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Rice: Midsouth Crop Rushes To Flood, Finally – AgFax   6-8


Cotton – Midsouth – Plant Bugs Moving, Bollworms Stage Big, Early Flight – AgFax   6-7


Cotton – Southeast – Wrapping Up Planting, Hints Of More Doublecropping – AgFax   6-7


Cotton – Southwest – Rain Helps; Residuals Working – AgFax   6-6


California Almonds: Bugs Bear Watching, NOW Counts Getting Attention – AgFax   6-3




New Bayer Today; BASF Takes Over “Old” Bayer Traits, Seeds – DTN   6-8


Farm Trucking: Electronic Log Device – Non-Livestock Hauling – June 19 Enforcement – DTN   6-5


Cotton: Herbicide Resistance? Texas Researchers Find Cheap, Deadly Answer   6-5


Farm Bill: House Ag Bill Would Eliminate Conservation Stewardship Program   6-8


Iowa: Farm Nutrient Runoff Worse, Despite 5-Year Reduction Strategy – DTN   6-4


Wheat, Soy Export Sales Bearish – DTN   6-8


Livestock: Pork Industry – Future Not Looking Good   6-4


Corn Market: Bullish Impact Fades – Large Position Liquidations – DTN   6-6


Cleveland on Cotton: Juice is Flowing – Look at Pricing 2019, 2020 Production   6-8


