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DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends: Prices Continued Higher at Year’s End   1-4


Soybeans: What’s Up with Record Yields, Especially in the Southeast? 3 Reasons   1-2


Fed Reserve Bank of Dallas: Crop Loans Down; Renewals and Extensions Up   1-5


Dossett On Rice: Bottom In Futures Ahead?   1-5


Illinois Corn Growers Face a Profitability Problem   1-5


Rose on Cotton: Forward Contracting Basis Feels Lukewarm; WASDE Acres Report Anticipated   1-5


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: High Yields Despite Drought Conditions   1-5


Congressional Budgets and Word Banning: ‘This is no way to run a railroad.’ – Commentary   1-5


Crop Insurance: Changes to 2018 Crop Insurance Rates   1-4


Farm Policy Review and Outlook for the 2018 Farm Bill   1-5


Rural Broadband Expansion in 2018: It Won’t be for Lack of Effort – DTN   1-4


U.S. Gasoline Prices Increased in 2017   1-5 





Shurley On Cotton: Looking For A Safety Net   1-4


North Dakota: Soybean, Spring Wheat Projected Profits in 2018   1-5


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   1-5


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   1-5


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   1-5


Cotton: Global Production to Increase in 2017/18   1-2


Ag Trade: U.S. Reaps Benefits of Free Trade Agreement with Korea   1-2


Understanding Commodity Markets One Consumer At A Time – DTN   1-3 




Dicamba: Minnesota-Specific Training and Use Requirements   1-5


Texas: 2 Invasive Mexican Grasses Turning Up In State – Info You’ll Need   1-2


Kentucky: Dicamba – Shifting Rules, Training Opportunities   1-3


Wheat leaves poking up through the snow.

Photo: Justin Ballew, Clemson Cooperative Extension




Climate Change: Nov. 2017 Was 3rd Warmest on Record   1-5


Kansas: Sub-Zero Temps May Have Damaged Wheat   1-5


South Carolina: Snowy Start to 2018   1-5              


Illinois Weather: Warm Year Ends With Cold, Dry December   1-5 




New Tax Landscape And Farmers: Sorting Through Your Options – DTN   1-3


Farm Business: Take Note of the 2018 Federal Estate Tax Exemption   1-4




California: Tree Crops Take Major Hit From Thomas Fire   1-4


California Law Requiring Cancer Warning on Glyphosate Label Challenged – DTN   1-4


California Almonds: Gaining Full Value From Pre-emergent Herbicide Programs   1-2 




Livestock: Hog Prices Supported by Strong Demand   1-2 




Oklahoma’s Mobile Grain Engulfment Simulator Delivers Life Saving Training   1-2


Cotton: Texas Tech Develops Faster Denim Dying System – Video   1-4


Rice: Fortified Rice Added to Global Food Assistance Programs   1-4 




Cotton: PhytoGen TRiO Seed Treatment Available for 2018 Planting   1-3


Rice: Gambit Herbicide Registered to Fight Sedge and Broadleaf Weeds   1-2

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         Jan 3, 2018: "More Free herbicide this
         morning in the coastal bend!"



Minnesota: Evaluating the Need for Sulfur in High Organic Matter Soils   1-5


Sawyer On Crops: More Chill Hours – Good News – South Georgia Pine Podcast   1-5


Minnesota: Evaluating the Need for Sulfur in High Organic Matter Soils   1-5


Texas: Using Radar to Gauge Plant Root Health and Potential Yields   1-2


Corn | Soybeans


Tillage – Yield Booster Or Penalty? South Dakota Adds To Debate.   1-5


Arkansas Soybeans: The Butcher Shop Raises Awareness with Cheesecake   1-5


Minnesota Corn: Skip Bt Traits? Weigh European Corn Borer Options   1-4


North Dakota Soybeans: “Getting It Right” Production Meetings Set   1-3




North Carolina Cotton: On-Farm Fiber Quality Results for 2017   1-2


North Carolina Cotton: Yield Results Available From On-Farm Variety Trials   1-2


Peanuts | Pecans


Kansas Pecans: Stuart – Where It Should And Shouldn’t Be Planted   1-2


Western Region Pecans: Good Demand as Harvest Picks Up   1-5


Texas Pecans: Good Demand, Light Deliveries   1-5


Oklahoma Pecans: Light Demand as Harvest Finishes   1-5


Louisiana Pecans: Prices Steady with Light Deliveries   1-5


Georgia Pecans: Moderate Demand, Steady Prices   1-5




Louisiana Wheat: Will The Crop Take A Hit From Extreme Cold Weather?   1-4




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