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Rice – Holding Floods – The Challenge As More Delta Rice Heads – AgFax Rice   7-6


Cotton – Midsouth – Plant Bugs Ramp Up, Bollworms Flight Taking Shape – AgFax   7-6


Cotton – Southeast – Bad Stink Bug Year Shaping Up? AgFax Southeast Cotton   7-6


Cotton – Southwest – Irrigation Capacity No Match for Drought – W. Texas   7-6


California Almonds: Hull Split Sprays Crank Up – Busy, Busy, Busy – AgFax Tree Crops   6-30


Corn was close to tasseling and then the hail

arrived - Loomis, Nebraska, June 30, 2018

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Keep the Farm or Pay for Health Insurance? There’s a New Option. – DTN   7-6


Cleveland on Cotton: The Age of Natural Fiber Has Returned   7-6


Iowa Survey: Aging Farmers – Limited Land Sales   7-2


Dossett on Rice: Contract Manipulation – Where do We Go from Here?   7-2


U.S. Farm Bottom Line Dropping as Trade Tariffs Kick in – DTN   7-6


Soybeans: Who Makes a Profit? 7 Farms Compared – U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine   7-2


Ag Economy: Land Values and Farm Income Considerations   7-3


US Crop Acreage Largest Since 2014 – Where Did it Come From? – DTN   7-2


Farm Bill, 2018: Next Up – Resolving 5 Key Issues Between House and Senate   7-6


Indiana Corn: Rootworms Still a Threat – One Grower Finds Out the Hard Way   7-2


Fall Armyworms are Becoming a Global Nightmare   7-2


Ag Barometer: Producer Sentiment Inches Up Despite Trade War Concerns   7-3





Rose on Cotton: Supply and Demand Always Rule   7-6


Cleveland on Cotton: Tariff Talk, Weather and Defending the 80s   7-2


World Rough Rice Prices Take a Dip   7-6


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   7-6


Rice Market: Turkey Raises Import Tariffs in Trade Retaliation   7-5


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   7-6


Shurley on Cotton: 2018 Acreage and Price Update   7-3


Ag Economy: Price Turmoil; ERS Looks at Ag’s Financial Health   7-5


Trade Reality: Huge Share Of Ag Exports Tied To Countries In Disputes, Negotiations   7-3


Diesel Prices Over 75 Cents Above Last Year   7-5


Corn and Soybeans: Implications of Last Week’s USDA Reports   7-2


DDG Weekly: Soy Meal and Ethanol Production Pressure the Market – DTN   7-2




Tennessee: Resistant Barnyardgrass Control Options – Video   7-6


Soybean Herbicide Injury: Dicamba isn’t the Only Culprit   7-4


Herbicide Drift: Temperature Inversions – Visual Demo 7-6


Tennessee: Dicamba Cutoff Deadline Looming   7-3


Indiana: 3 Factors Affecting Herbicide Carryover in 2018   7-3




California Almonds: Deep Diving Into The Objective Estimates   7-6


California Almonds: USDA Estimates Record-Breaking 2018 Crop   7-5


California Pistachios: Timing This Year’s NOW Sprays   7-3


California Almonds: Managing Dust – Tips for Each Stage of Harvest   7-2




EPA: Pruitt is Out – Sigh of Relief from Farmers and Biofuel Producers – DTN   7-6


EPA Wants Judgement in New York Waters of the U.S. Case – DTN   7-5


Endangered Species Act – $1.75Bln Annually – Reform Bill Pushes for Transparency – DTN   7-4




Drought Monitor Weekly: South, Southeast Get Rains, Mostly Dry Elsewhere   7-6


NASA: May 2018 – Fourth Warmest May On Record   7-4


U.S. Drought Outlook Monthly – July   7-2


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Field Agronomist - @mjanders1




Mississippi Crops: Prices, Market Issues, and Crop Mix Selection Tools – Podcast   7-6


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Creep Higher   7-6


Marmorated Stink Bugs: Scientists Fight Back with Samurai Wasps   7-5


Crop Progress: Corn, Soybeans Ahead of Pace; Conditions Decline Slightly – DTN   7-3


Mississippi Sweet Potatoes: Storage Root Initiation – Podcast   7-2


Corn | Soybeans


Alabama Bt Crops: Corn Earworms, Cotton Bollworms Building Resistance   7-6


Mississippi Corn: ID Reproductive Growth Stages  7-6


Louisiana Soybeans: Nutrient Profile – Sulfur   7-6


Illinois Corn: How Is Our Crop Doing?   7-6


Michigan Corn, Soybeans: Soybean Aphids, Western Bean Cutworm   7-5


Kansas Corn, Sorghum: Chinch Bugs Attacking Stands   7-4


Ohio Corn: Scout Early Fields for Foliar Diseases   7-3


Indiana Corn: Tassel Emergence and Pollen Shed   7-2


New York Corn, Soybeans: Surveys Alert Growers to Recent Pest Trends   7-4


Minnesota: Corn Rootworm Emergence About to Rocket   7-2


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: Tissue Nutrient Analysis – Does Sampling Timing Matter?   7-3


Indiana Corn: Effects of Flooding, Ponding Prior to Tasseling   7-2


Indiana Corn, Soybeans: Japanese Beetle Not as Bad as It Appears   7-2


Western Corn Belt: June Rain Just Wouldn’t Stop and Now… – DTN   7-2


Iowa Corn: Conditions Ripe for Physoderma Brown Spot, Node Rot, Gray Leaf Spot   7-2


Cotton | Grain Sorghum


Texas West Plains IPM: Cotton, Peanuts, Pesticide Training   7-6


Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Dicamba Injury Update, Identification   7-6


South Carolina Cotton: Insect Pressure on the Rise – Scout Your Fields   7-6


Sawyer on Crops: Plant Growth Regulators – 5 Important Factors – Podcast   7-6


Virginia Cotton: Replace Leached Nitrogen Now   7-6


Tennessee Cotton: Managing Plant Bugs in Blooming Fields   7-4


North Carolina Cotton: Transform Granted Emergency Permit For Tarnished Plant Bugs   7-3




Arkansas Rice: Weather Concerns, Disease Difficulties, Boot N Applications   7-6


Arkansas: Row Rice Acreage More Than Doubles in 2018   7-6


Arkansas Rice: Fall Armyworm – Refined Treatment Threshold in the Works   7-6


Arkansas Rice: 3 Diseases – Application Timing is Important   7-4


Louisiana Rice: Horizon Ag Field Day Highlights Provisia Rice System   7-3




Oklahoma Wheat: Harvest About to Wrap Up   7-6


Mississippi Wheat: Harvest Finishes Strong Despite Fewer Acres   7-6



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