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Southern Grain Crops: Pests Stirring AgFax   6-16


More Rice Being Planted – Market? Herbicide Drift? – AgFax   6-16


Resistant Weeds – Options When Control Jumps The Track – AgFax   6-15


Cotton – Midsouth – Plant Bugs, Aphids Stirring, Maybe Early – AgFax   6-15


Cotton – Southeast – Pigweed Gains Lead As Rains Delay Spraying In Places – AgFax   6-15


Cotton – Southwest – Thrips Chow Down; Hi Temps Damage is Similar   6-14


California Almonds: Pests, Diseases Quiet…But For How Long? – AgFax   6-10




Is Palmer Amaranth Developing Traits That Make It Difficult to Control?   6-16


Weed Scientists Caution Against Off-Label Spraying of Dicamba and 2,4-D   6-16


Preventing Dicamba Drift – Video   6-15


Pennsylvania: Palmer Amaranth and Waterhemp Beginning to Emerge   6-15


Herbicide Drift: Consider Your Neighbor - 3 Things to Keep in Mind  6-12


Herbicides: Consider Temperature Inversions Before Spraying – Video   6-14


Resistant Weeds – Options When Control Jumps The Track – AgFax   6-15


Dicamba Drift: Injury Reports Rolling in as Investigations Begin – DTN   6-14


Dicamba Injury: Don’t Get Complacent on Sprayer Cleanout, Upkeep   6-14


Kansas Soybeans: Postemergence Marestail and Pigweed Control   6-13


Nebraska: PPO-Inhibiting Herbicides and Soybean Seedling Injuries   6-13


Arkansas Dicamba Drift: Injury Reports Pour in Over Last 2 Weeks   6-13


Illinois Weeds: New Seed Tests for Palmer Amaranth Identification   6-1


Texas West Plains IPM: Weed Control Is All Over the Board   6-12




DTN Fertilizer: 4 of the Majors are Double-Digit Lower than 1 Year Ago – DTN   6-15


Crop Insurance: Trump Cuts Would Eliminate Harvest Price Option and Limit Farm Size   6-14


Corn: ‘Old School’ Nitrogen Recs Not Necessary for Modern Hybrids – DTN   6-13


Cleveland on Cotton: Immediate Bullish News In Sparse Supply   6-16


Rice Farmers Generate First Carbon Credits Purchased by Microsoft   6-15


Corn Prices Try to Climb for the Third Summer in a Row – DTN   6-15


Cuba: Trump Changes Course; Impact on Agriculture is Unclear   6-16


China Approves Import of Dow’s Enlist Trait in Corn – DTN   6-15


Rice Update: New Rice Crop Acreage a Big Question Mark​   6-16


Drought: Farmers Employ Strategies To Reduce Risk   6-15


Rose On Cotton: Demand Fails To Offset Negative Trend   6-16


Self-Steering Truck: Volvo Makes Harvest Debut in Brazil Sugarcane Fields – Video   6-13


Farm Business: GPS, Apps, Social Media, Drones are Tools for Success   6-13


Infrastructure Upgrades: Trump Plan Includes User Fees to Pay the Bill – DTN   6-12  





Drought Outlook: Improvements, Removal Expected for Most Areas   6-15


Drought Monitor: Midwest, Plains Turn Dry, Florida Gets Drenched   6-15


Georgia: 5 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Drought   6-14




U.S. Beef: 1st Shipment to China in 14 Years DTN   6-16


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   6-16


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   6-16


Pima Cotton: Less Acres Planted Due to Cool, Wet Conditions   6-16


Grain: Upper Midwest Drought – Will it Affect Crop Prices? – DTN   6-13


Moving Grain: Total Export Inspections Rebound   6-15


Soybeans, Corn, Wheat: USDA Reports Flash – DTN   6-12


Wheat Market: Premiums for Protein on the Rise   6-15


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   6-15


Corn Market: How Does Weather Affect Prices Over Time?   6-15


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-13


U.S. Commodity Markets Respond to Changes in China’s Ag Policies   6-14


Welch on Grain: Fuel Crush Running Behind Pace   6-14


Welch on Wheat: Positive Price Response to Poor Growing Conditions   6-14


Thompson on Cotton: Reasons Not To Slip Into Panic Pricing   6-14


Shurley on Cotton: June Report Sends Mixed Signals   6-13




Farm Policy: Farm Bill Hearing Focuses on Ag Research   6-16


Crop Insurance Product Comparison – What’s Best for You?   6-12




Rice Outlook: U.S. Export Forecasts Raised for 2016/17 and 2017/18   6-13


Wheat Outlook: Domestic, Global Production, Stocks Projections Both Raised   6-13


