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Rice: This Does Look Like Progress – Crop Pushes Ahead – AgFax Rice   6-22


Cotton – Midsouth – Cotton Blooming Now – Needs Rain – AgFax Midsouth Cotton   6-21


Cotton – Southeast – Plant Bugs Making Early Showing In Places – AgFax Southeast Cotton   6-21


Cotton – Southwest – Trap Counts Rising | New Gin in Town – AgFax   6-20


Almonds – First Hull Split Sprays Cranking Up – AgFax Tree Crops   6-17




Farm Policy: House Narrowly Passes Farm Bill   6-22


Health Insurance Part of New Farm Bill? Maybe. – DTN   6-19


Grain Markets: Is Corn Oversold?   6-18


Grain Market: Bearish Elephant in the Room – Don’t Panic Yet – DTN   6-20


Cleveland on Cotton: Think Profit Target – Not Price Target   6-22


Farm Policy: China Targets U.S. Corn, Soybeans in Tariff Retaliation   6-18


Webinar: Corn, Soybean Marketing – 2018 Outlook, Pricing Opportunities – June 21   


Dossett on Rice: Wild Market Swings – What’s Up With That?   6-20


U.S. Rice on China Retaliation List   6-19


USDA Crop Progress – Corn Rated Highest in 2 Decades – DTN   6-19


Soybeans: Trans Fat Ban – Great Timing for High Oleic Varieties – DTN   6-19


Corn, Soy: Early Season Potential is No Yield Guarantee – Weather Rules the Day   6-21


Agricultural Guest-Worker Overhaul – Don’t Count on It – DTN   6-21






Rose On Cotton: Let’s Grab Ahold Of Some Perspective, Market-Wise   6-22


Rice Update: Prices on Slow Slide, Exports Off Expectations   6-22


Moving Grain: Corn Barge Movements Near 9-Year High   6-21


Farmers Face a Multitude of Financial Risks – Commentary   6-20


Thompson On Cotton: One Hiccup And Back To 90 Cents?   6-20


Diesel, Gas Prices Slip; Propane Stocks 15% Below Average   6-20


Agriculture Faces a Multitude of Financial Risks – Commentary   6-20


World Rice Prices Drop   6-20


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-19




California Almonds: Alkaline Treatments Reduce Hull Rot   6-22


California Almonds: Deficit Irrigation – Making the Most of Your Water   6-19




University of Tennessee Announces New Herbert College of Agriculture   6-22


Illinois: Gov. Rauner Releases Additional $5 Mln to Extension   6-22


Corn State Leaders Attend “Trade School”   6-22


Georgia: CAES Launches New Ag Grad Program – Data Analysis Revolution   6-18


Texas: STEM Teachers Tour AgriLife Research Farm   6-18


Trap with Bollworm - Corn Earworm - CEW moths.

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Mississippi: Rains Have Challenged Row Crop Weed Control   6-22


Missouri Weeds: Waterhemp Confirmed with 6-Way Resistance   6-22


Dicamba Injury Reports, 2018: Drift Issues Becoming More Evident   6-21


Dicamba and 2,4-D Injuries Higher in Non-Soybean Crops and Plants – DTN   6-21


Pesticide Applications – Are Inversions Really That Common?   6-19


Kentucky: Palmer Pigweed Field Day, Barlow, July 12  


Minnesota Soybeans: Weed Management – What Options Are Left?   6-18





Drought Monitor Weekly: Active Rain Patterns, Hot Temperatures   6-21




Farm Policy: Federal Risk Management Tools for Ag Producers   6-19


Trade Policy: 25% Chinese Tariff – Lose-Lose Proposition for Both Countries   6-20


Rice: Trade Mission to Japan Points to Market Opportunities   6-20


Farm Policy: Trade War – Trump Promises to “Be There For the American Farmers”   6-20


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Sawyer on Crops: Watermelon Harvest Underway – Podcast   6-22


Pennsylvania: Eliminating Soil Erosion – 3 Tips   6-22


Mississippi Sweet Potatoes: Layby Treatments, Heat-Induced Stem Girdling – Podcast   6-21


