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Brake Herbicide for Cotton 




Weed Resistance – April’s Tips And Insights On Prevention Management – AgFax Weed Solutions   4-6




Dicamba in Court: Judge Rules for ‘the Arkansas 6’ but AG Fights Back- DTN   4-6


Corn Prices: How Bullish is USDA’s New Planting Estimate? – DTN   4-4


Ag Lending: MetLife Hits Record For Its Ag Loan Portfolio   4-2


Grain Market Outlook: Effects on Farmers With Trade War Looming – Video   4-6


DTN Fertilizer Prices, Trends: Domestic and International   4-6


Rose on Cotton: Two Takeaways from This Week’s Trading   4-6


Disaster Payments: $2.36Bln for Farmers, Ranchers Affected by Wildfires and Hurricanes   4-6


Illinois Land Values: Does the Farmland Market Make Sense?   4-3


Dossett on Rice: Feeling Bullish but Hold on to Your Hat!   4-6


Midwest Corn: Nitrogen Prices, Rates Cuts, and 2018 Fertilizer Costs   4-4


Renewable Fuel Standard: EPA’s Back Door Waiver is Starting to Smell – DTN   4-4


Oklahoma Cotton: 2017 Crop Could be Largest Bale Volume Since 1933   4-4


Ag Economy Barometer: Ag Trade Concerns Driving Sentiment Lower   4-3


Farm Economy: Land Values, Ag Credit, Lending, and Income   4-3


DTN Ag Confidence Survey: U.S. Farmers and Agribusiness Response Surprising   4-3




Grain Market Folklore, Multi-Year Patterns: Are They Helpful? – DTN   4-2


Rice Market: Bullish Fundamentals Strong Amidst China Tariff Threats   4-6


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   4-6


Cotton Prices: Spot Quotations Down Last Month   4-4


USDA: World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates at a Glance   4-4


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   4-6


World Rough Rice Prices on the Rise   4-4


Wheat Market: As Always, Weather Is the Wildcard for Planting, Production   4-5


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   4-3


USDA Lending Rates Increase from March   4-2


Cleveland on Cotton: Keep an Eye on Mother Nature   4-2







Georgia Weeds: Tank-Mixing – 5 Common Questions  4-6


Texas: Dicamba Application Training – 16 Items to Remember   4-4


Ohio: Dicamba – Pay Attention to Nozzle Selection to Meet Label Requirements   4-3


Nebraska Soybean Weed Control: Pre-Emergence Residual Herbicides Are Unavoidable   4-2


Texas: Drones Help Researchers ‘Read the Weeds’   4-2




California Almonds: Put Leaffooted Bug Monitoring on Your To-Do List   4-5


California Almonds: 5 Observations on This Year’s Crop   4-2


California Almonds: Welcome To Spring – Issues, Reminders   3-31




What Is a Trade Deficit and How is it Measured?   4-6


U.S. Soybeans Top China’s Reciprocal Tariff List, Market Responds Badly – DTN   4-5


Trade Worries Taint Farm Economy Outlook   4-2


Ag Trade: China Targets U.S. Soybeans in Ongoing Dispute   4-5


Texas: Chinese Tariffs Would Hit Cotton, Sorghum Hardest, Says Economist   4-5


China Retaliation Threatens to Further Harm U.S. Sorghum Farmers   4-4


China’s Response to New U.S. Tariffs Will Hurt U.S. Wheat Farmers   4-4


Ag Trade: China to Target Soybean Exports Only If Trade Issues Increase   4-3




Farm Bill 1975-1995: Review Fixed Price Policy and Deficiency Payments   4-6


Webinar: Writing the Next Farm Bill and Ongoing Trade Issues​, April 12   4-3


Farm Bill Preview – Budget Discipline and Farm Policy   4-2




Drought Monitor Weekly: Heavy Rains Hit Midsouth, Southern Plains; Mostly Dry Elsewhere   4-5


Moving Grain: River Navigation Disruptions Continue with More Rains   4-5


Drought Outlook Monthly: Dry April Expected for SW, Plains; Some Relief for SE   4-3