Feed Grain Outlook: Projected U.S. Corn Price Lowered, Global Coarse Grain Production Down   6-13


Cotton Outlook: Global Stocks Forecast Lower in 2017/18   6-13


Oil Crops Outlook: Big South American Crops Pressure U.S. Soy Meal   6-13


U.S. Grain Export Inspections Bullish – DTN   6-13


Global Markets: Cotton – Global Production, Consumption, Ending Stocks Raised   6-13


Global Markets: Wheat – U.S. Price Competitiveness Improved Greatly In 2016/17   6-13


Global Markets: Corn – U.S. Exports to FTA Partners Rise   6-13


Global Markets: Oilseeds – China 2017/18 Soybean Imports Soar   6-13


Grain Markets: Slight Changes to USDA WASDE Report in June   6-12




Farm Labor: Rules, Policies, Wages are All in Transition   6-16


China’s Evolving Ag Support Policies   6-14


Farm Policy: Perdue Discusses White House Budget – Crop Insurance, Research, Dairy   6-14


USA Rice: Do No Harm in NAFTA Modernization   6-12


Farm Policy: House Ag Committee Farm Bill Hearing – SNAP in Focus   6-12




Dow Enlist Corn Available in U.S. for 2018; China Approves Import   6-14




Texas: USDA Grant to Help with Water, Ag Challenges in Rio Grande Basin   6-16


Texas Wildfire: “There was fire as far as the eye could see…” – DTN   6-12


Farmer Suicide Rate Remains High, Long After 1980s Farm Crisis   6-12


Gasoline Falls Below Last Year’s Levels; Diesel Less Than a Dime Higher   6-14

Herbicide application. ©Debra L Ferguson Stock Photography



South Dakota: Understanding Drought, Heat Stress in Crops   6-16


Mississippi Sweet Potatoes: 2 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Auxin Herbicides   6-16


Nebraska Irrigation: 3 Reasons to Use Sensors – Tips for Proper Installation   6-13


Texas Upper Coast IPM: Stinkbugs and Headworms   6-12


Alabama Grapes: Muscadines – Backbone of Alabama’s Wine Industry   6-13


Corn | Soybeans


Delaware Corn: Watch for Stink Bugs Moving in from Wheat   6-16


Delaware Soybeans: Early Season Pests to Watch For   6-16


Florida Corn: Disease Management – When to Apply a Fungicide?   6-16


Indiana Corn: ‘Rootless’ or ‘Floppy’ Corn Syndrome – What’s the Cause?   6-16


Indiana: Soybean Aphids Found in North of State   6-16


Minnesota Corn: 4 Tips for Accurate Pre-Sidedress Nitrate Tests   6-16


Iowa Corn: How Fast and Deep Do Roots Grow?   6-16


Midwest Corn: Leaves Rolling, Roots Challenged – DTN   6-16


Virginia Corn: Stink Bug Numbers Increasing   6-16


Tennessee Corn, Soybeans: Irrigation Management Considerations   6-15


Michigan Soybeans: Double-Cropping – Is It Worth the Risk?   6-15


Michigan Soybeans: Identifying and Correcting Manganese Deficiency   6-15


South Dakota: 1st Soybean Aphid Populations Detected   6-14


Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Japanese Beetles Emerging in Southern Areas   6-14


North Carolina Corn: Insecticide Choices for Stink Bugs   6-14


Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Hail Damage – Evaluation and Replant Options   6-14


