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2018 Farm Bill Draft: Maybe Not as Bad as You Expected – DTN   4-13


Grain Markets: Will Soybean Ending Stocks Get Larger?   4-9


Climate Change Could Be Pushing the Great Plains into the Midwest   4-11


Arkansas Soybeans, Sorghum: Biopesticide Used to Control Bollworm and Budworm   4-10


Dossett On Rice: Bullish — That’s The Best Way To Put It   4-13


Grain Markets: 2018 Acreage Decisions – Steady as She Goes in Rough Waters   4-12


Rose on Cotton: U.S. Exports Running Strong – Time to Price More Crop?   4-13


Bayer-Monsanto Deal: Still Spinning Off Stuff – DTN   4-12


Biofuel: Trump Promises Ethanol Blend Increase Year-Round – DTN   4-13


Rail Shipping: Complaints of Deteriorating Service in U.S. and Canada – DTN   4-11


U.S. Cropland Prices: What’s the Impact of Increased Interest Rates?   4-12


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Cleveland on Cotton: World Demand Brings Higher Prices; Drought Watch – DTN   4-13


Livestock Market: Tariff Talkers Lined Up, No ‘Street Fight’ Yet – DTN   4-10


Rice Update: Market Continues to Firm Despite Bearish Reports   4-13


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   4-13


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   4-13


Rice: Brazil Reactivates Domestic Support Programs as Exports to U.S. Rise   4-11


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged   4-11


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   4-10


Shurley on Cotton: More Tariff Talk   4-9


Thompson On Cotton: Fundamentals Remain Strong Even Without Drought Chances   4-9


Cleveland on Cotton: Exports Linked to Price; U.S. Consumption Up   4-9







Alabama: How Will Burndown Herbicides Work with Low Temps?   4-11


Tennessee Cotton: Late Burndown Options   4-10


South Dakota: Pre-Emergence Herbicide Program Is Always A Good Idea   4-11




DDG Weekly: California Demand High; China Tariff Concerns – DTN   4-10


California Almonds: Water Footprint Smaller than Global Average   4-12


California Tomatoes: Beet Leafhoppers Building In Parts Of Western SJV   4-10




Farm Policy News: Federal Assistance for Farm Trade Impacts   4-12


Ag Trade: Tariff Threats Continue, Trump Vows to Protect Farmers   4-9




2018 Farm Bill Debate: Reviewing CBO Baseline, Including Commodities   4-13


Farm Business: How Will Expansion Impact My Current Operation?   4-10


Farm Business: Pay Attention to the Details for Accurate Accounting   4-9


Wildfire photo from 2016.

Texas Department of Agriculture




Oklahoma: Wildfires, Drought – 52 Counties in State of Emergency   4-13


Oklahoma: Numerous Fires Burning in the West, Situation Not Improving   4-13


Arkansas Corn: What Impact Will Freeze Have on This Year’s Crop?   4-12


Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Hit Most Areas, Except Southwest   4-12


Kansas Wheat: How Has Cold Weather Affected Crops?   4-11


Georgia Weather: Colder-Than-Normal March Damages Crops, Delays Planting   4-12


Arkansas: Fruit Growers Assess Freeze Damage, Brace for 2nd Round   4-11


Western Oklahoma Braces for Extreme Fire Danger   4-11


Missouri Corn, Wheat: Cold Damage Concerns   4-9


Ohio: Challenging Weather to Linger Through April   4-10


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Livestock: UNL Focuses on Alternative Cow-Calf Production System – DTN   4-11


Mississippi Poultry: Low Production Prices, Healthy Demand   4-13


Soil Health – Defining Its Contribution To Livestock Gains   4-13


DDG Weekly: California Demand High; China Tariff Concerns – DTN   4-10




Moving Grain: High Water Continues to Disrupt River Traffic   4-13


Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation Launch Fire Relief Fund   4-13


