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Brake Herbicide for Cotton 



California Almonds: Is An Early, Fast Bloom Coming? AgFax Tree Crops   2-4 




2018 U.S. Farm Income Forecast – Net Farm Income Lowest Since 2006   2-8


Farm Trucking: Will Electronic Logging Device Regulations Apply to You?   2-6


Crop Insurance Support: $40,000 Limit Has the Potential to Impact Multiple Farm Sizes   2-7


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: International and Domestic   2-7


Corn, Soybeans: Lower Price Volatility Means Lower Crop Insurance Premiums   2-7


Cotton and Dairy Farmers Included in Congressional Budget Agreement – DTN   2-9


Cleveland On Cotton: Usage Increasing, Demand Will Hold Market And Boost Acres   2-9


DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends: Average Prices Moving Higher   2-9


Dossett on Rice: Feeling Bullish but Technical Indicators Say Futures Overbought   2-9


Mississippi River: Failure Looms Large with Deteriorating Locks and Dams – DTN   2-7


Virginia Soybean Yield Contest Gets More Members in the 100-Bushel Club   2-9


Ag Barometer: Producer Sentiment Turns Higher; Many Expect Lower Taxes   2-6


Court Rules on Payments for Pork Checkoff Campaign, USDA Loses – DTN   2-6


Wheat: Speed-Breeding Techniques Could be a Game Changer   2-6




Deer Habitat: It’s a Good Time to Plant Trees for Forage   2-9


Wild Hogs: You Can’t be Too Careful When Processing, Cooking   2-6


Deer: Researchers Sorting Out the Cause of Chronic Wasting Disease   2-8





Georgia: 3 Considerations for Bermudagrass Burndowns   2-7


Weed Management: Does Dew Affect Herbicide Performance?   2-6


Test Your Integrated Weed Management Knowledge! – Quiz   2-7


Louisiana: AgCenter Weed Control Guide Excludes Dicamba Tech   2-5




Cotton Farming: 7 Straight Years of Losses – Commentary   2-7


Farm Business: Skills and Competencies Needed for Expansion   2-5


Farm Labor: Skills for Hiring, Managing Your Workers   2-5


Taxes: 1099 Forms For Ag Producers   2-5  




Rose On Cotton: USDA’s Reports Feed The Bears And The Bulls This Week   2-9


Rice Update: Stronger Export Demand Needed   2-9


Rice: Specialty Rice Shipments Up 35%   2-9


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   2-9


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   2-9


World Rough Rice Prices Decrease   2-7


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   2-6 




Georgia: Drought Covers 18% of the State   2-9


Drought Monitor Weekly: Southern Plains Stay Dry, Improvements for Southeast   2-9


Drought Tolerance: Research Could Improve Yields for Cereal Crops   2-7


Wheat: Crop Conditions Fall as Drought Worsens   2-8




California Almonds: 2018 Bloom Considerations   2-7


California Almonds: Should You Be Irrigating Yet? (AgFax Snippet)   2-7




WASDE Cotton: Slightly Lower Domestic Exports, Higher Ending Stocks   2-9


WASDE Oilseeds: Domestic Soybean Exports Decline   2-9


WASDE Rice: Season-Average Farm Price Lowered   2-9


WASDE Coarse Grains: Reduced U.S. Corn Stocks on Higher Exports   2-9


WASDE Wheat: Higher Domestic Use Offset by Lower Exports   2-9


Global Markets: Oilseeds – U.S. Boosts Share in South Korea’s Soy Oil Market   2-9


Global Markets: Corn – U.S. Export Prospects Brighten   2-9


Global Markets: Cotton – Lower U.S. Exports Still Dependent on Strong Late-Season   2-9


Global Markets: Wheat – Indonesia Forecast as Largest Importer, Increasingly Supplied by Black Sea   2-9


Global Markets: Rice – China Strengthens Its Importance in Global Trade   2-9 




Ethanol: Philadelphia Energy Solutions Filed Bankruptcy for Multiple Reasons – DTN   2-9


Rice: Fraud in Organic Ag Imports is Focus of Proposed House Bill   2-9


Ag Trade: Perdue Testifies on State of Rural Economy   2-7


Illinois: Ag Perspectives on Trade Matters   2-8


Sugar: NAFTA Renegotiation and Issues Related to Sweetener Trade   2-8  




Livestock: Cattle Inventory Growth Slowing, Beef Production Still Increasing   2-5  




Moving Grain: Lock Closure For Columbia, Snake Rivers Begins in March   2-9


Cotton Council International Elects New Slate of Officers   2-9


Kinze Manufacturing Expands into Tillage with 3 New Models   2-6


Sorghum Checkoff Accepting Applications for Leadership Program   2-9


Diesel, Gas Prices Rise   2-7





Cover Crop – No-till – Weed Control System is Longterm Investment – DTN   2-6


Pennsylvania: What Pests are Overwintering in Your Field?   2-9


Louisiana: Researchers Evaluate Cover Crop Benefits   2-6


Sawyer On Crops: Controlled Burning In Pines – Timing Tips – Audio   2-8


Minnesota: Spring Manure Applications – Start Planning Now   2-9  


Corn | Soybeans


Kentucky Soybeans: Management Tips for Continuous Production   2-9


U.S. Corn BT Trait Table Updated for 2018   2-6


Iowa Corn: Should We be Spraying Fungicides at V12?   2-9


Arkansas Soybeans: Updated Variety Guide Now Available   2-6


Iowa Soybeans: New Disease Identification Resource Available   2-6


Midsouth Soybeans: Time to Update Soil Testing Forms for Yield Level   2-6


Soybeans: Researchers Seek to Close Yield Gap in North Central States   2-6 




Texas Cotton: New Statewide Pest Management Guide Now Available   2-8


South Carolina Cotton: Clemson Experts Report Strong 2018 Outlook   2-7


Texas Cotton: New Insect Management Guide Available   2-6


Cotton: 29 Year Cover Crop, No-Till Study Confirms Benefits – Video   2-6


Tennessee Cotton: Do Cover Crops Really Help in No-Till Production?   2-5   


Peanuts | Pecans  


South Carolina Peanuts: Experts Warn of Possible Excess Supply   2-6  




Rice: Webinar Recordings Available Online       


Louisiana Rice: New Herbicides Available This Year   2-8


Rice States: NRCS Updates Conservation Stewardship Program, Applications Due March 2   2-6


Rice: Genomes of Ancestral Rice Species May Uncover Beneficial Traits   2-6     




South Carolina Wheat: Time for Tiller Counts in the Pee Dee   2-9



EVENTS UPDATE Click here for a complete list of upcoming events.   


Arkansas: Multi-County Forestry Workshop, Thornton, Feb. 27


Arkansas: 6 Pesticide Application Clinics Set for Feb., March   


Louisiana Farm Bureau Hosts 3 Grain Bin Safety Workshops, Feb. 26-28


Kentucky: Postharvest Grain Management Meeting, Owensboro, Feb. 28      


Kentucky: Integrated Pest Management Field School, Hopkinsville, March 7  


Kentucky: Wheat Field School, Princeton, March 1 Texas: 3 Profitability Workshops in Lubbock Beginning Feb. 13    


Minnesota: 4 Small Grain Winter Workshops, Feb. 19-23    


Mississippi: Winter Sweetpotato Production Meeting, Pittsboro, Feb. 23


Texas: Farm Bill Discussions Highlight Ag Forum Meeting       


Texas: Castro County Crop Conference, Dimmitt, Feb. 15


Texas: I-40 Wheat Meeting, Vega, Feb. 12   


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