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Rice Harvest Starts in Louisiana-Texas Coastal Belt – AgFax  7-20


Cotton – Southeast – Bollworms Easing Into The Crop – AgFax   7-19


Cotton – Delta – Bollworms, Plant Bugs Pushing Treatment Decisions – AgFax  7-19


Cotton – Southwest – Growing Fast – PGR Time | Keep a Hoe in the Truck – AgFax   7-18


Almonds – Hull Split Sprays – How Many 3rd Shots This Year? AgFax Tree Crops 7-14




Crop Insurance Fraud: Stamp Farms Co-Defendant Pleads Guilty – DTN   7-17


Soybean Meal: China Companies Stocked Up, Watching Tariff Drama – DTN   7-20


Dossett on Rice: Be Prepared for Swings – Manipulators are Out There!   7-20


U.S. Corn, Soy, Wheat – Tariffs and Embargoes – Long Term Implications   7-17


Cleveland on Cotton: ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ – Trek to Higher Prices   7-20


Biodiesel: RFS Waivers – Huge Losses for Farmers – DTN   7-20


Hurricanes, Wildfires, 2017: Nearly $2Bln Available for Eligible Farmers   7-17


Corn Prices in the Dumps – WASDE Looks Bullish – What Gives? – DTN   7-17


Ag Policy: What are Our Guiding Principles? – Commentary   7-18


USDA Report Access: Level Playing Field? How’s Your Broadband? – DTN   7-19


Soybean and Corn Export Outlook: Price Declines, Trade Issues – Video   7-17


Texas Court Limits Width of Transmission Line Easement   7-17


Family Farm: “Minor Events” Can Cause Major Problems – DTN   7-18


Cotton: China’s Potential Tariffs and U.S. Exports 7-18





Rose on Cotton: Demand Strong – Mid 90s Look Possible   7-20


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   7-20


Rice Market: Farmers Draining Fields, Harvest Set to Begin   7-20


Mississippi: Catfish Supplies Cause Prices, Sales to Flounder   7-20


Trade Tariff Wars – Don’t Expect U.S. Ag to Win – DTN   7-19


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   7-20


Fed Reserve Beige Book: Commodity Prices Down, Expect Lower Farm Profits   7-19


World Rough Rice Prices Drop   7-19


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   7-17


Farm Policy: Chinese Tariffs Take Toll on Soybean Markets   7-16




Illinois Soybeans: Will Crop Insurance Payments Offset Low Prices in 2018?   7-18




Wheat Outlook: Record Spring Wheat Yields; All Exports Boosted   7-18


Rice Outlook: U.S. 2018/19 Crop Forecast Raised 5%  7-18


Cotton Outlook: Record Global Mill Use in 2018/19   7-18


Oil Crops Outlook: Soybean Prices Plunge to 9-Year Low   7-18




Dicamba Injury: Do We Still Have a Problem?  7-19


Indiana Soybeans: Dicamba – Wind Speeds and Label Restrictions   7-20


Illinois: Palmer Amaranth Can Take Your Corn, Soy Yields to Zero 7-19


Tennessee Soybeans: New Palmer Pigweed Control Option for 2019   7-18




Drought Monitor Weekly: Generally Hot – Hit or Miss Showers   7-19


Drought Outlook Seasonal – Aug., Sep., Oct.   7-19




California: San Joaquin Valley Cotton Field Day, Mendota, July 24


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Georgia: Grain Storage Protectants   7-18


Alabama: Interpreting Soil Test Reports   7-18


Tennessee: No-Till Crop Production Field Day, Milan, July 26  


Corn | Soybeans


Minnesota: Managing P and K in Flooded, Ponded Soils   7-20


Georgia Corn: Southern Rust Present, Scout Til Hard Dough   7-20


Arkansas Corn: Irrigation Termination – How Do I Tell When?   7-20


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Big Year for Japanese Beetles   7-20


