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Rice Harvest Starts In Texas but Rains Delay Coastal Progress – AgFax   7-14


Cotton – Midsouth: Bollworms – More Treatments, Moth Flight Continues – AgFax   7-14


Cotton – Southeast – After Effects of Saturated Soils – AgFax   7-13


Cotton – Southwest – Hail, Tough Winds Give Growers He** in TX and NM   7-12


California Almonds: Hull Split and Spraying Momentum Increases   7-9




Dicamba Drift – Why Now? Two Reasons in Iowa; Multiple Reasons in Midsouth  7-14


Syngenta’s Viptera Corn: Trial Dates Set in 7 of 22 Class-Action Lawsuits – DTN   7-10


Global Climate: 2nd Warmest May on Record in 137 Years – NASA   7-10


DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Price Declines and Weak Spots Across the Board   7-11


Dow Agrees to Sell Brazil Corn Seed Assets to CITIC Agri Fund – $1.1Bln   7-12


Rose on Cotton: Bears in the House; New Crop Sales Slowing Down   7-14


Soybean Association CEO Nominated as Deputy Ag Secretary – DTN   7-14


Livestock: U.S. is Big Winner in Korea’s Demand for More Beef   7-14


Fertilizer Costs 2017-18: Expect Holding Pattern   7-13


Corn, Soybean Markets: Implications from the June 30 Acreage Report – Video   7-11


Farm Business: Strategies for the Future – Conventional or Discovery-Driven Planning?   7-10




Dicamba: Tennessee’s New Rules in Force; Missouri May Temporarily Lift Ban – DTN   7-14


Pennsylvania: 2,4-D Injury – Managing Drift to Off-Target Crops   7-13


Weeds: When Conventional and Organic Farming Methods Collide   7-13


Dicamba Drift Injury: Iowa Joins the Club  7-12


Ohio Soybeans: Dicamba Drift Injury Becoming More Evident   7-12


How to Interpret Herbicide Mode of Action?   7-11


Texas: Spray Drift Damage – What Injured Landowners Need to Know   7-11


Nebraska: Palmer Amaranth Emerges in Slow-to-Canopy Soybeans – Options?   7-10  





Ag Groups Fear Trump Plan to Limit Steel Imports Will Backfire on Trade – DTN   7-13


EPA Sued Over Delaying Stricter Air Quality Standards   7-14


Biofuels: EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard Rulemaking for 2018 — Still a Push   7-13


Diesel, Gas Prices Rise   7-12


U.S. Biodiesel Wants Duties Put on Imports from Argentina   7-11


Farm Family in Japan: More Similarities Than You Might Expect – DTN   7-13


Farm Hires: 3 Factors Determine Employee or Independent Contractor Status – DTN   7-10


Farm Policy: Interesting Observations from USDA’s Ag Trade Data   7-10





Drought: North Plains Had Driest April-June since 2006 – DTN   7-10


Drought Monitor: Dry, Hot Conditions Continue Across Western U.S., High Plains   7-13


Georgia Weather: Wet Summer Seems Likely   7-14


North Dakota: 8 Counties Designated Drought Disaster Areas   7-12


Missouri: 24 Counties Declared Natural Disaster Areas from Floods   7-12


South Dakota: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   7-12

Corn field hit hard by hail and wind in Texas this week.
Photo: Kerry Siders, Texas AgriLife Extension Agent



Cleveland on Cotton: Oversold! Buyers Still Looking for High Quality   7-14


Market Thoughts: Fake News in Strange and Dangerous Times – DTN   7-14


Rice Market: New Crop Interest Increases as Texas and Louisiana Near Harvest   7-14


Farm Policy: Farm Bill – Ag Spending and Budgetary Issues   7-14


Shurley on Cotton: Prices Continue to Flounder in New, Lower Range   7-14


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   7-14


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   7-14


Grain Markets: Importance of Yield to Expanding U.S. Exports   7-14


Welch on Wheat: Lower Yields, Acres, Higher  Stocks   7-12


Welch on Grain: USDA Raises Corn Planted, Harvested Acres   7-12


U.S. DDGS Exports Up 16% To Southeast Asia   7-13


Farm Policy: Fed Reserve’s Beige Book Released with Notes on Ag Economy   7-13


Moving Grain: Barge Tonnages 14% Above Average   7-13


Wheat Market: U.S. Production to Fall to Lowest Level Since 2002-03   7-13


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   7-13


Rice: Prevailing World Prices Rise   7-12


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   7-11


Livestock Market: Weather Clouds Pork Outlook   7-10


Rogator nozzles in the rear view mirror.
©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography




Wheat Outlook: Northern Plains Dryness Drives U.S. Production Lower   7-14


Oil Crops Outlook: Less Burdensome Soybean Stocks Support Prices 7-14


Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Forecast Lowered 5 Percent 7-14