Tennessee Soybeans: Keep Watch for Threecornered Alfalfa Hoppers   6-14


Illinois Corn and Soybeans: Shifting Acres Vary by Farm Size and Region   6-14


Iowa: Corn Rootworm Egg Hatch Peaking Around the State   6-13


Arkansas Soybeans: Imposter of Target Spot Popping Up in Fields   6-13


Kansas Corn: Twisted, Wrapped Whorls and Trapped, Yellow Leaves   6-13


Arkansas Corn: Management Options for Southern Rust   6-13


Ohio Corn: Accumulated Heat Units Predict Leaf Development   6-13


Florida Corn: Late-Summer Legume Cover Crops   6-12


Illinois Corn: 5 Considerations for Sidedressing Nitrogen   6-12


Illinois Corn: What Insects Are Out in the Fields Right Now?   6-12


Grain Sorghum


South Dakota Sorghum: Wireworms Busy Reducing Stands   6-16


Texas LRGV Sorghum: Harvest Progressing, Beneficials Active   6-16


Mississippi: Grain Sorghum Acreage May Fall to Record Lows   6-16




Texas Plains Pests: Thrips Pressure Variable in Cotton; Watch for Spider Mites in Corn   6-16


Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: Herbicide Injury from Excessive Rains – 8 Frequently Asked Questions   6-16


Texas LRGV Cotton: Crop Maturing Nicely, Watch for Plant Bugs in Late Planted Fields   6-16


Alabama Cotton: PGR Management in High Rainfall   6-16


Texas Cotton: Taking Stand Counts Following Hail Events   6-16


Virginia Cotton: 5 “No Cost” Tips to Keep in Mind   6-16


Texas Blacklands: Be on Watch for Cotton Aphids, Corn Earworms   6-15 


South Carolina Cotton, Soybeans: Scout Fields for Plant Bugs, Kudzu Bugs, and Alfalfa Hoppers   6-14


Texas West Plains Cotton: NOT Thrips – It’s Heat, Wind Damage!   6-14


Tennessee Cotton, Soybeans: Herbicide Burn  6-13


Texas Plains: Weeds Flush; Heavy Thrips in Cotton   6-13


North Carolina Cotton: Check for Plant Bugs at 1st Square   6-13


Wheat | Alfalfa


Texas Wheat: Soil Water Storage, New Varieties Critical to Production   6-15


Oklahoma Wheat: Harvest Moves Full Speed Ahead   6-13


Arkansas: Wheat Forecast Falls 8% from May   6-12




Arkansas Rice: Crop Improves with Better Weather; Management Timing Is Everything   6-12


Mississippi Rice: Considerations for Rice Water Weevil Management   6-12


Peanuts | Pecans


South Carolina Peanuts: Corn Earworm Showing Up Early   6-16


Alabama Peanuts: Management Options for Thrips, Early Caterpillars   6-16


Georgia Pecans: Fungicide Applications and Rainfall – What’s the Best Timing?   6-14


Florida Peanuts: Should You Replant Ugly Fields?   6-14


Georgia Peanuts: Lesser Cornstalk Borers Active Early   6-13


Georgia Pecans: Be Sure to Re-Treat for Budmoth   6-13




Louisiana: 7 Upcoming Rice Field Days Through July


Alabama: 17 Ag Estate Planning Workshops in June, July


Georgia: 2 Cotton, Peanut, and Soybean Scout Schools, June 12, 20


Georgia: 2 Insect Scouting Schools, June 12, 20


Texas: Advanced Grape Grower Workshop, Fredericksburg, June 19-20


Louisiana: Northeast Research Station Field Day, St. Joseph, June 20


Texas: Stiles Farm Field Day, Taylor, June 20


Virginia/Northeastern North Carolina Cotton Field Day, Suffolk, July 20


California: Alfalfa Field Day, Dos Palos, June 20


Tennessee: UT Weed Tour, Jackson, June 21


Indiana: 2 Grain Dust Safety Workshops, June 21, 22


California Almonds: Variety Trial Review Set For June 22, Chico State


Texas: Prospective Winegrowers Workshop, Houston, June 23


Louisiana Rice Field Day, Horizon Ag – Provisia Rice System, June 27, Kaplan


Texas: Land Leasing, Estate Planning Program, Sweetwater, June 27 


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