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Rice: More Coastal Heading, Drought Stalls Delta Flooding – AgFax Rice   6-15


Cotton – Midsouth – Residual Herbicide Burn – More Than Usual? -AgFax Midsouth Cotton   6-14


Cotton – Southeast – Bad Plant Bug Year Brewing – AgFax Southeast Cotton   6-14


Cotton – Southwest – Herbicide Drift | ‘Planting Rain’ | Shielded Sprayers – AgFax   6-13


California Almonds: Hull Split Just Ahead, Overview On Brown Marmorated – AgFax   6-10




Farm Bill: Senate Ag Committee Approved 5-Year Farm Bill – DTN   6-14


U.S. Ag Trade: Twists and Turns – Gambling on Exports   6-11


Ag Groups Tweet #TradeNotTariffs in Push Against Trump Tariff Plan – DTN   6-15


Soybean Outlook: Prices Pressured by Trade and Crop Potential   6-11


USDA Reports Trimmed Soy, Corn Stocks – DTN   6-13


Corn: What About Those High Early Season USDA Ratings?   6-15


Cleveland on Cotton: Mother Nature Played the Rain Card   6-15


Farm Policy: USDA Reports April Ag Exports Highest Since 2014   6-12


Biofuel Policy: Trump’s EPA Not Helping the Industry – DTN   6-13


California: Fed. Court Blocked Attempted Glyphosate Warning Label – DTN   6-14


Trump’s Canadian Dairy Problem – DTN   6-13


DTN Field Roundup – From Flood to Parched – It’s a Tough Season   6-15


Growing Corn: Warmer Climate Will Dramatically Increase Yield Volatility   6-13







Rose on Cotton: What’s Up with USDA Crop Projections?   6-15


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   6-15


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   6-15


World Rough Rice Prices Climb Higher   6-15


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   6-15


Wheat Market: U.S. Farmers Have What the World Needs   6-14


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-12


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California Almonds: Irrigation Management for Hull Rot Control   6-15


California: Almond Irrigation Improvement Continuum – Maximize Your Water Efficiency   6-15


California Almonds: July Leaf Fertility Analysis   6-15


California Almonds: Leafing Failure in Monterey Varieties   6-14


California Almonds: Orchard Management Checklist – June-Aug.   6-14


California Walnuts: Staying On Point Through August   6-11


California Almonds: Upper SJV Annual IPM Field Meeting – Escalon, June 18   6-10


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Herbicide Application: Think Your Sprayer is Clean? Think Again. – Videos   6-12


Tennessee: Herbicide Applications – Time of Day Matters – Video   6-14


Invasive Weeds: Common Mullein – Mature Plant – 240,000 Seeds Annually   6-14


Pennsylvania: Auxin Herbicide Drift and Temperature Inversions   6-14


Tennessee Cotton: 2,4-D Stewardship Matters, Too – Video   6-13


Minnesota: Xtend Soybeans – No Change in Dicamba Cutoff Date   6-12


Perennial Invasive Weeds: Spray Herbicides – Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…   6-12


Minnesota Soybeans: Herbicide Drift – Identifying Off-Target Injury – Video   6-12




Drought Outlook Seasonal – June, July, Aug.   6-15


Drought Monitor Weekly: Scattered Showers – Hit or Miss Across Central U.S.   6-15 




Ag Policy: USDA Undersecretary Leads Upbeat Trade Mission to Japan – DTN   6-13


Farm Bill – Senate Draft Might Just Pass – Improvements, Fixes are Part of Package   6-13


Waters of the U.S. Rule on Hold in 24 States – DTN   6-13


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Missouri: Mizzou Pest Management Field Day, Columbia, July 10   


Pennsylvania: Crop Insurance – Prevented Planting Details   6-14


Alabama: Pattern Tile Drainage – Improving Soggy Soils   6-12


Corn | Soybeans


Nebraska “Hail Know”: Corn, Soybeans Hit by Hailstorm – Evaluation   6-11


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Flooding and Hail – What Should You Do?   6-15


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Crop Conditions, Potential in Mid-June   6-15


Tennessee Soybeans: Insecticide Seed Treatment – Necessary After a Cover Crop? – Video   6-14


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Japanese Beetles Emerging in Southern Counties   6-14


