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Rice: Too Wet To Apply Nitrogen – What’s Plan B? – AgFax   5-25


Cotton – Southwest – Rain – More Planting – Thrips Swarm – Weed Resistance – AgFax  5-24


Cotton – Midsouth – Planting Delays With Last Acres – Soybeans Ahead? – AgFax   5-24


Cotton – Southeast – Planting Stalls In Rain – Late Crop Ahead? – AgFax   5-24


Almonds: Variable Kernel Fill – Complications At Hull Split? – AgFax Tree Crops   5-20




What Do $3.80 Corn and $10 Soybean Midpoints Mean for 2018 Crop Revenues?   5-24


Soybean Boom – Brazil Ports are Ready – DTN   5-25


Soybeans and U.S. Policy: A Game of Whack-a-Mole – Commentary   5-24


Enlist Acres: Cotton Triples; Corn Broadens, ‘Don’t Cut Corners’ – DTN   5-24


Cleveland on Cotton: ‘All appears to be bullish…and therein lies the problem.’   5-25


DTN Fertilizer Trends: EPA Pulls Chemical Plant Safety Measures   5-24


Dossett on Rice: Rally Call – 2 Items Have Changed Last Week’s Picture   5-25


Farm Business: Taxes – Who is a ‘Related’ Person? Why It Matters   5-22


DDGS: China Challenges – DTN   5-22


Illinois: Characteristics of Higher Profit Farms in 2017   5-21


Ethanol Net Margins Improving – DTN   5-23






Rose on Cotton: Wild Ride – Rally, Weather – And,What about that Farm Bill?   5-25


Rice Market: Drop in Exports; Planting Wrapped Up   5-25


Moving Grain: Soybean Inspections, Ethanol Exports Increase   5-24


Grain Market History: When Did Politics Take Over? – DTN   5-25


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-25


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   5-25


World Rough Rice Prices Up Slightly   5-23


Ag Trade: Amidst Chinese Uncertainties, Rice Sees Possibilities   5-22


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   5-22


Grain Markets: Soybean Prices Focus on Trade and


Weather   5-21




Tennessee: Palmer Pigweed Management Hampered by Frequent Rains   5-24


Indiana: Herbicide – Pay Attention, Check DriftWatch   5-25


Georgia Weeds: Valor Clean-Up, Morningglories, and Ziddua   5-23


Tennessee Corn: Managing Large Palmer Amaranth in Large Crops   5-22


South Carolina Officials Seek Help Finding One of ‘World’s Worst’ Invasive Weeds   5-22




California: Walnut Spring Field Meeting, Upper Lake, May 31   5-21          




Georgia Weather: Prepare for Tropical Storm Alberto   5-24


Drought Monitor Weekly: Relief Hits Plains; Hot and Dry for Southwest, Midsouth   5-24


Florida: Prepare Your Farm Early for Hurricane Season   5-21




Farm Bill, 2018 – ‘Extreme Partisanship and Polarization’ Aren’t Helping   5-25


Ag Trade: U.S., China Reach Tariff Ceasefire; China Agrees to Purchase More U.S. Goods   5-22


Ag Export Tariffs: China Talks ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ – DTN   5-21


Farm Bill Defeated on House Floor – Recap   5-21

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Rice: CRISPR-Edited Plants Produce Major Boost in Grain Yield   5-23


Diesel Prices 74 Cents Above Last Year, Gas Only 50 Cents Higher   5-23


South Carolina: Michael Plumblee Joins Clemson University Extension   5-25


Peanuts: Nutritional, Health Benefits Highlighted by Research   5-24


Purdue University: Plaut Chosen to Lead College of Agriculture   5-22


Keith L. Belli Named Dean of Clemson’s College of Agriculture 5-24



Illinois: Crop Rotation Improves Yields, Decreases Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Says Study   5-24




Virginia Soybeans: Flooded Fields – How Much Damage? What to Do?   5-25


Iowa Soybeans: Frogeye Leaf Spot Showing Signs of Fungicide Resistance   5-24


Virginia Soybeans: Plenty of Time Left to Plant, Don’t Rush into Wet Fields   5-24


