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Dicamba: Arkansas Plant Board Unanimously Sets Mid-April Limit – DTN   9-22


Dicamba: U. of Arkansas Posts Second Response To Monsanto’s Petition   9-20


Dicamba: Pesticide Agencies Overwhelmed; EPA Promises Action for 2018 Season – DTN   9-21


Dicamba: Arkansas Petition Drive Aims At Stretching Out ’18 Spray Window   9-21


Iowa Soybeans: Dicamba – How Many Hours Were Available to Spray in 2017?   9-19


Minnesota: Dicamba – Resistant Weeds Need More Than Herbicides for Control   9-20


Dicamba Faces State Restrictions Based on Weed Science Data – DTN   9-18


Weed Seeds: 6 Ways Aussies Keep Them Out Of The Bank – Video   9-16


Wheat Market: Taking Stock of the 2017/18 World Crop   9-21


Michigan: Herbicide-Resistance Screening Has Begun at MSU Diagnostic Services   9-21


Herbicide-Resistant Kochia: Research Indicates the Importance of Early Season Control   9-19


Virginia: Distribution of Herbicide-Resistant Italian Ryegrass   9-20


Pennsylvania: Weed Control After Silage Harvest or in Fallow Settings   9-18


Herbicide Resistance: Illinois Will Showcase Aussie Seed Destructor   9-18




Bayer Requests Extension on Monsanto Acquisition – DTN   9-20


Dossett on Rice: Price Rally in Thailand; South Korea Plans Buy for Reserve   9-22


Grain Markets: Commercials Turn Net Long – DTN   9-20


Cleveland on Cotton: Bullish Factors Battle Against Global Production   9-22


Soil Health Scouting: Drones, Satellites, Airplanes and Boots on the Ground – DTN   9-22


Farmland Partners Buying $110 Mln Worth Of California’s Nut Crop Acreage   9-22


Organic Imports: Are They Really “Organic”? USDA Finds Lack of Control and Oversight – DTN   9-22


Rose on Cotton: Strong Export Turnaround Doesn’t Impress Traders   9-22


Checkoff Funded Programs: Group Questions Lack of Transparency – DTN   9-21


Sorghum: Catfish Feeding Trial in Vietnam Offers New Opportunity for U.S. Farmers   9-22


Mississippi: Increased Wild Hog Population May Spread Disease to Deer, Other Wildlife   9-22


Kansas: Tyson Poultry Expansion Gets Push Back from Rural Community – DTN   9-18




Rice Update: Strong Case for Better Price Scenario   9-22


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   9-22


Moving Grain: Low Water Disrupts Barge Traffic on Illinois River   9-22


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   9-22


Illinois: Comparing Payments from Margin Protection with Harvest Price Option   9-22


Grain Export Inspections Mixed – DTN   9-20


Grain Markets: Corn, Soybean Production Outlook in 2017-18   9-18


Ag Trade: USDA Export Data and Stakeholder Issues   9-19


Welch on Wheat: Strong Exports Continue, Gulf Shipments Resume   9-19


Welch on Grain: Corn, Sorghum Exports Start Marketing Year Off Strong   9-19


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   9-19




Ask the Tax Man: Charitable Donations are Tricky, Especially When it’s Property – DTN   9-20


Farmland Values: 2017 Iowa Land Survey; NASS Cash Rent County Estimates   9-18


Kansas Farmland Values Continue to Slide   9-19


Illinois: Farm Income Trends Vary with Crop or Livestock Choice   9-19




Farm Bill Issue Review: Crop Insurance and Cover Crops   9-22


GIPSA: Inner Workings of the USDA Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Adm. – DTN   9-19




FAO Report: Global Hunger is on the Rise Again   9-21


Diesel, Gas Prices Down, 40 Cents Higher Than Last Year   9-20


Ag Research: Code Breakers Unlock Pearl Millet’s Heat Tolerance to Fight Climate Chaos   9-20


Cotton: NCC Task Force Sets 6 Goals to Attract More Cotton Buyers   9-22


Ag Research: RNA Discovery Could Boost Plant Drought, Salt Tolerance   9-18


Flint on Crops: Time to Think About Cover Crops – Commentary   9-18




Farmland Partners Buying $110 Mln Worth Of California’s Nut Crop Acreage   9-22


California Almonds: Postharvest Management – Nitrogen Considerations   9-20




Americot Adds 3 New Reps In Southwest, Midsouth, Southeast   9-19


Farm Credit Services of America, Frontier Farm Credit Announce President, CEO   9-20




DDG Weekly Update: Demand Starting to Pick Up – DTN   9-18




Drought Monitor: Needed Rains Hit Northern Plains   9-22


Drought Outlook: Persistence Expected for Northern Plains, Development in the Midsouth   9-21


Ohio Weather: September Frost Unlikely; La Nina Development Declared   9-19


Weather: Changes in Daily Rain Patterns are Significant, says Study   9-19


Kansas Weather: Aug. Temperatures Were Unseasonably Cool   9-18


South Dakota: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   9-18


Ohio: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Flooding   9-18




Nebraska Harvest: Deliver Soybeans at the Optimum Moisture   9-18


Minnesota: How to Estimate Nitrogen Loss from Leaching   9-21


Corn | Soybeans


North Carolina Soybeans: Treating Stink Bugs in Late Fields   9-22


Ohio Soybeans: Are Fall Herbicides Required in Xtend Fields?   9-19


Iowa Corn: Grain Dry Down in Field From Maturity to Harvest   9-20


Iowa Soybeans: How Fast Do Crops Dry Down in the Field?   9-20


Iowa Corn: New Diseases Booklet Available from ISU Extension   9-20


Illinois: Corn, Soybean Harvest Considerations   9-20


Kentucky: Soybean Stem Borer May Cause Problems During Harvest, Reduce Yields   9-20


Ohio Soybeans: Diaporthe Stem Canker and Cercospora Leaf Blight – Symptoms and Management   9-19


Texas Corn: Mycotoxin Levels on High Plains Pose Threat to Farmers   9-19


Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Positive Yields Expected; Be Mindful of Lodging, Pod Shattering   9-18


Nebraska-Brazil Study New and Old Corn Insect Pests   9-18


Cotton | Sorghum


Mississippi: Sorghum Yields Shine; Acreage and Prices Sag   9-22


Texas Plains: Ideal Weather for Cotton Development, Sugarcane Aphids Still in Late Sorghum   9-18


Sawyer On Crops: Decisions About Cotton Defoliation And Whitefly – Audio   9-18


Tennessee: Cotton Defoliation – Using Bolls to Determine Timing – Video   9-18


Alabama Cotton: Heat Unit Accumulation Has Been Lacking in 2017   9-18


Wheat | Alfalfa


Arkansas Wheat: 2018 Crop Budgets Available   9-22


Mississippi Wheat: 2017 Suggested Variety Short List   9-22


Kansas Wheat: What Are the Risks of Planting Early?   9-21


Peanuts | Pecans


Florida Pecans: Battling Scab in the Panhandle   9-22


Texas: Pecan Weevils’ Range Growing, Warns AgriLife Extension Expert   9-21


Georgia Pecans: Hurricane Cleanup; Water Requirements for Nut Maturity   9-21


Florida Peanuts: Wet Conditions Delay Digging, Farmers Falling Behind   9-20


South Carolina Peanuts: Speed Matters When Digging   9-21


Florida Peanuts: Determining Maturity – the Three Pile Method   9-20


Georgia: Thomas County – How Did Crops Fare Following Irma?   9-18


Georgia Pecans: 30% of Crop Destroyed by Irma   9-18




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