Louisiana Soybeans: Nutrient Profile – Magnesium   7-20


Indiana Soybeans: Moisture Stress and Spider Mites   7-20


Tennessee Soybeans: New Palmer Pigweed Control Option for 2019   7-18


Minnesota: Soybean Aphids Popping Up – Podcast   7-19


Michigan Corn, Soybeans: Armyworm Outbreak Around Upper Peninsula   7-19


Louisiana Corn: Top Leaf Death or Dieback   7-18


Arkansas Corn: Southern Rust Detected, Start Scouting   7-18


Ohio Corn: Western Bean Cutworm – Time to Scout – Video   7-17


Mississippi Corn: Irrigation - When Can I Turn it Off?  7-16


Nebraska Corn, Soy: Weed Management Following Hail Damage   7-16


Nebraska Corn, Soy: Western Bean Cutworm – Scouting and Treating   7-16


Cotton | Grain Sorghum


Texas LRGV: Some Whitefly in Cotton – Look Out for Armyworms in Sorghum   7-20


Texas West Plains IPM: High Temps Pushing Cotton   7-20


Arkansas Cotton: Growing Bollworm Populations Could Be a ‘Budget Buster’   7-20


South Carolina Cotton: Bollworm Decisions Looming   7-20


Texas Mid-Coast Cotton, Soybeans: Watch for Stink Bugs in Late Fields   7-20


Arkansas Cotton: Tarnished Plant Bugs – Insecticide Rainfastness   7-19


Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Bollworm Moth Traps Picking Up   7-20


West Texas Cotton: Bollworm Pressure Light, Stay on Guard   7-20


Texas Cotton: Managing Volunteer Corn in No-Till Rotations   7-19


Louisiana: Bt Cotton Performing Better on Bollworms 7-18


Alabama Cotton: Dealing with a ‘Split Crop’   7-17


North Carolina Cotton: Aphids, Bollworms, Stink Bugs, Tarnished Plant Bugs   7-17


Georgia Cotton: Scout ALL Fields for Corn Earworm   7-17


Texas Plains Cotton: Plenty of Pests, PGR Decisions, Irrigation Needs   7-17


Mississippi Bt Cotton: Bollworms Heat Up - Do you have 2-Gene or 3-Gene Cotton?  7-16


Tennessee Cotton: Fast and Furious Season - Aggressive PGR Use  7-16


Mississippi Cotton, Soy: Bollworms - Resistance - Podcast 7-16


Texas Cotton: Dryland Crops Suffering, Irrigated Looks Good   7-16


North Carolina: Bt Breakthroughs Require More Sprays 7-16


Recommendations, Important Scouting Changes   7-16


South Carolina Cotton: 2018 Expected to Surpass 2017 Records   7-16


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Leaf Scorch on Young Trees   7-20


Alabama Peanuts: Insects Slowly Building, Keep Scouting   7-20


Georgia Peanuts: It’s Been Quiet; Don’t Fall Asleep!   7-18


Georgia Peanuts: 6 Thoughts on Tank-Mixing   7-18


Georgia Peanuts: False White Mold – Not a Yield Sapper   7-18


Georgia Peanuts: Alfalfa Leaf Hoppers – Potato and Threecornered 7-17


Oklahoma Pecans: Managing Walnut Caterpillar   7-16


Sweet Potatoes


Mississippi Sweet Potatoes: Weak Crop, Vigor Issues – Podcast   7-16




Louisiana Sugarcane: New Variety Featured at AgCenter Field Day   7-20




Texas Rice: Draining Fields; Spider Mites; Beaumont Field Day   7-20


Rice Update: Farmers Draining Fields, Harvest Set to Begin   7-20


Mississippi: 2018 Row Rice Trials – How Are They Looking?   7-20


Arkansas Rice: Hot, Dry Weather Leaves Tough-to-Fight Weeds   7-20


Arkansas Rice: 8 Q&A on Kernel Smut, False Smut   7-18


Mississippi Rice, Soybeans: Nutrient Tissue Testing – Potash Deficiency – Podcast   7-17


Arkansas Rice: Too Much Heat, Too Little Water – Disease   7-17


Arkansas Rice: Blast Disease – 10 Common Questions   7-17          


Mississippi: Rice Field Day, Stoneville, Aug. 2




Tobacco: USDA – 6% Less Flue-Cured?   7-20




Nebraska Winter Wheat: Post-Harvest Weed Control   7-16



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