures Impact Yields   7-31


Cotton | Sorghum


Arkansas Cotton: Tarnished Plant Bugs ‘the Worst in Years’   8-3


Virginia Cotton: Tarnished Plant Bug Problems Persist   8-3


Georgia Cotton: Disease Management in August 8-3


Georgia Cotton: PGR Use and Reducing Stress in Late Planted Crops   8-3


Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Spider Mites and Bollworms   8-3


Sawyer on Crops: Cotton – Silverleaf Whitefly Is Back – Podcast   8-2


Cotton: Clemson Researcher Studies In-Field Variability on Yields, Quality   8-2


Texas Plains: Pest Activity Picking Up with Moisture   8-1


Arkansas Cotton: Spider Mite Control Options   8-1


Alabama Cotton: Stink Bugs, Plant Bugs Overwhelm Beneficials   7-31


Georgia Cotton: 6 Tips for Managing Silverleaf Whitefly   7-30


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Peanuts: Conditions Favorable for Southern Corn Rootworm   8-3


Virginia: Peanut Field Tour, Suffolk, Aug. 15  


Georgia Pecans: Start Monitoring for Pecan Weevils   7-31


Georgia Peanuts: Insect Activity Picking Up   7-30




Arkansas Rice: Drain Timing; 1st Fields Nearing Harvest   8-3


Louisiana Rice: Yield Reports As of August 2   8-2


Arkansas Rice: Improved Weather Hopeful for Grain Fill; Isolated Hail Damage   7-30


Louisiana Rice: Push Underway To Widen Bird Repellent Opions   7-30


Louisiana Rice: Early Yield Reports Trending Strongly   7-30


Sweet Potatoes


Louisiana: Sweet Potato Field Day, Chase, Aug. 16


South Carolina: Sweet Potato Weevil Infestations Found in 3 Counties   7-30




Tobacco: Flue-Cured Harvest Well Underway   8-3



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