Bayer Seeks Positive Change – Monsanto Name to Disappear – DTN   6-5


Ag Barometer: Producers More Optimistic About Future   6-5


Farm Bill: Senate Ag Committee Promises a “Markup” Bill on June 13 – DTN   6-8


Rice: FDA Gives Golden Rice a Nod – DTN   6-4


Farm Bill and SNAP: Reality of Cutting $126 Monthly Payment – Commentary   6-5


Ag Policy: Price Loss Coverage Favors “Other Oilseeds”   6-4  






Rose on Cotton: Moving Toward a Dollar – Think Option Pits   6-8


Kansas: Net Farm Income Climbs, Still Far Below 3 Years Ago – Podcast   6-7


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   6-8


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   6-8


Moving Grain: Corn Export Forecast Up – Reduced South American Prospects   6-7


Thompson On Cotton: Strong Market Momentum Still With Us   6-7


Webinar: Corn, Soybeans – Updated Supply/Demand/Price Prospects – June 29   6-7


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-5


DDG Weekly – Spot Offers Aggressive – DTN   6-4




DTN Fertilizer Trends: Spring Applications Wrap Up   6-7


DTN Fertilizer Outlook – Wholesale Prices and Trends   6-6


Illinois: Fertilizer, Seed, Chemical Costs – 2019 Projections   6-7




Old Weeds Return: Cocklebur, Velvetleaf – Beyond Roundup Ready – DTN   6-6


Dicamba and 2,4-D Injury: See it in Your Field? 4 Actions to Take – DTN   6-7


Dicamba Injury Reports, 2018: What a Difference a Year Makes   6-7


Pennsylvania Corn: Herbicide Injury, Wet Weather  6-7


Georgia: Dicamba – Don’t Make 2018 ‘The Year Of Resistance’   6-6


Nebraska Corn: Postemergence Dicamba-based Herbicide Applications   6-6


Texas Corn: Post-Emergent Herbicide Timing is Key   6-6


Herbicide Resistance: A Conversation Might Be Your Best Management Tool   6-6


World Rough Rice Prices Decline   6-6


Illinois Soybeans: Residual Herbicides Applied Postemergence   6-6


Kentucky: Dicamba – Postemergence Applications – Restrictions Reminders   6-6


Tennessee Cotton: Dicamba – Measuring Boom Height – Video   6-5


Tennessee Cotton: Dicamba – When Sensitive Vegetation Is Downwind – Video   6-5


Arkansas Rice: Plant Board – Advisory – Loyant Herbicide  




California Almonds: Spotlight on Irrigation – Will Martin   6-4


California Rice: Overall Off to a Good Start   6-8


California Almonds: Bugs Bear Watching, NOW Counts Getting Attention   6-3




Drought Monitor Weekly: Heavy Rains, Record High Temps   6-7


Arkansas: Storm Wreaks Havoc  6-5


Nebraska Weather: Patterns Continue, Drought Areas Likely Expand – Video   6-4




Texas Livestock: Anthrax Confirmed in Jim Hogg County Calf   6-6




Farm Policy: Corn Belt Farmers Uneasy Over Potential Policy Impacts   6-6


Ethanol, Farm Supporters Continue Ongoing Battle with EPA – DTN   6-7


Farm Policy: Hard to Keep Score – Trade Tariff Volleys   6-5


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Iowa: Conservation – Navigating Through a Soil Health Assessment   6-7


Corn | Soybeans


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Would a Fungicide Benefit Hail-Damaged Crops?   6-8


Tennessee Corn, Soybeans: Irrigation Reminders   6-8


Indiana Corn, Soybeans: Herbicide Applications – Growth Stage Cutoffs   6-8


Tennessee Soybeans: Dicamba Alternatives Near Sensitive Vegetation – Video   6-8


Minnesota Corn: Rootworms – Activity, Bt Resistance – Podcast   6-8


Pennsylvania Corn: Is Your Nitrogen Still There?   6-7


Iowa Corn: Stalk Borers on the Move   6-7


Iowa Corn: Buggy Whipping, Twisted Whorls, Yellow Leaves   6-6


Minnesota Corn: Mastering the Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Test – Podcast   6-6


Nebraska Corn, Soy: Crop Yields – What’s the Impact of Volunteer Corn?   6-5


Illinois: Soybean Cyst Nematodes – Race Shifts, Cover Crops 6-5


Ohio Corn: Early Coloration – Green, Purple, or Yellow?   6-5


Texas Corn: Growth Stages and POST Herbicide Timing   6-5


Ohio Corn: Leaf Striping Often Temporary   6-5


Minnesota: Soybean Cyst Nematode – The Biggest Yield Inhibitor   6-5


Nebraska: Volunteer Corn Control in Soybeans and Corn Fields   6-4


Soybeans: New App Helps Manage White Mold – Podcast   6-4


Mississippi Soybeans: Miravis Fungicide Moves Closer – Good News, Cautionary Notes   6-3


Cotton | Grain Sorghum


South Carolina Cotton: Current Pests “Of Concern”   6-8


West Texas: 4 Seed Cotton Program Sign-Up Workshops in June, July   6-7


Tennessee Cotton: Dicamba – Measuring Boom Height – Video   6-5


Georgia Cotton: Prevented Planting And Crop Insurance – 5 Common Questions   6-5


Tennessee Cotton: Dicamba – When Sensitive Vegetation Is Downwind – Video   6-5


Texas Plains Cotton: Wireworms, Thrips, Drought Stress   6-4


Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Pests Light - Stink Bugs -  Bollworms   6-4


Peanuts | Pecans   


Georgia Peanuts: Controlling Tropical Spiderwort/Benghal Dayflower   6-8




Mississippi Rice: Rice Waterweevil – Post Flood – Products, Scouting – Podcast   6-8


Rice: FDA Gives Golden Rice a Nod – DTN   6-4


Mississippi Rice: Acreage Changes – Rotation Crops – Podcast   6-8


Texas: Eagle Lake Rice Field Day, June 26   


Louisiana Rice: Weather Changes Affecting Crops   6-6


Rice: U.S., Taiwan Work Toward Consistent Grading Standards   6-7


Brazilian Rice: Breeding Better Varieties   6-6


Arkansas Rice: Pre-Flood Nitrogen – Rain Complicates Timing   6-3




Kentucky Wheat: Diseases Rearing Their Ugly Heads   6-6


Oklahoma: Wheat Harvest – Decent Test Weights, Low Yields   6-6




Tobacco: Transplanting - End in Sight  6-5



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