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Cotton – Southeast: Pests Stirring; Rains Should Restart Planting – AgFax   5-18


Rice – Getting A Jump On Flooding In Midsouth? Coastal Bottlenecks Ahead? - AgFax  5-18


Cotton – Midsouth: Herbicides And Seed Are Waiting For Rain – AgFax   5-18


Cotton – Southwest: Tough Decisions; Blooming Expands – AgFax   5-16




Grain Markets: 2018-19 Outlook for Corn and Soybeans   5-14


Corn – Good News: Rootworm Trait Agreement; Corteva Agriscience and Monsanto – DTN   5-18


Decline in Farm Income Slows but Persists – Fed Reserve Bank, Kansas City   5-18


Farm Bill: Hard Line Republicans – Proposals Overly Generous to “Big” Farmers – DTN   5-18


Rice: Mexico Offers Duty Free Quotas to Sellers, Except for U.S. Rice   5-18


Soybeans: Brazil Farmers Sold 64% of Crop; Increased Export Premiums after Tariff Talk- DTN   5-14


Farmland Transition: When Grandma and Grandpa Don’t Plan Well   5-14


The Anti-GMO Crisis – Commentary   5-18


Soy, Corn Biotech: 10% Yield Jump, Sooner Than You Think – DTN   5-17


Dealer Financing: What Are Those Interest Rates You’re Paying?   5-17


Ag Policy: Been There Done That – Freedom to Farm – Commentary   5-17


Farm Taxes: S-Corp or C-Corp? New Tax Law Makes Choice Complicated – DTN   5-14


Lower Mississippi River: High Water Levels for 60 Days; Old Locks, Dams Deteriorate- DTN   5-16


Rice and Beer Come Together – Win Homebrewing Competition   5-16





Tennessee: Concerns with PPO Pre-Emergent Herbicides – Video   5-18


Indiana: Purdue Offers Herbicide Resistant Weed Screening   5-18


Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Scout Fresh Planted Fields for Pigweed   5-16


Weed, Insect Resistance – What Happens if We Run Out of Tools?   5-18


Tennessee Cotton: Enlist Stewardship Critical in 2018   5-16


Nebraska – Glyphosate Resistance: Preemergence Herbicides Help in Roundup Ready Corn   5-15




Cleveland on Cotton: Bullet Train Was Riding High This Week   5-18


Rose on Cotton: Foreign Demand Excellent; Crop Weather Tough Everywhere   5-18


Dossett on Rice: July Futures Continue Correction – Still Looking for a Rally   5-18


Thompson on Cotton: Would Enough Rain In Texas Be Too Much?   5-18


Rice Update: Projected Acres vs Actual Production is the Question   5-18


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-18


Corn Market: Pre-Harvest Hedging and Revenue Protection   5-17


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   5-17


Wheat Market: U.S. Production Raised Despite Lower HRW Outlook   5-17


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   5-18


Ag Trade: NAFTA and China – Where Do We Stand?   5-16


Shurley on Cotton: Exports, Production Uncertainty Should Offer Price Support   5-15


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   5-16


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   5-15


Nebraska Corn, Soy: You Can Fill the Bin, but Can You Empty It? 3 Things to Do.   5-15




California Almonds: Nuts Sizing Nicely, USDA Predicts Big Crop   5-12




Drought Outlook Seasonal – June, July, Aug.   5-17


Drought Monitor Weekly: Localized Heavy Rains from Plains to East Coast   5-17


Midwest Corn: Climate Change Should Help Production through 2050, says Researcher   5-17





Beef Export Tariffs Not Equal: Japan – U.S. is 38%; Australia is 29.3% – DTN   5-17


Farm Policy: Farm Bill – Lower Farm Income Persists – Southern Plains Drought   5-18


Seed Cotton Program: Bipartisan Budget Act Requires Producer Action   5-17


Ag Trade: NAFTA Negotiations to Continue Past Congressional Deadline   5-17


Seed Cotton Provisions and the Farm Bill – Everything You Need to Know   5-15


Crop Insurance: Premium Subsidy and Insured U.S. Acres – Impact by Crop   5-15


Ag Trade: U.S.-China Talks Set to Continue as Trade Row Persists   5-14




Mississippi Research Taps Chicken House Attic Heat   5-16


Texas Livestock: Sheep, Goat Demand Remains High   5-15




Biofuel: U.S. Ethanol Exports Continue Upward Streak   5-18


Biofuels: Higher Fuel Standards Increase Ethanol Use and Corn Demand – DTN   5-16