Illinois Weather: 4th Wettest Feb.-March on Record   4-4


Arkansas: Overnight Freeze Threatens Fruit Crops in Flower Stage   4-4




BASF Launches Mobile-Friendly Weather Information Spray Tool   4-4


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RFS Waivers: EPA Underfire, Ethanol Futures Drop, RIN Market is “Cratering” – DTN  4-6


RFS Waiver for Large Refiner Looks Like a ‘Handout,’ says Sen. Grassley – DTN   4-5


Biofuel Groups Happy that EPA Rewriting Some Emission Standards – DTN   4-5


Biofuels: Illinois Researchers Receive $1 Mln to Study Bioenergy Crops   4-2




U.S. Pork Exports: Chinese Tariffs Come on Heels of Expansion – DTN   4-3




Arkansas: U of A Hosts ‘Most Crop Per Drop’ Irrigation Contest   4-3


Rural Broadband Gap: Microsoft Advises Use of White Spaces Spectrum – DTN   4-2


Arkansas: Delta Black Flies Kill Livestock, Deer, Force Nature Center Closure   4-3


Tennessee Farmers and Suicide Prevention Web Page   4-4


Diesel, Gas Prices Continue to Rise   4-4


DTN Acquires Purdue Ag Precision Startup   4-3 



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Iowa: Grain Storage – Take Advantage of Conditions to Aerate Bins Now!   4-6


Cover Crops: Mixed Blessing When it Comes to Insect Populations – DTN   4-5


Corn | Soybeans


Corn: Leveling Out on High Yields in South Carolina – DTN   4-2


Corn Belt: Real Time Crop Data Using Satellite and Super Computers   4-6


North Carolina Corn: Insecticidal Seed Treatments, In-Furrow Insecticides – Are They Worth It?   4-3


Nebraska Irrigation: In-Canopy vs. Above-Canopy Sprinkers   4-4


Mississippi Soybeans: 2017 OVT Foliar Disease Ratings – Maturity Group V   4-2


Soybean Yield Booster? Crossing Soy Plants with Australian Vine Shows Promise   4-4


Minnesota: Don’t Apply Commercial Fertilizers to Snow-Covered Frozen Soils   4-5


Mississippi Soybeans: 2017 OVT Foliar Disease Ratings – Maturity Group IV   4-2


Michigan Corn: Strategies for Sidedress Nitrogen Placement   4-5


Nebraska: Prospective Corn Acreage Drops 3%; Soybeans Drop 2%   4-4


Midwest Corn: New Recommended Nitrogen Fertilizer Rates Available   4-3


Minnesota: Why Do We Need a Soybean Nitrogen Credit?   4-2


Iowa Soybeans: Insecticide-Resistant Soybean Aphids – New Publication Offers Tips   3-30




Oklahoma Cotton: Making the Right Variety Choice for 2018 Planting   4-4


North Carolina Cotton: At-Planting Thrips Insecticide Recommendations   4-3


Virginia Cotton: April Is the Month for Field Prep   4-3


Georgia: Adjusting Planter Equipment Can Make a Significant Yield Difference   3-30


Peanuts | Pecans


Sawyer On Crops: Thrips Showing Early, Caution Warranted In Peanuts – Podcast   4-6


Georgia Pecans: Budbreak – 3 Insects to Watch For   4-6


Georgia Pecans: Fungicide Schedule – Spray When You Need, but Not More than Necessary   4-6


Florida Peanuts: Considering April Planting? Pay Attention to Soil Temps   4-6


Sawyer On Crops: Nitrogen For Pecans – How Much, When – Podcast   4-2




Arkansas Rice: Planting Feels Slow but Still on Pace; Cold Temps Shouldn’t Be a Problem   4-6


Louisiana Rice: Planting on Schedule Thanks to Recent Dry Weather   4-6


Mississippi: On Farm Furrow Irrigated Rice Results   3-30


Wheat | Small Grains


Oklahoma and Texas Wheat Disease Update   4-6


Mississippi: Wheat Acreage Continues to Languish   4-6


Tennessee Wheat: Freeze Damage Concerns, Forecast for April 8   4-5


Tennessee Wheat: Stripe Rust Showing Up, Scout Your Fields   4-5


Oklahoma Wheat: Impact of Recent Cold Temps on Crops   4-5


Kentucky Wheat: Limit Pyrethroids to Avoid Aphid Resistance, Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus Outbreaks   4-4




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