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DTN Fertilizer Trends: Anhydrous Is in a Historical Lower Range   10-5


Farm Bill 2018: Treating the Cause of Low Prices Instead of the Symptoms – Commentary   10-4


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Ammonia Prices Continue to Firm   10-4


Farm Press’s Forrest Laws Retires – We’re All Going to Miss Him – AgFax   10-3


Rose on Cotton: ‘The Pipeline is Empty and Merchants are Eager’   10-6


Wheat Prices: How Low Can They Go? – DTN   10-6


Ag Barometer: Future Expectations Turn Lower   10-3


Arkansas Soybean Seed Production: Testing Damaged Non-Dicamba Tolerant Beans   10-6


Ag Guestworker Act – 10,000 Permanent Green Cards for Ag Workers – DTN   10-3


Wild Hogs: Destructive Eating Machines All Season Long   10-6


Dossett on Rice: Global Weather Factors May Open More Markets for U.S. Exports   10-6


Fed Reserve Bank of Dallas: Demand for Ag Loans Decrease for 8Q  10-5


Moving Grain: Cargill Expands Facility on Union Pacific Line   10-5


Grain Sorghum: Ramping Up Genetics, Yield and Marketing of a Workhorse Crop – DTN   10-3


Grain Markets: Sept. 1 Stocks Estimates Provide Muted Support for Prices   10-2


Farm Finances: Financial Stress in Iowa Farms – 2014-2016   10-2




Herbicide Resistance: Are We at a Tipping Point with Weed Control?   10-4


Arkansas Soybeans: Variety, Herbicide Tech Considerations for 2018   10-6


Arkansas Soybean Seed Production: Testing Damaged Non-Dicamba Tolerant Beans   10-6


Iowa: Fall Marestail Control   10-3


Louisiana: Weeds Are a Year-Round Problem   10-3


Ohio Wheat: Management Considerations for Marestail, Poison Hemlock, Burcucumber   10-3




Rural Economy: Farm Income and Manufacturing Are Both Important Variables   10-4


South Dakota: Cash Rents Under Pressure – 7 Factors for Landowners to Consider   10-4


Illinois: Making 2018 Cash Rent Decisions   10-4


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Cleveland on Cotton: Market Factors – Weather + U.S. Crop Estimate, Oct. 12   10-6


Rice Update: Harvest Pressure Slows Market, Long Term Outlook Remains Positive 10-6

Thompson on Cotton: Market Quiets Down with Signs of Strengthening Demand   10-5


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-6


Rice Market: Keeping an Eye on China   10-3


Global Rough Rice Prices Lowered   10-4


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   10-5


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   10-3


Welch on Wheat: Stocks Below Last Year but Above Average   10-3


Welch on Grain: Corn Stocks Below Expectations, Still Well Above Average   10-3


U.S. Grain Exports Mixed – DTN   10-3


USDA Lending Rates Unchanged from Sept.   10-2




Texas Ag Law: Fannin County – Closed Range or Open Range?   10-2


USDA Issues Farm Safety Net and Conservation Payments – Total Exceeds $9.6 Bln   10-3


RFS Groups Request Trump to Deny EPA’s Biofuel Proposals – DTN   10-4


U.S. Agriculture Often Bears the Cost of Trade Disputes   10-4




The Fertilizer Institute’s 4R Advocate Program Accepting Nominations Until Oct. 31   10-4


Mississippi Sweet Potatoes: Domestic Demand Stabilizes   10-6


Wheat Growers Call for New Trade Agreements   10-6


Diesel Prices Up Slightly, Gasoline Declines   10-4


Nebraska Farmer Named America’s Pig Farmer of the Year   10-4


Flint on Crops: Harvest Is a Special Time – Commentary   10-2




California Cotton: Whitefly, Aphid Numbers Rising   10-5


Tree Nut, Fruit Market: Almonds, Walnuts Record Year; Fruit Rebound; Citrus Decline – USDA   10-4




Climate: Arctic Sea Ice is 8th Lowest on Record – NASA   10-6


Drought Monitor: Multiple Cold Fronts Bring Decent Rains   10-5


Drought Outlook: Development Expected for Midwest, Northeast   10-4


North Dakota: Bottineau County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Drought   10-3


Iowa: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   10-3


Mississippi: 34 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Flooding   10-3

Twitter: @USDA



Fungicide Research: Small vs. Large Plots for Field Trials   10-4


Soybeans: New Machine Evaluates Crop at Harvest for Quality   10-3


Alabama: Farmers Hustle to Harvest Ahead of Nate   10-6


Florida Forage Planting: Read the Seed Tag. It Might Surprise You.   10-2


Corn | Soybeans


Iowa Corn: Keep an Eye Open for Stalk Rots   10-6


Iowa Soybeans: What to Look For When Choosing Varieties   10-6


Arkansas: Soybean Harvest – Low Mississippi Water Levels Impede Transport   10-6


Michigan Soybeans: Avoiding Potassium Deficiency   10-5


Texas Corn: AgriLife Experts Discuss Fumonisin Contamination, Possible Avoidance Practices   10-4


South Dakota Soybeans: Fall’s the Best Time to Sample Soil for Soybean Cyst Nematode   10-4


Oklahoma Soybeans: Dealing with Sudden Death Syndrome, Bacterial Pustule   10-3


Ohio Soybeans: Pod Shattering and Harvest Moisture   10-3


Nebraska: Managing Nitrogen to Reduce Losses as Nitrous Oxide   10-2


Nebraska Corn: Ear Rot Diseases Developing in Some Fields   10-2


Nebraska Study: What are the Benefits and Limits of Fertilizing Soybeans?   10-2


Cotton | Sorghum


Tennessee Cotton: Is Our Defoliation Window Closing?   10-5


West Texas Cotton: What Is Causing Late Season Defoliation?   10-5


Texas: Cottonseed Exposed to Prolonged Rain – The Risk of Elevated Aflatoxin   10-2


Texas Cotton: Testing for Residual Soil N Can Save Money   10-2


Texas Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids After the Rains – Now What?   10-2




Wheat Market: USDA Reports Smallest U.S. Harvested Area in 127 Years   10-5


Texas Wheat: Seeding Rate May Be One Way to Cut Costs   10-5


Ohio Wheat: Applying Manure to Newly Planted Fields   10-3


Texas: Wheat Variety Disease & Insect Tolerance Traits—2017-2018   10-2


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Pawnees Hitting Market as Growers Continue Hurricane Cleanup   10-6


Florida Peanuts: Good, Bad, and Ugly – Local Crop Conditions   10-6


Florida Peanuts: Nematode Damage and Management Decisions   10-2




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