Corn Growth Spurts: Check for Twisted Whorls, Yellow Leaves, Weakened Stems – DTN   6-14


Michigan Corn, Soybeans: Attack of the Asiatic Garden Beetles   6-14


North Carolina Corn: Scout Now for Stink Bugs   6-14


West Texas Corn, Sorghum: Fall Armyworm Numbers Spike   6-14


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Cutoffs for Postemergence Herbicides   6-14


Tennessee Soybeans: Maximizing Irrigation Efficacy   6-12


Minnesota Corn: Sidedressing Nitrogen – 4 Considerations   6-13


Alabama Soybeans: In Quest For Higher Yields, Don’t Overlook Potassium   6-11


Minnesota Soybeans: Heavy Seedcorn Maggot Infestations   6-13


Ohio Soybeans: 3 Considerations for Double-Crop Fields   6-12


Minnesota: Corn, Soybean Weed Management Tour, Rochester, July 3   


Ohio Soybeans: 4 Seedling Issues – Identifying What Happened   6-12


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: 1st 2018 Yield Forecasts   6-11


Cotton | Grain Sorghum


Texas LRGV Crops: First Cotton Bolls; Insects Picking Up Speed   6-15


Texas Blacklands: Weather Aiding Fleahoppers, Spider Mites   6-15


Georgia Cotton: Why It’s Important to Plant ASAP   6-15


Tennessee Sweet Sorghum: Section 18 Approved for Sivanto   6-14


North Carolina Cotton: 7 Points to Consider for Irrigation   6-12


Texas Plains Cotton: Heat – Thrips – Stand Issues   6-12


Virginia Cotton: Better Prioritize – This Crop Is Taking Off   6-14


Texas Cotton: 6 Farm Bill Discussion Meetings in June, July  


Oklahoma Cotton, Sorghum: Transform Receives Emergency Use Permits   6-12


Texas Plains Cotton: Heat – Thrips – Stand Issues   6-12


North Carolina Cotton: 7 Considerations When Making PGR Decisions   6-11


Tennessee Cotton: Early Plant Bug Control   6-11


Texas Cotton – LRGV: Tarnished Plantbug and Verde Bug 6-11


West Texas Cotton: Should I Be on the Lookout for Thrips?   6-11


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Phylloxera/Shuckworm and Pecan Bud Moth   6-14


Florida Peanuts: Boron Deficiency – A Rare but Serious Issue   6-11  



Arkansas Rice: It’s a Jungle Out There, and There Are No Easy Answers  6-15

Mississippi Rice: Herbicide Tolerance for Loyant – Podcast   6-15


Louisiana Rice: Diseases, Insects, Weeds Topics of Field Day   6-15


Arkansas: New Rice Research Station in the Works   6-12


Arkansas Rice: Is Titan the New Jupiter? Leaf Blast in 2 Counties   6-13


Arkansas Rice: Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity – Management Q&A   6-13


Arkansas: New Rice Research Station in the Works   6-12


Arkansas Rice Still on Track Despite Storms, Difficult Spring   6-11


Arkansas Rice: Leaf Blast Makes An Early Showing   6-10




Oklahoma Wheat: Harvest Speeds Towards Finish   6-13


Tennessee Wheat Growers Expect Record High Yield   6-12


Kansas: Wheat Researchers Turn Up the Heat   6-12




Rice Outlook: U.S. Export Forecast Raised   6-15


Cotton Outlook: World Ending Stocks Projected at 7-Year Low   6-15


Global Markets: Corn – U.S.’s Advantage in Peru Recedes in the Short Term   6-13


Global Markets: Rice – Bangladesh Reinstates Import Tariff   6-13


Global Markets: Wheat – Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa Now Top Importers   6-13


Global Markets: Cotton – Strong Late-Season Global Trade   6-13


Global Markets: Oilseeds – U.S. Soybeans Facing Stiff Competition from Brazil   6-1


WASDE Cotton: Increased U.S. Exports   6-12


WASDE Oilseeds: Highest Domestic Crush, Lower Stocks   6-12


WASDE Rice: Increased U.S. Imports, Decreased Exports   6-12


WASDE Coarse Grains: Lower U.S. Corn Stocks   6-12


WASDE Wheat: Domestic Supplies Raised   6-12




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