Cotton Outlook: Global Growth of Mill Use Varies by Country   7-14


USDA Crop Production: Winter Wheat Estimate Up from June; All Wheat Down from 2016   7-12


Global Markets: Wheat – Russia Forecast to Be World’s Leading Exporter for 1st Time   7-12


Global Markets: Grains – India to Import Wheat While Exporting Ample Rice   7-12


Global Markets: Oilseeds – U.S. Soybean Exports Forecast to Reach Record   7-12


Global Markets: Cotton – Expansion of U.S. Exports Supports 2nd Highest Level on Record   7-12


WASDE Cotton: U.S. Production, Stocks Lowered   7-12


WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Production Raised on Increased Harvested Area   7-12


WASDE Rice: U.S. Production, Supplies Lowered   7-12


WASDE Coarse Grains: Higher Domestic Corn Production, Usage, Ending Stocks   7-12


WASDE Wheat: Higher U.S. Beginning Stocks, Imports Offset by Lower Production   7-12  




California Almonds: Impacts of Soil Variability on Tree Performance   7-10




Cotton: Southeast Growers Like Phytogen Traits for Fighting Weeds, Worms and Diseases   7-11



Herbicide application in soybeans.
©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography



Sawyer On Crops: Georgia Aphids – Spray ‘Em? Let The Cadavers Guide You   7-14


Oklahoma: Recent Rains Suggest It’s Time to Check for Fall Armyworms   7-11


Setting Up Your Own On-Farm Field Trial – The Dos and Don’ts   7-10


Texas: Ag Leases the Focus of 4 Upcoming Workshops   7-13


Midwest and Plains Crop Progress: Conditions Decline in Many Areas   7-11


Texas Plains: Widespread Beneficial Rains; Insect Pressure Remains Light   7-11


Illinois: Bonus Tours for Agronomy Day Offer Something for Everyone   7-11


Corn | Soybeans


South Carolina: Pee Dee Corn Needs Rain, New Disease Showing Up   7-14


Minnesota: 4 Steps to More Effective Tissue Sampling   7-14


Mississippi Corn: Rains, Night Temperatures Push State’s Yields   7-14


Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans: Crops Taking Advantage of Improved Weather   7-13


Pennsylvania Corn, Soybeans: Time to Be Scouting for Diseases   7-13


Michigan Corn, Soybeans: Irrigation – Mid-July Results in Peak Water Use for Most Crops   7-13


Michigan Corn: Management Tips for Western Bean Cutworm   7-13


Texas High Plains Pests: Grain Crops Quiet For Now   7-12


Mississippi Corn: Can I Roll Up the Poly Pipe?   7-12


Arkansas Soybeans: Find Those Hidden Enemies – Free Nematode Sampling Offer   7-12


Mississippi Corn: How Can I Estimate Yield?   7-12


Ohio Soybeans: Cool Nights, Lots of Moisture Can Equal Sclerotinia Stem Rot   7-11


Ohio Soybeans: Frogeye Leaf Spot Now Active – Fungicide Resistance Test Available   7-11


Iowa Corn: Bacterial Leaf Streak Lookalikes   7-11


Ohio Corn: Pollination Underway in April Planted Fields   7-11


South Dakota Corn: Drought and Heat Effects on Crop Production   7-11


Cotton | Sorghum


Texas West Plains IPM Update: Large Cotton Losses Due to Hail; Insects are Quiet   7-14


South Carolina Cotton: Aphids on the Decline; Keep Track of When Fields Start Bloom   7-14


Georgia Cotton: Spider Mites Showing Up Early   7-14


Virginia Cotton: Plant Bug Distribution Map – See Where They’re Active   7-14


Alabama Cotton: Options for Plant Bug Control   7-12


Virginia Cotton: Good Growth, Heavy Fruitload; What to Do About Pix?   7-12


Tennessee Cotton: Plant Bugs on the Rise, 3 Management Considerations   7-12


North Carolina Cotton: Be Prepared to Spray Bt Fields for Bollworms   7-12


Georgia Cotton Alert: Silverleaf Whitefly Are Early And Building   7-12


Kentucky Sweet Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Detected in 2 Counties   7-12


Texas Cotton: How to Address Uneven Emergence   7-11


South Carolina Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphids Confirmed in State   7-10


Wheat | Alfalfa


Arkansas: Wheat Production Looking Stronger in 2017   7-14


Nebraska: When Is It Time to Replace Thinning Alfalfa Stands?   7-10




Louisiana Rice: Rains Slow Harvest; Yields Look Fair-to-Good   7-14


Rice: Crop Progress Reports – Horizon Ag   7-13


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Nut Drop, Leaf Samples, and Fungicide Sprays   7-14


Georgia Peanuts: Timing Is Important for Fertilizer Applications   7-14


Georgia Peanuts: Tank-Mixes and Herbicide Injury – 3 Tips   7-11


Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Christopher Martin – Video   7-10






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