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Brake Herbicide for Cotton 



Spring Herbicide Options And Complications For 2018 – AgFax Weed Solutions   3-16




Corn’s Cinderella Ride: How Long Before It Turns Into A Pumpkin Again? – DTN   3-14


Arkansas Rice, Soybeans: Farm Strives for Most Advanced Science in the World   3-15


Rose On Cotton: Market Maybe Due For Correction – Stormy Spring Ahead?   3-16


Farm Equipment Leasing: New Tax Code Adds A Wrinkle – DTN   3-14


Soybeans: Parasitic Wasps – Working Them Into An Anti-Aphid Strategy – DTN   3-15


Ag Economy: Farmers Still Caught in Economic Squeeze   3-13


Dossett On Rice: Indian Market In Flux, U.S. Ponders Planting Intentions   3-16


Ag Truckers Gain 3-Month Reprieve On E-Logging Requirement – DTN   3-15


Biofuels: What Happened to Ethanol Profitability in 2017?   3-15


Wheat, Drought And Markets – Time To Push The Panic Button On HRW? – DTN   3-15


Ethanol Plant Builder Steps Up with RIN Plan – DTN   3-14






Farm Debt: How Sensitive Is the Farm Sector to Rising Interest Rates?   3-12


Cleveland On Cotton: No Letup On Demand – Even U.S. Mills Buying   3-16


Rice Update: All Eyes on USDA Prospective Plantings Report   3-16


Shurley on Cotton: Pulling the Trigger on the 2018 Crop   3-16


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   3-16


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   3-16


Thompson On Cotton: Cautiously Bullish, With Emphasis On “Cautiously”   3-16


Moving Grain: Mid-Mississippi River Open for Shipping   3-15


Nebraska: New Crop Insurance Prices and Volatility Factors  3-12


Illinois: Trends in Farm Balance Sheets Over Time   3-15


World Rough Rice Prices Up for the Week   3-14


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   3-13


Grain Markets: An Estimate of March 1 Corn Stocks   3-12




Palmer Pigweed: Researchers Make Breakthrough in Understanding Glyphosate Resistance   3-12


Herbicide Drift Complaints: North Carolina Regulators Reach Settlements   3-15


Tennessee: Xtend Soybeans – Palmer Amaranth Management Strategies   3-13


Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans: Managing Burcucumber   3-13


Texas: Application Timing Critical With Auxin Herbicides  3-12




Farm Policy: Will the Farm Bill be Blocked by SNAP Politics?   3-15


Crop Insurance: Premium Subsidy and Insured U.S. Acres  3-16


Ag Trade: New U.S. Tariffs Ramp-Up Fear of Retaliation; Soybean Growers Especially Worried  3-12


Farm Bill Talks Delayed Til April   3-14


Section 199 Tax Mess Getting Untangled, But Also Held Hostage   3-14




Illinois: Soil Temps, Moisture Levels Declining in Early March   3-16


Oklahoma: Extreme Wildfire Risk Calls in Firefighters from Out of State   3-16


Midwest – Wet Weather, Planting Delays Ahead This Spring? – DTN   3-16


Drought Outlook Seasonal: Improvements for High Plains, Intensification for SW, Southern Plains   3-15


Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Hit Southeast, California; Plains Still Dry   3-15


Wheat Waiting On Rain: “The Southern Plains Drought Is Intense” – DTN   3-14


Southwest: Fire Behavior Advisory Issued   3-13




Almond Markets: Freeze Slows Sales, Commitments  3-10


Almond Alliance of California Names Elaine Trevino as President/CEO  3-12  


California Walnuts: Walnut Blight – New Tool And What You Need To Know  3-10


California Walnuts: What To Remember Over The Next 4 Months In The Sac Valley  3-10


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Georgia Peanut Commission Holds Referendum March 16 – April 16   3-16


Iowa: 2018 Farm Custom Rate Survey   3-15


Diesel, Gas Prices Dip Slightly   3-14


GMO Corn Keeps Pests From Its Unmodified Neighbors, Study Finds   3-14


Ag Robot Speeds Data Collection, Analyses of Crops as They Grow   3-13




Wheat Outlook: Russian Exports Raised to New Record, U.S. Exports Cut by 25Mln Bushels   3-12


Cotton Outlook: Record 2017 U.S. Net Textile and Apparel Imports   3-12


Oil Crops Outlook: U.S. Season-Ending Soybean Stocks Shifted Higher   3-12




Livestock: Calving Season and the Many Challenges Ahead for Producers – DTN   3-12


Livestock: Prospects for Swine Finishing Costs in 2018  3-12




Cotton: PhytoGen Rolls Out New Array Of Enlist Varieties With WS3 Trait   3-15


Bayer Vegetable Seed Biz Has One Serious Buyer – DTN   3-12


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Cover Crops: Iowa Farmer Uses Extensive Program – DTN   3-14


Mississippi Irrigation: Using Soil Moisture Sensors to Schedule Irrigation  3-12


Corn | Soybeans


Minnesota Soybeans: 3 Tips for Insecticide-Resistant Soybean Aphid Management   3-16


Iowa Corn: Row Spacing Considerations   3-16


Indiana Corn: A Recipe for Creating Crappy Stands   3-14


Mississippi Soybeans: 9 Planting Time Decisions   3-12


Indiana Corn: Yield Response to Plant Populations   3-14


Minnesota Corn: Should You Use an In-Furrow Starter This Year?   3-13


Mississippi Soybeans: Accessing Companies’ Variety Trait Data   3-12


Mississippi Soybeans: 7 Tips for Early Planting   3-12


Nebraska: Wheat Stem Maggot in Corn – Scout Your Cover Crop Fields  3-12


Mississippi Corn: 5 Tips for Planting High Yielding Crops  3-12


Mississippi Soybeans: Deep Tillage and Irrigation – How Do They Mesh?  3-12




Virginia Cotton: In-Furrow, Seed Treatments – Is Change Coming?   3-16


Georgia Cotton: Nematodes Waking Up with Warmer Temps   3-14




Georgia Peanuts: Managing Leaf Spot With Possible Shortage of Chlorothalonil   3-16


Georgia Peanuts: In-Furrow Decisions – Velum Total and Thimet  3-12


Grain Sorghum


Grain Sorghum: Building An Aphid Plan, Starting With Resistant Hybrids – DTN   3-16


Texas Grain Sorghum: Hybrid Tolerance to Sugarcane Aphid Shows Dramatic Results  3-12




Mississippi: Row Rice Results from 2017   3-15


Louisiana Rice: Planting Eases Into Gear   3-15


Louisiana Rice: Bird-Repellent — Rebate, Update On Headed Rice Label   3-15


Arkansas Rice: Seeding Rates, Burndown Recommendations   3-13


Arkansas Rice: New Aromatic Variety Available from U of A  3-12


Tree Crops


Sawyer On Crops: Pecans – Timing Scab Sprays (Podcast)   3-15


Wheat | Small Grains


Texas Wheat: Does an Early Fungicide Application Pay?   3-15


Georgia Wheat: Researchers Use Dual-Use System to Boost State’s Crop   3-15


Oklahoma Wheat: Little Disease Activity, but Keep Watch for Rust Development   3-14


Oklahoma Wheat: Limited Pasture Run by Cattle Expected   3-13


Oklahoma Wheat: Producers Facing Tough Call on Nitrogen Application   3-13


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