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DTN Fertilizer Outlook: International Ammonia Market Continues to Strengthen   11-7


Crop Choices, Farm Size: Changes in a Time of Low Corn, Soybean Prices   11-8


Farm Bill 2018: Give Price Support Programs Another Look – Commentary   11-10


Grain Markets: Is Global Demand Waking Up? – DTN   11-8


Tax Reform: ‘Unintended Consequences’, Conaway Says Will Fix Land Rental Tax – DTN   11-10


Cleveland on Cotton: Demand Grows as Price Becomes More Competitive   11-10


Farm Income: Slowly Decreasing but Appearing to Stabilize – Kansas City Fed   11-10


Farm Bill 2018: Give Price Support Programs Another Look – Commentary   11-10


Livestock: Oklahoma Beef Checkoff Fails – DTN   11-10


Ag Economy: Glass Half Full or Half Empty?  11-7


NAFTA: Ag Lobbyists Speak Out, Not All in Agreement – DTN   11-10


Illinois Farmland: Cash Rent Based on Land Productivity Index  11-8


Farm Business: Growth Options - 9 Questions to Ask Yourself  11-6




Dicamba: April to October Applications Banned by Arkansas Plant Board   11-9


Dicamba: EPA Committee Questions 2018 Label Changes - DTN  11-8




Farm Family Business: Building a Working Relationship is Hard Work – DTN   11-8


Grain Market: Bitcoin and Blockchains Related to Commodity Trading – DTN   11-10


Livestock Markets: Cattle Feeding Returns Improving   11-6


Rose on Cotton: USDA Av. Yield 900 Lbs.; Be Wary of the Enthusiasm Factor   11-10


Thompson on Cotton: Demand Strengthens as Harvest Slows   11-10


Tax Reform: Self-Employment Tax Looming for Landowners Who Lease – DTN   11-8


Moving Grain: How Do Unscheduled Lock Outages Affect Barge Traffic?   11-9


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-9


World Rough Rice Prices Unchanged from Last Week   11-8


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   11-7


U.S. Ag Exports: USDA Data Update, NAFTA Worries Persist   11-6




Global Markets – Soybeans – Growing Chinese Demand Drives Imports Higher   11-9


Global Markets: Corn – East Asia An Important Region for Competition   11-9


Global Markets: Wheat – Sub-Saharan Consumption Outpacing Production; Pushes Imports Higher   11-9


Global Markets: Rice – Record Trade with Diversifying Suppliers   11-9


Global Markets: Cotton – Uzbekistan Showing Strong Consumption Growth   11-9


WASDE Cotton: Higher Domestic Production, Ending Stocks   11-9


WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Soybean Production Down on Slightly Lower Yield   11-9


WASDE Rice: Projected U.S. Imports Offset Production Decline   11-9


WASDE Coarse Grains: Increased U.S. Corn Demand Offset by Higher Production   11-9


WASDE Wheat: U.S. Ending Stocks Lowered on Increased Exports   11-9


Crop Production: Corn, Cotton Estimates Up Slightly from Oct., Soybeans Down – USDA   11-9




NAFTA: Ag Lobbyists Speak Out, Not All in Agreement – DTN   11-10


RIN: Fed Investigators Subpoena Carl Ichan Company – DTN   11-10


Farm Bill Options: What About Blending ARC and PLC Programs? – Commentary   11-10


Farm Safety Net: How Would It Handle Sudden Trade Disruptions?   11-9


Cuba: Treasury and State Departments Tighten Restrictions   11-8


Tax Reform: New Bill Offers Ag Incentives, but Is It All Good?   11-7




Grain Transportation: River Infrastructure 75 Years Old, Time for an Upgrade   11-8


Diesel, Gas Prices Jump Higher   11-8


Ag Trade: New Study Shows Grain Exports Offered $55.5 Bln In Economic Output   11-7


New Publication Aids Ag Businesses in ICE Raid, Audit Preparation   11-6


Flint on Crops: How Large or Small Is a “Farm”? – Commentary   11-6




California Almonds: Aspergillus Niger Induced Hull Rot   11-6




Mississippi: New App to Help Share Drought Information   11-10


Drought Monitor: Pacific Storm System Brings Some Heavy Rains, but Lots of Dry Spots   11-9




Mississippi: Cover Crop Acreage Brings Big Benefits   11-10


Nutrient Runoff: Progress Slow on Handling Mississippi River Dead Zone – DTN   11-8


Mississippi: 2017 MDEQ Irrigation Meter Program   11-8


Texas: Aerial Scouting Is Fine, but Soil Health Is the Real Limiting Factor   11-8


Florida: Now Is the Time to Soil Test Crop Fields   11-7


Minnesota: Manure and Nutrients – A Complicated Relationship   11-6


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Market Remains Unsettled with Light Deliveries   11-10


Georgia Pecans: Cover Crops Are Valuable Additions to Orchards   11-9


Texas Pecans: Light Deliveries, Good Demand   11-8


Oklahoma Pecans: Harvest Picks Up, Market Remains Slow   11-8


Louisiana Pecans: Light Shipments, Moderate Interest   11-8


Corn | Soybeans


Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans: Seed Selection Based on Disease Resistance Ratings   11-10


Kentucky Corn, Soybeans Still on Record-Level Path   11-10


Tennessee Corn: 2017 Grain Hybrid Trial Results   11-10


Virginia Soybeans: What’s the Best Maturity Group for Your Farm?   11-9


Michigan Soybeans: Drying and Storing Wet Crops   11-9


Ohio Harvest: Managing Soil Compaction with Continued Rain Delays   11-7


Texas Corn: Post-Harvest Handling of Fumonisin Contamination   11-8


Michigan Soybeans: Recommendations for a Late Harvest   11-9


Soybeans: Newly Released Cultivar Extends Planting Season, Growing Region   11-7


Minnesota Corn: Fall vs. Spring – When to Apply Phosphorus   11-9


Corn: New App Helps Farmers Identify, Manage Ear Rots, Mycotoxins   11-8


Iowa Corn: Addressing the Edge or Border Effect on Yields   11-8


Nebraska Corn: Potential Reasons for Weakened Ear Shanks and Ear Loss   11-8


Texas: 2017 Grain Hybrid Trial Results   11-8


Minnesota Corn: 7 Steps for Managing Wet Crops with a Late Harvest   11-6


Cotton | Sorghum


Oklahoma Cotton: State Moves Up in National Production Rankings   11-10


Wheat | Alfalfa


Texas Wheat: Crediting Soil N Can Cut Costs Without Cutting Yield   11-10


Oklahoma Wheat: Growers Must Maximize Yields, Protein Content to Stay Competitive   11-9


Oklahoma Wheat: Protect Future Yields, Protein Content in Clearfield Fields This Fall   11-9


Oklahoma Wheat: Considerations for Late-Planted Crops   11-7




Tobacco: Flue-Cured and Burley Projections Keep Dropping   11-8




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