Kansas Land Values: Webinar Will Highlight Trends, State’s Ag Economy   4-9


Farm Loans: 2017 Was a Near-Record Year, Says USDA   4-9




Alabama: Tiger-Sul is Back with State-of-the-Art Plant in Atmore   4-12


Precision Ag: AgJunction Opens Online Store   4-12


Cotton: Deltapine Rolls Out On-Farm Variety Test Program For 2018   4-9


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Soil | Cover Crops


Minnesota: Small Grains – An Easier Way to Establish, Grow Cover Crops   4-13


Ohio: Avoid Soil Compaction – Reduce Your Axle Load   4-10




Mississippi: RISER Irrigation Program Results Positive   4-6


Nebraska Irrigation, Part 3: In-Canopy vs. Above-Canopy Sprinklers   4-9


Corn | Soybeans


Illinois Soybeans: 6 Early-Season Management Considerations   4-12


Michigan Soybeans: Reducing Planting Rates Can Be Profitable   4-12


Pennsylvania: Strategies for Planting Corn and Soybean Varieties   4-13


Michigan: Repairing Harvest Ruts This Spring   4-12


Illinois Corn: N Rate Calculator Updated   4-12


Michigan Corn: When Is the Best Time to Plant?   4-12


Hybrids Of Corn Earworm And “Old World” Bollworm Identified In Brazil   4-11


Kentucky Corn: Late Planting Start? Don’t Make it Worse.   4-11


Ag Apps: Midwest Stink Bug Assistant Aids Identification   4-10


Michigan Soybeans: 5 Considerations for Early Planting   4-12


Corn Hybrids: High Yields Come with More Variability   4-9


North Dakota: Corn Responds to Phosphorus Starter Fertilizer, Says Study   4-9


Nebraska Soybean Seeding Rates: On-Farm Research Lessons   4-9


Cotton | Grain Sorghum


Texas: Cotton Pests Moving; Early Sugarcane Aphid Sightings   4-13


Texas High Plains: Fall Armyworms are Complicated   4-13


North Carolina Cotton: 5 Strategies for Planting in Suboptimal Conditions   4-12


North Carolina Cotton: Planting Lessons From the Past 2 Years   4-12


Mississippi: Slugs Favor Cool, Wet Weather, and Residue   4-10


North Carolina Cotton: Evaluating, Managing Deer-Damaged Fields   4-12




Virginia Wheat: Fusarium Head Blight Risk Low, Powdery Mildew on the Rise   4-13


Oklahoma Wheat: Powdery Mildew Continues to Spread   4-13


Illinois Wheat: Stripe Rust on the Move   4-11


Ohio: Wheat Growth Stages – What to Do and When   4-10




Rice Outlook: U.S. Plantings Indicated at 2.69 Mln Acres   4-13


Cotton Outlook: World Stocks To Rise Slightly in 2017/18   4-13


Oil Crops Outlook: Strong U.S. Soy Meal Demand Fuels Record Crush   4-13


Wheat Outlook: U.S. Planted Area Projected to Rise in 2018   4-13


WASDE Reports Offer Broader Look at Crops – DTN   4-12


USDA Reports Preview: Wild card is U.S. Ending Soybean, Corn Stocks – DTN   4-11


WASDE Oilseeds: Domestic Soybean Stocks Lowered on Higher Crushing   4-10


WASDE Cotton: Higher U.S. Exports, Lower Ending Stocks   4-10


WASDE Rice: U.S. Ending Stocks Raised on Decreased Exports   4-10


WASDE Coarse Grains: Lower Domestic Corn Demand, Higher Ending Stocks   4-10


WASDE Wheat: Domestic Stocks Raised on Reduced Feed Use   4-10


Global Markets: Wheat – Sub-Saharan Africa Drives Growth in Wheat Imports   4-13


Global Markets: Cotton – USDA Revises Australia, Brazil Residuals, Reduces Global Stocks   4-13


Global Markets: Oilseeds – India’s Appetite for Vegetable Oil To Continue   4-13


Global Markets: Corn – Saudi Arabian Feed Demand Drives Record Imports   4-13


Global Markets: Rice – Parboiled Trade Hits Record on African, South Asian Demand   4-13


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