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Spring Weed Burndown Tips, Deciphering Herbicide Labels – And More – AgFax Weed Solutions   2-16


California Almonds: Bloom Comes Early, Fast – AgFax Tree Crops   2-11





Drought Monitor Weekly: Rains Drench Eastern Regions, Southern Plains Drying Out   2-16


Drought Outlook Seasonal: Increased Dryness in the West, Central U.S. Improvements   2-16


Drought Facing Southern Plains, Viability of Crops Affects Input Decisions – DTN   2-15


Peanuts: Argentina’s Crop Taking A Hit From Drought, Heat   2-14


Midwest Farming Has Influenced the Region’s Summer Climate, Study Says   2-14


Florida Peanuts and Cotton: Don’t Delay Planting – Higher Temps, Less Rain Expected   2-12 






Kansas City Fed: Stable Land Values Offset Low Commodity Values   2-15


Farmer Programs: Trump Budget Would Cut $47Bln Over 10 Years – DTN   2-14


Farm Bill Round 1: Cotton, Dairy, and the President’s Budget   2-15


Corn and Soybean Exports: USDA Projections Play Large Role in Price Formation   2-13


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Shift from Corn to Spring Wheat Could Mean Less Demand   2-15


Louisiana Rice: Invasive Snails Complicate Crawfish  Harvest, Possible Threat to Rice   2-13            


Farm Business: Looking for Top Employees? Upsize Your Web Presence. – DTN   2-13


Dossett on Rice: Soybean Prices Move Up, Rice Acres Will Go Down   2-16


Texas Pest Management: Migratory Bats Arriving Early Indicate a Seasonal Change   2-13


Family Matters: Why People End Relationships, 2 Strategies That Might Help – DTN   2-14


Peanuts: Cottonseed Provisions Effects On Peanut Decisions? Run The Numbers   2-13


Farm Business: How Do I Finance Growth of My Operation?   2-12


Farm Business: Digital Farm Records Made Easy   2-12





Trump Budget Proposes Cuts to Crop Insurance and SNAP – Farm Policy   2-13


Neonic Use on Cotton, Corn, Soybeans – EPA Still Working on Decisions – DTN   2-14


Biofuels: Fixing the RFS is Getting Easier and Easier   2-16


Ethanol Industry Presses EPA to Expand E15 Sales – DTN   2-14


Trump Plan: $1.5 Trillion Investment Plus Commitments from State, Local Govt. – DTN   2-13


Cotton: Explaining The Basics Of New Seed Cotton Program   2-13


Cotton: Back in the Farm Bill Again – Farm Policy   2-13


Trump Plan To Fund Infrastructure Gets Mixed Reviews – DTN   2-13


WOTUS: Ag Groups Back in Court to Block EPA’s “Waters” Rule – DTN   2-13


Conservation: Proposed Budget Cuts Deeply Into Programs   2-13




Tennessee: Glyphosate-Resistant Barnyardgrass a Growing Problem   2-14


Dicamba: Texas Application Training Has Reciprocity in Oklahoma and New Mexico   2-16


Louisiana: Pesticide Resistance Highlighted at Field Day   2-15


Herbicide Resistance: Scientists Identify Evolutionary Drivers   2-13


Sorghum: Can Johnsongrass Take on Crop Traits? Researchers Want to Know.   2-14





California: We Need More Bees Than You Might Think   2-16


California Almond Shipments Set Record For January Period   2-15


California: Almond Leadership Program Kicks Off 10th Year   2-14


California Wheat: Time to Check for Italian Ryegrass Infestations   2-13





Farm Business: How Do I Finance Growth of My Operation?   2-12


Farm Business: Digital Farm Records Made Easy   2-12





Rice Farming: Still Losing Money but Keeping Costs Down Has Helped – Commentary   2-14


Cleveland on Cotton: Rumors To The Contrary, China is in a Buying Mood   2-16


Moving Grain: Chinese Celebration May Slow Ocean Freight Rates Increase   2-16


Global Stock Volatility Spilled Over into the Commodity Markets – DTN   2-15


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   2-16


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   2-16


Global Rough Rice Prices Drop 20 Cents   2-14


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Revised Crop Budgets for 2018   2-13


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   2-13


Cotton: NCC Expects World Production to Exceed Demand in 2018   2-10


Cotton: Planting Intentions Survey Shows Uneven 2018 Uptick   2-10





Rice Outlook: India Projected To Export Record 12.5 Mln Tons in 2018   2-13


Wheat Outlook: U.S. Stocks Raised 20 Mln Bushels on Reduced Exports   2-13


Oil Crops Outlook: Soybeans Rally as Drought Grips Argentina   2-13





Oklahoma Wheat: When Should I Remove Cattle from Pasture?   2-16


Texas Livestock: Win the War on Weeds in Warm-Season Pastures   2-12





Cotton: Where To Learn About “Seed Cotton” Program – Conference Calls, Webinars   2-16


Kentucky: Hemp Processor Announces Plans For Facility – 271 Jobs Expected   2-13


Rail System: Deadline to Implement Positive Train Control is Approaching – DTN   2-13


Diesel, Gasoline Prices Decrease   2-14


U.S. Wheat Associates Directors Elect 2018/19 Officers   2-14


University of Arkansas: Norsworthy Named WSSA Fellow; Meyer Named Top Graduate Student   2-13


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Virginia: Look Out for New Invasive Pest, Spotted Lanternfly   2-13


Minnesota: Evaluating Spring Phosphorus Availability   2-13


Sawyer On Crops: Preventing Fusarium Wilt In Watermelons   2-15


Corn | Soybeans


Oklahoma: Soybeans Make Good Alternative to Wheat in Current Market   2-12




Cotton: With New “Seed Cotton” Program, 3 Key Points To Consider   2-16




Arkansas Rice: Combining Seed Treatments; Enterprise Budgets   2-14


NE Louisiana Rice Forum Discusses Latest Research, Industry Updates   2-12




Louisiana: Sugar Professionals Discuss New Techniques, Strategies   2-12




Georgia: Wheat and Rye Cover Crop Research Receives Grant   2-16


Texas Wheat: First Report of Stripe Rust   2-16


North Dakota: 2018 Wheat Midge Forecast Lowest on Record   2-15


EVENTS UPDATE Click here for a complete list of upcoming events.


Oklahoma: Grape Pruning Workshop, Perkins, March 8  


Mississippi: 2 Water Management Field Days, March 6, 7   


Tennessee: Seed Cotton Programs Webinar, Feb. 19   


Illinois: Ag Technology Innovation Summit, Champaign, Feb. 28  


Michigan: Spring Peach Meeting, Benton Harbor, March 13   


Florida: Mandatory Dicamba Resistant Crop Training, Video Conference, March 16


Alabama: Additional Auxin Training, Hollywood, March 6   


Kansas: Canola Informational Meeting, Great Bend, March 6    


Minnesota: 11 Nitrogen Smart Meetings on Deck in Feb., March    



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