Georgia Crops: Conditions Perfect for Disease  6-19


Illinois Grain: Machinery Value Comparison – 2006 v. 2016   6-18


Corn | Soybeans


Mississippi Corn: Irrigation Scheduling as Moisture Needs Increase – Podcast   6-22


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Excessively Wet Field Conditions – What Can You Do?   6-22


Indiana Corn: Western Bean Cutworm Moth Season Begins   6-22


Illinois Corn: Has the Era of Decreasing Per Acre Corn Costs Ended?   6-22


Virginia Soybeans: Yellow Leaves May Mean Manganese Deficiency   6-21


Louisiana Soybeans: Managing Micronutrients – Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese   6-21


Iowa Corn: Extension Uses Twitter to Map Spread of Southern Rust   6-21


Kentucky Corn: I.D. Your Foliar Disease Before Applying a Fungicide  6-20


Georgia: Early Soybeans Blooming, What About Late?   6-19


Mississippi Soybeans: Considering an R3/R4 Automatic Fungicide Application?   6-19


Minnesota Soybeans: Evaluating Responses of Foliar Fungicides   6-19


Ohio Soybeans: Leaf Spots – What Are They?   6-19


Nebraska Soy, Corn: Hail-Damaged Crops Require Patience – Videos   6-18


Mississippi Soybeans: Pest Management – Common Questions, Myths, Facts   6-18


Illinois Soybeans: Seedling Diseases Becoming More Evident   6-18


Illinois: I Used a Seed Treatment. Why Did I Get Seedling Disease?   6-18


Indiana Soybeans: Sulfur Deficiencies? 4 Common Questions   6-18


Indiana Corn, Soybeans: Japanese Beetle Season Begins Early   6-18




Cotton | Grain Sorghum


South Texas Cotton: Did Recent Rains Come Too Late?   6-22


Texas West Plains IPM: Little Pest Activity; Cotton PGR Management   6-21


Virginia Cotton: Start Scouting for Tarnished Plant Bugs   6-21     


Tennessee Cotton: Plant Bugs – A ‘Scout and Spray’ Pest   6-21


Alabama Cotton: Heavy Plant Bug Season May Become Reality   6-21


West Texas IPM: Sustained High Numbers of Fall Armyworm Moths   6-20


North Carolina Cotton: Section 18 Approved for Transform for Plant Bugs   6-20


Texas Plains Cotton: Thrips Resurgence; Scout for Fleahoppers, Lygus   6-19


Mississippi Cotton: Managing Plant Growth Regulator Applications   6-19


Arkansas Cotton: As Acres Rebound, So Do Gin Numbers   6-19


Virginia Cotton: Managing Pix and Plant Bugs   6-19


Alabama Cotton: Plant Bug Management – Bollworm Problems   6-19


Tennessee Cotton: Should You Keep an Herbicide Injured Crop?   6-18


Texas Upper Coast IPM: Bollworms and Stinkbugs   6-18


Peanuts | Pecans | Peaches


Georgia Pecans: Trees Dripping Honeydew   6-22


Georgia Pecans: Heavy Desirable Drop; EU Phosphite Regulations   6-21


Georgia: Peach Crop Looking Much Better in 2018   6-21


Georgia Peanuts: Time for Pegging Zone Soil Samples   6-20


Georgia Peanuts: Scout for Lesser Cornstalk Borer, Southern Corn Rootworm   6-19


Georgia Pecans: Points To Remember As Summer Progresses – Podcast   6-18




Mississippi Rice: Loyant – Injury and Efficacy Issues – Podcast   6-22


Arkansas Rice: Disappointing Year for Weed Control   6-22


Arkansas Rice: Disease Management – Timing for Scouting, Herbicide Applications   6-20


Arkansas Rice: Problems with Loyant Injury   6-19




Louisiana: Sugarcane Field Day, Jeanerette, July 26




Oklahoma: Wheat Harvest 90% Complete   6-20


Nebraska Wheat: Disease Increasing   6-18




Georgia: Tobacco Crop Hurt by Excessive May Rainfall   6-21




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