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Southeast Cotton, 5/18: Planting Moisture Running Short In Places – AgFax   5-19


Midsouth Cotton, 5/18: Big Cotton Planting Push, Finally – AgFax   5-19


Rice: Weed Control Turns Complicated In Parts Of Midsouth – AgFax   5-18


Cotton Southwest – Irrigation Running; More Planting; First Time Growers – AgFax   5-17


California Tree Crops: Bugs Subside In Almonds – How Come? – AgFax   5-13




Herbicide-Resistant Weeds: What Can the U.S. Learn From Australia? No Easy Answers. – DTN   5-19


Tennessee Weeds: Management of Late Season Johnsongrass   5-19


Purdue Offers Herbicide Resistant Weed Screening   5-18


Iowa: Time to Scout CRP for Palmer Pigweed?   5-15


Arkansas Weeds: After the Flood, Read Labels Before Reapplying Herbicides   5-15





DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Expect Prices to Follow Corn Market   5-18


Family Farm: 3 Ideas to Make Estate Planning Less Horrible – DTN   5-17


Farmland Values Up; Income and Cash Rents Declined – St. Louis Fed, 1Q 2017 Report   5-18


Cleveland on Cotton: Is it Over? Don’t Bet on It.   5-19


2016 Crop Insurance Performance: A Very Low Loss Year   5-16


U.S.- China: “Let’s Make A Deal” – U.S. Beef, China Cooked Poultry; U.S. Natural Gas – DTN   5-15


Farming With or Without Health Insurance – You Need a Plan – Commentary   5-17


Arkansas Cotton: New Spinning Mill Promises Market Opportunity – Video   5-15


NAFTA – Nebraska Gov. Tells Mexican Reps ‘We Good.’   5-18


Soybean Market: Brazil Scandal Dropped Beans 7% Overnight – DTN   5-18


Farm Economy: Federal Reserve Ag Surveys Provide Updated Look   5-15


Farm Taxes: The Importance of Estimating Your Deferred Tax Liability   5-19


Grain Markets: 2017-18 Prospects for Corn and Soybeans   5-15


Cotton Planting: Generic Base Acres Program is a ‘Disconnect’ for Growers   5-19




Welch on Grain: Reports Support Increased Consumption Trends   5-19


Welch on Wheat: Export Sales Hit USDA’s Marketing Year Target   5-19


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   5-19


Wheat Market: Digging Deeper – How Global Supplies Will Tighten in 2017/18   5-18


ELS Cotton Competitive Payment Rate Is Zero   5-18


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   5-19


Rice: U.S. Production Estimates Drastically Reduced   5-17


Corn: USDA’s Bullish News that World Use Could Exceed Production – DTN   5-17


Corn, Soy Export Inspections Bullish – DTN   5-16


USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   5-16


DDG Update: Spot Price Up; Weakened Margins Slowing the Market – DTN   5-15


Thompson on Cotton: What Caused Last Week’s Weakness?   5-15


Rice Update: Flooding Brings Volatility to Market, WASDE Releases Bullish Report   5-15


Wheat Outlook: U.S. Winter Wheat Production Down 25% from 2016   5-15


Cotton Outlook: World Consumption To Exceed Production in 2017/18   5-15


Rice Outlook: U.S. Production Projected at 201Mln Cwt   5-15


Oil Crops Outlook: Surplus of U.S. Soybean Stocks May Grow in 2017/18   5-15


Feed Grain Outlook: 1st Forecast for 2017/18 Lowers Corn Supply and Use   5-15




Drought Outlook: Removal, Easement Expected for Most of Southeast   5-18


Drought Monitor: Continued Widespread Rains Miss Most of Southeast   5-18


Delaware: 2 Counties Designated Multiple Disaster Areas   5-17


Georgia: 14 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Freeze   5-17


Florida: 8 Counties Designated Disaster Areas from Drought   5-17


Texas Field Reports: Hot, Dry Summer Expected, Says State Climatologist   5-16


Arkansas Flooding: Some Row Crop Replanting; Too Late for Many Rice Acres – DTN   5-16


Arkansas: Ag Flood Damage Estimate Widens to $175Mln   5-16


Florida: 8 Counties Designated Disaster Areas from Drought   5-15



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NAFTA: Rice Industry to Trump – ‘Do No Harm’   5-18


USDA Re-Organization Plan Getting Thumbs Up, Big Job Ahead – DTN   5-15


Farm Policy: Secretary Perdue Testifies on State of Rural Economy   5-18


Farm Policy: Wall Street Journal Runs Special Section on Ag Issues   5-16


Farm Policy: USDA Reorganization Highlights Trade; China Trade Deal Includes Beef   5-15




Livestock: Cattle Finishing Net Returns in 2017 – A Bit Different from a Year Ago   5-15




Soil Health: If it’s Good for Farmers, It’s Good for the Environment – DTN   5-19


Oklahoma-Based Noble Ag Foundation Enacts Major Restructuring   5-15


Moving Grain: Barge Traffic Resumes, High Water, Flooding Continue   5-18


Diesel, Gas Prices Decline, Propane Stocks Up Slightly   5-17




DuPont-Dow Deal Gains Tentative Brazilian Anti-Trust Approval   5-17


Cargill Boosts Soybean-Based Plastics Footprint By Purchasing Arkansas Company   5-16

