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Brake Herbicide for Cotton 



Rice: Cold Weather Complicates Early Management, Stalls Emergence – AgFax Rice   4-19




Grain Bin Death: You Got 2 to 3 Seconds to React – DTN   4-16


Diesel Prices Half a Dollar Above Last Year   4-18


Corn: Syngenta $1.51Bln Payout to Farmers Could Take a Year – DTN   4-18


Midwest Corn and Soy: Are You Really Planting More Acres Per Week?   4-20


Dicamba: Arkansas Ban Started April 16 with Plenty of Legal Drama – DTN   4-18


Cleveland on Cotton: Southwest Rain Factor; Universities Continue Polyester Pollution   4-20


Farm Bill Kerfuffle: More ‘Family Members’ Could Collect Commodity Payments – DTN   4-17


Grain Markets: Too Early to Worry About Corn Acreage?   4-16


DTN Retail Fertilizer: Prices Continue on Upward Trend   4-19


Cotton: Enrollment Open for Texas International Cotton School   4-20




Ag Economy: Federal Reserve April 2018 Beige Book Report   4-20


Rose on Cotton: Bulls Pulled it Out; Export Demand Holding Strong   4-20


Rice Market: Export Sales Increased Significantly   4-20


Grain Shipping: Too Cold in Minnesota to Plant or Play Ball – DTN   4-17


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   4-20


Wheat Market: Competing for Acres – 2018/19 Global Production to Fall   4-19


Illinois Farm Finances: How Will Chinese Tariffs Affect Grain Farms?   4-18


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   4-20


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   4-20


World Rough Rice Prices Increase   4-18


Cotton: USDA Announces 2018 Loan Rate Differentials   4-16


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   4-17






Herbicides: Spray Droplet Sizes And Drift Control – Let’s Get Precise   4-17


Arkansas: CropCheck Program to Enhance Pesticide Applicator Stewardship   4-16




Looming Trade War – An Illinois Ag Perspective   4-19




Farm Bill Passes House Ag Committee on Partisan Vote   4-19


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Texas High Plains Drought: Make Crop Decisions Based on Soil Profile, Weather Forecast   4-20


Drought Outlook Seasonal: Improvements for Plains, Southeast   4-20


Drought Monitor Weekly: A Week for Extremes – Snow, Fire, and Rain   4-20


Corn, Soy Planting: Midwest and Northern Plains Wait for Soil Temps to Rise – DTN   4-17


Illinois Weather: Cooler Than Normal Soil Temps   4-18


Georgia Weather: Dry Planting Conditions Expected This Spring   4-17


Oklahoma Wildfires: Progress Controlling Large Fires; Risk Remains High   4-16


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Biofuel: Senators Blame EPA’s Scott Pruitt for ‘Closed Door’ RFS Waivers – DTN   4-19


Ethanol: EPA Reacts to Trump Promise, ‘Hold Up, No Decision Yet’ – DTN   4-16




Kansas Livestock: Drought Causing Dire Situation for Farm Ponds, Water Supplies   4-18


Texas Livestock: Feedyard Study Analyzes Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Mitigration   4-16




Ag Drones: Online Tool Serves as Digital Logbook   4-17


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Michigan: Controlled Drainage – Conserving Nutrients, Improving Bottom Lines   4-19


Farm Budgets


Alabama: 2018 Crop Budgets Available   4-19


Corn | Soybeans


Corn: How Many Days Does It Take to Plant the U.S. Crop?   4-20


Mississippi: Corn Planting, Progress Hindered by Cold, Rain   4-20


North Carolina Corn: New Stink Bug Thresholds   4-20


Indiana: Black Cutworm and Armyworm Moths Active   4-20


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 5 Tips for Slug Management   4-20


Arkansas Corn: Need to Replant? Killing Existing Stands.   4-17


Minnesota Corn: Weather Delays Planting, Optimal Window Remains Open   4-20


Iowa Corn: Nitrogen – Preplant vs. Sidedress in a Late Spring   4-18


Illinois Corn Planting: Positive Signs after a Slow Start   4-20


Iowa Corn: 4 Planting Considerations for 2018   4-18


Mississippi Soybeans: No Redbanded Stink Bugs Found Overwintering  4-18


Kentucky Corn: Watch for Seedling Blights   4-18


Minnesota: Spring Nitrogen Outlook 2018 – Podcast   4-17


Nebraska Corn: Cold Soil and Planting Windows   4-16


Sawyer On Crops: Seed Corn Maggots In Melons – This Is A Tough One – Podcast   4-15


Cotton | Grain Sorghum


Oklahoma Cotton: Planting Time – Don’t Count on Your Calendar   4-19


Virginia Cotton: Nitrogen – How Much Should You Apply at Planting?   4-20


Texas High Plains Drought: Make Crop Decisions Based on Soil Profile, Weather Forecast   4-20


Texas: 6 Seed Cotton Program Sign-Up Workshops in May   4-18


Georgia Cotton: 8 Tips on Managing Seedling Diseases   4-18


Tennessee: Will This Be Another Slug Year?   4-17


Peanuts | Pecans


Virginia: Peanut-Cotton Infonet Update   4-20


Georgia Peanuts: Thrips – The 1st Pest of the Season   4-18


Georgia Peanuts: Is It Time to Plant?   4-18




Louisiana Rice: Cold-Stunted Plants Complicate Flooding Decisions   4-20


Rice Planting Reports: Plenty Of Delays, Too Much Cold Weather   4-20


Rice: Planters Rolling Where Fields are Dry; Texas Fields Greening Up   4-20


Arkansas Rice: Northeast Planting Steams Ahead, Elsewhere Sputtering Along   4-16




Virginia Wheat: Disease Pressure Fairly Light, Keep Scouting Fields   4-20


Illinois Wheat: 2018 Fungicide Efficacy Table Available   4-20


Kentucky Wheat: Be on Lookout for Stripe Rust   4-18


Minnesota Wheat, Rye: Evaluating Your Stands   4-16


Kentucky Wheat: Nitrogen Won’t ‘Fix’ Yellowing Crops   4-16


Texas Wheat: Dryland Crop Hanging On; Root Development Is Key   4-16




Tobacco: What Will Happen to Our Chinese Market?   4-16




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