Oil Crops Outlook: Firming of Soybean Prices Hinges on Demand Prospects   5-14


Cotton Outlook: Global Mill Use To Rise for 7th Consecutive Season   5-14


Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Projected at 203.2 Mln Cwt   5-14


Wheat Outlook: Russia’s Export Projection Raised While U.S. Exports Trimmed   5-14


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Moving Grain: Bulk Ocean Freight Rates Relatively Stable   5-17


Diesel Prices Jump Higher   5-16


FFA Pilot Program with Mycogen Seeds – Agribusiness in the Classroom – DTN   5-14




Mosaic Company HQ Moving from Minnesota to Florida   5-15


Rice: BASF Partners with Horizon Ag’s Provisia Rice System   5-17





Midwest Fields: Weed Worries Grow – Planting Delayed in Iowa, Michigan – DTN   5-18


Kansas: Irrigation Study Uses Infrared Cameras to Improve Water Efficiency   5-17


Mississippi: Irrigation – Flow Meters Available at County Extension Offices   5-16


USDA Crop Progress: Corn Planting Rockets Ahead – DTN   5-15


Corn | Soybeans


Tennessee Soybeans: Rain Needed for Crop Emergence   5-18


Corn, Soybeans: Seedling Troubleshooting – DTN   5-17


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Delayed Planting – How Will It Affect Yields?   5-16


Pennsylvania Corn: Residual Herbicides in Post Applications   5-17


Tennessee Corn: Destroying a Poor Stand to Plant Soybean, Cotton   5-16


Mississippi Corn: When Should I Start Irrigating?   5-16


Nebraska Planting: Preventing Wind Erosion   5-15


Minnesota Soybeans: Spring 2018 Has Been One for the History Books   5-15


Minnesota Corn: Fertigation – How Much and When?   5-15


Alabama Soybeans: Planting Date Effect on Yields   5-14


Mississippi Soybeans: Redbanded Stink Bug Numbers Remain Low   5-14


Alabama Soybeans: How Sensitive Is Your Variety to Sharpen and Verdict?   5-14


Cotton | Grain Sorghum


Mississippi Cotton: Strong Market Drives Acreage Up   5-18


Georgia Cotton: 5 Fertilization Tips   5-17


Texas Mid-Coast Cotton: Squaring Fields May Have Fleahoppers   5-16


Texas Sorghum: Resistant Varieties, Beneficial Predators Help Battle Sugarcane Aphids   5-16


Alabama Cotton: Keep Watch for Blue Disease   5-16


Texas Cotton: Less Water for Young Plants Doesn’t Hurt Yield, Improves Drought Tolerance   5-16


North Carolina Cotton: Weigh Planting Risks Ahead Of Potential Storms   5-14


Kentucky Sweet Sorghum: Sivanto Prime Available for Sugarcane Aphids in 2018   5-16


Alabama Cotton: Bollworm Management Options in 2 Gene Crops   5-14


North Carolina Cotton: Warm Temps and Chance of Rain… and Thunderstorms   5-14


Texas LRGV Cotton, Sorghum: Dryland – Drought; Fleahoppers   5-14


Texas Upper Coast Cotton: Fleahoppers, Spider Mites Picking Up   5-14


Peanuts | Pecans  


Georgia Pecans: High Numbers of Phylloxera and Casebearer   5-18


Georgia Peanuts: When Planting, Soil Temperature Is Key   5-16


Sawyer On Crops: Peanut Planting In Drought – Dryland, Irrigated Options – Podcast   5-15


Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: Dryland Herbicide Applications Under Hot, Dry Conditions   5-14




Mississippi Rice: Seedling Diseases vs. Paraquat Drift – How to Tell the Difference – Podcast   5-16




Oklahoma Wheat: Powdery Mildew Less Obvious but Still Present   5-18


North Carolina Wheat: Time to Scout for True Armyworms   5-16


Pennsylvania Wheat: When to Pull the Trigger on Fungicides   5-17


Virginia Wheat: Be on Watch for Armyworms   5-17


Virginia Wheat: Fusarium Head Blight Risk on the Rise   5-16


Nebraska Wheat: Stripe Rust and Leaf Rust Update   5-15


Ohio Wheat, Barley: Fungicide Management of Common Diseases   5-15



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