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Pesticide Drift is the Applicator’s Responsibility   5-17


Flint on Crops: Lime Is Fertilizer Too – Commentary   5-15


Spray Equipment Cleanup Saves Time and Money   5-17




Mississippi Corn: When Is the Right Time to Start Irrigating?   5-19


Mississippi Irrigation: Using Tractor Data for Pipe Planner   5-19


Corn | Soybeans | Sorghum


Georgia Corn: Dryland Fields ‘Look as Good as They Can’   5-19


North Carolina Sorghum: Insecticidal Seed Treatments Are a Good Idea   5-19


Missouri Corn: How Much Nitrogen Has Been Lost to Rain?   5-18


Illinois Corn: How Much Nitrogen Is Gone?   5-19


Indiana Corn: Problems in Ponded Fields   5-18


Georgia Corn: Layby Herbicide Programs Control Weeds, Improve Profits   5-17


Tennessee: Thoughts on Early Season Pests in Corn, Cotton, Soybeans   5-17


Pennsylvania Soybeans: Take Time to Calibrate Your Grain Drill   5-17


Corn Belt IPM Specialists Anticipate an Active Pest Season – DTN   5-17


Minnesota Corn: Using Soil Tests to Effectively Manage P and K   5-16


Midwest Soybeans: IPM Best Strategy for Soybean Aphid Management, Says Study   5-16


Nebraska Corn: ‘Cross-Banding’ on Leaves – What’s the Cause?   5-16


Ohio Corn: Replant Decisions – Tips to Consider   5-16


Ohio Corn: ‘Corkscrewed’ Mesocotyl Development Causing Emergence Problems   5-16


Ohio Soybeans: A Perfect Storm for Seedling Issues   5-16




Texas LRGV Cotton & Grain: Fleahoppers in Cotton; Sorghum Harvest Started   5-19


Florida Cotton, Peanuts: Control Options for Thrips   5-19


Georgia: Cotton Coming Up, Scout for Thrips; Variety Trial Planted   5-19


Texas Blacklands IPM: Prayers for Rain; Corn Tasseling; Cotton Replant?   5-19


Georgia Cotton: Yields Not Impacted by Decreased Irrigation During Early Season   5-18


Arkansas Cotton: Some Still Planting While Others Debate Replanting   5-17


North Carolina Cotton: Time to Check for Thrips   5-17


Texas Upper Coast IPM: Fleahoppers to Plant Bugs and Aphids to Midge   5-15




Arkansas Rice: Problems in the Field; Planting Dates and Replants   5-19


Rice Update: Acres Down Due to Price and Flooding   5-19


California Rice: Dimilin for Tadpole Shrimp Control   5-19


Mississippi Rice: MSU Row Rice Variety Trials – Videos   5-17


Louisiana: 7 Upcoming Rice Field Days Through July   5-15


Peanuts | Pecans


Georgia Pecans: Herbicide Drift Injury – What Should You Do?   5-19


Georgia Peanuts: 8 Steps for Proper Soil Fertility   5-18


Georgia Pecans: Flying Squirrels Strip Bark From Trees   5-17


Wheat | Alfalfa


Oklahoma: Wheat Harvest Has Begun   5-17


Oklahoma Wheat: Crop Ranges from Full Kernel to Medium Dough, Rust Still Active   5-15


UPCOMING EVENTS  To list an event, send press releases to: ernst@agfax.com


Texas: Ag Workshop for Military, Others – Killeen, May 20


Oklahoma: Panhandle Wheat Tours, May 22, 23


Texas: Lower Rio Grande Valley Climate Workshop, Weslaco, May 23


Kansas: Spring Crops Field Day, Parsons, May 23


Louisiana: Crawfish Farmer Meeting, Jennings, May 23


Louisiana: 7 Upcoming Rice Field Days Through July


Tennessee: Cotton Insect Scout School, Jackson, May 26


Illinois: Weed Science Field Research Tour, Champaign, May 28


Georgia: Pest Manager Training, Byron, June 1


Alabama: 17 Ag Estate Planning Workshops in June, July


Arkansas: Row Crop Scouting School, McGehee, June 1


Arkansas: Row Crop Scouting School, Jonesboro, June 2


Florida: Perennial Peanut Field Day, Quincy, June 2


California: Soil Management Training, Five Points, June 6


Alabama: Crop Scouting School, Autaugaville, June 6


Mid-South Ag and Environmental Law Conference, Memphis, June 8-9


Florida: Tri-State Agronomic Scout School, Marianna, June 8


Pennsylvania: Small Grain Field Day, Manheim, June 8


Georgia: 2 Cotton, Peanut, and Soybean Scout Schools, June 12, 20


Indiana: Farm Business Strategic Decision Making Program, West Lafayette, June 13-15


Texas: Advanced Grape Grower Workshop, Fredericksburg, June 19-20


Tennessee: UT Weed Tour, Jackson, June 21


Indiana: Agribusiness Finance Seminar, West Lafayette, July 18-21


Southern Peanut Growers Conference, Miramar Beach, FL, July 20-22


Illinois: Agronomy Day, Savory, Aug. 17





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