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Dicamba Rules: Confused? Remember, State Regs Outweigh Federal – DTN   10-20


DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Move Higher on Increased Barge Rates   10-19


Syngenta Corn Traits Settlement: What Does it Mean for Individual Farmers?   10-20


Weeds: The Sooner You Kill ‘Em, The Farther Your Fertilizer Goes – AgFax Weed Solutions   10-20


Tractor Restoration Club Takes on a 1945 Allis Chalmers Model C   10-17


High Oleic Soybeans – Will 2018 Be the Breakthrough Year? – DTN   10-20


Rose on Cotton: Pickers are Rolling; Buyers Will Start Quality Shopping   10-20


Soybean Market: Bullish Scenario Brewing – DTN   10-18


Grain Markets: Expectations for Corn, Soybean Prices Over Next 5 Years   10-18


Soybeans: Dow and ADM Collaborate on Introduction of Enlist E3 Herbicide Technology – DTN   10-16


Rice Market: Export Sales Set a Marketing Year High   10-20


Grain Markets: Moving Forward After the Oct. Reports   10-16


Brazil Soybean Planting: Off to a Dry Start – DTN   10-18 




Herbicides Performance – Water Temps Influence Kill – No Kidding – AgFax Weed Solutions   10-20


Dicamba is Now a Restricted Use Pesticide Says EPA’s New Label Rules – DTN   10-16


Tennessee: Dicamba – Revised Engenia, Xtendimax, and FeXapan Herbicide Labels   10-19


Alabama Wheat: Ryegrass Control Options   10-18




Illinois Farm Business: 2018 Budgets – Don’t Forget Family Living Costs   10-20


Farm Lending Stabilizes, but Bank Liquidity Tightening 3Q – Fed Reserve Bank of Kansas City   10-20


U.S. Farm Finances: Confirmation that Farmers are ‘Cash Poor and Asset Rich’   10-20


Ag Loans: Are Past Arguments Against Raising Rates Valid? – Commentary   10-18


Farm Business: Comparing 2016 ARC-CO and PLC Payments   10-17


Farm Business: Proper Training is the Key to Competent Longterm Employees   10-17


Michigan: Sound Cash Rental Decisions for Landowners   10-20




China Increasing Soybean Imports, 4.4 billion bushels by 2022 – DTN   10-17


Welch On Wheat: Exports Take A Nice Jump   10-20


Moving Grain: Closed Section of Ohio River Re-Opens with Large Back-Log   10-19


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-20


Wheat Market: USDA Projects Shifting Supplies, Location Will Impact Quality, Availability   10-19


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-20


Global Rough Rice Prices Unchanged from Last Week   10-18


Shurley on Cotton: Oct. Numbers Were Not As Expected—But Prices Hold   10-17


Nebraska: Grain Marketing in 5 Easy Steps   10-17


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices 10-17


Wheat Outlook: U.S. Production Marginally Higher; Usage Lowered 30 Mln Bushels 10-17


Rice Outlook: Global Ending Stocks Projected Highest Since 2000/01   10-17


Oil Crops Outlook: Soybean Supplies Curtailed by Lower Carryover Stocks   10-17


Cotton Outlook: Stocks Outside of China Rising in 2017/18   10-17



Biodiesel Waiver Provision in the RFS – Difficult to Justify   10-20


Biofuels: Trump and EPA Continue to Support Renewable Fuels Standard – DTN   10-20


NAFTA Rewrite: 4th Round of Talks End – More Negotiations in 2018 – DTN   10-20


NAFTA: Mexico Says Ag Seasonal Trade Remedy Laws Are a No Go – DTN   10-18


Ag Trade: NAFTA Renegotiation Talks Extended – U.S. Dairy Proposal Rejected   10-18




Gas Price Rise Due to Several Factors Says Informa Agribusiness Study – DTN   10-18


Georgia Peanut Commission Applauds Revision of Seg. 2 Peanuts in Federal Register   10-20


Rice: USA Rice Asks for Govt. Crackdown on Mislabeled Products   10-17


Diesel Prices Rise While Gasoline Slips   10-18


Louisiana: Citrus Grower Says Results Mixed with This Year’s Crop   10-18


Cotton: Georgia Grown and Sewn T-Shirts Now Available 10-17


Flint on Crops: Prepare for Uncertainty – Commentary   10-16




California Almonds: Kernel Defects – What Are the Causes?   10-17




Livestock Market: China’s Meat and Poultry Import Forecast, 2018   10-16




Drought Outlook: Improvements for Northwest, Midwest; Expansion in Southeast   10-19


Drought Monitor: Heavy Rains in the Midwest, Mostly Dry in South, Southeast   10-19


Florida: Hurricane Irma Ag Damages Estimated at $2.5 Bln   10-16


Arkansas: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Winds, Floods   10-19


North Carolina: Washington County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Excessive Rains   10-19


South Carolina: 9 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from March Freeze 10-17


Florida: 19 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Irma 10-17


Delaware: Sussex County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Excessive Rains   10-17


California: San Joaquin County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Excessive Rains   10-17


Missouri: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   10-17



Fall Burndown: Gaining Ground In The South – AgFax Weed Solutions   10-20


Nebraska: Buying Seed for 2018 – Which Bt Traits Do You Really Need?   10-17


Ohio Harvest: Good Weather Conditions This Week, Not So Much Next Week   10-18


Kentucky: Grain Storage – Tips on Alternative Methods   10-18


Iowa Cover Crops: Fall Armyworm Feeding Noted in Southern Counties   10-18


Ohio: Fall Manure Application Tips   10-18


Nebraska Harvest: Avoiding Compaction – 10 Tips for Wet Soils   10-17


Minnesota: 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Fall Soil Sampling   10-18


Alabama: 4 Tractor Safety Tips for Harvest Season   10-17


Corn | Soybeans


Michigan Corn: Stover Harvest Implications   10-20


Illinois Corn: Timing Fall Nitrogen Applications   10-20


Kentucky Soybeans: Partially Flooded Fields – What Should You Do?   10-18


Michigan Corn: Relative Maturity’s Relation to Yield, Moisture   10-20


Tennessee Soybeans: Dicamba – Yield Reports on Injured Crops   10-19


Michigan Soybeans: Maturity Group and Yield – Experience from the Thumb   10-20


North Dakota Soybeans: Avoid Loss During Harvesting, Drying, Storage   10-18


Ohio Corn: Field Drying and Harvest Losses   10-18


Nebraska Soybeans: End of Season Flooding Affects Management, Storage   10-17


North Dakota Corn: Harvest, Drying, Storage Challenging This Year   10-16


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas: Sugarcane Aphid Management – Late Season Infestation – Video and Conference Presentations   10-20


Texas Plains: Cotton Needs More Heat Units, Sorghum Still at Risk from Sugarcane Aphids   10-19


North Carolina Cotton: How Do We Manage Defoliation for the Rest of This Season?   10-18


Florida Cotton, Peanuts: Nematode Damage a Serious Issue this Season   10-16


Wheat | Alfalfa


Oklahoma Wheat: Balancing Yield and Protein Content   10-16




Arkansas Rice: Making Variety Decisions for 2018   10-17


Peanuts | Pecans


Arkansas: Peanuts Proving Profitable in 2017   10-20





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