Michigan Soybeans: 9 Recommendations for Late-Planted Fields   5-24


Texas Mid-Coast Soybeans: Scout Fields for Stink Bugs   5-23


Mississippi Soybeans: Southern Blight and Taproot Rot   5-22


Arkansas Soybeans: Improving Yield Potential with Smart Applications   5-22




Georgia: Crops at Heightened Disease Risk   5-25


North Carolina Corn: Stink Bugs – Is Tank Mixing an Insecticide Worth It?   5-24


Mississippi Corn: How to Identify Vegetative Growth Stages – Video   5-25


Indiana Corn: Scout Fields for Armyworms   5-25


Minnesota Corn: Black Cutworms Appearing in High Numbers – Podcast   5-24


Iowa Corn: May Maize Maladies   5-23


Iowa Corn: Fomesafen Carryover Injury in 2018   5-23


Minnesota Corn: Late Spring Nitrogen Concerns – Video   5-23


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Prevented Plant Resources   5-23


Iowa Corn: Black Cutworms – Scouting and Thresholds   5-23


Alabama Corn: April Showers Bring Nematode Problems   5-23


Mississippi Corn: When I Should Start Irrigating? – Podcast   5-22


Mississippi Corn, Sorghum: How to Determine Growth Stages of Young Plants   5-22


Iowa Corn: True Armyworm Scouting and Management   5-22


Ohio Corn, Soybeans: ‘Tis the Season for Slugs. What Can You Do?   5-22


Ohio Corn: Sidedressing Manure into Newly Planted, Emerged Crops   5-22


Illinois Corn: 4 Black Cutworm Management Considerations   5-21


Illinois Corn: A Fast Start for the 2018 Crop   5-21


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 6 Tips on Diagnosing Diseases   5-21


Nebraska Corn: Scouting for Insects after Emergence   5-21


Cotton | Grain Sorghum


Georgia: Cotton Replant Decisions   5-25


North Carolina Cotton: Should You Spray for Thrips? 4 Questions to Ask   5-25


Sawyer On Crops: Georgia Cotton – Rhizoctonia – Making Replant Decisions – Audio   5-25


South Carolina Cotton: Thrips – Seed Treatments and Foliar Applications   5-25


Texas Mid-Coast Cotton: Fleahopper Numbers on the Rise   5-25


Georgia Cotton: Thrips Populations on the Rise   5-24


Kansas Sorghum: Planting Guidelines   5-23


Virginia Cotton: Planting and Spraying Priorities   5-23


North Carolina Cotton: Re-Planting Decisions, Managing Late Planted Fields   5-23


Tennessee Cotton: Thrips Populations Light but Picking Up   5-22


Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Lygus and Fleahoppers with a Side of Spidermites   5-21


Texas Mid-Coast Sorghum: Watch for Midge in Blooming Fields   5-21


Peanuts | Pecans  


Mississippi Peanuts: Field Conditions Vary Across the Region   5-25


Georgia Pecans: Managing Scab Pressure, Leaf Roll Mites   5-23


Alabama Peanuts: Sensitivity of Newer Varieties to Gramoxone   5-23


Georgia Peanuts: Thrips on the Rise, Check Your Fields   5-23




Arkansas Rice: Flood Time Is Near, Keep Watch for Rice Weevils   5-21


Farm Bill Defeated in U. S. House – Now What? – DTN   5-21


Rice: Planting Season Wrapping Up, Most Crops Emerged   5-21




Minnesota: Will Wheat Catch Up to the Calendar?   5-25


Michigan Wheat: Fusarium Head Scab – Fungicide Considerations   5-24


Kentucky Wheat: Harvest Aid Options and Considerations   5-23


Ohio Wheat: Moderate to Heavy Risk of Head Scab This Week   5-22




Tobacco: Burley Growers Pick Up the Pieces   5-24



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