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California Almonds: Bacterial Blast Strikes in A Big Way – AgFax   3-11




DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Rising but Still Below 2016 Levels   3-15


Spraying Record Smashed In Australia – 6,518 Acres In 24-Hour Stretch   3-13


Farm Retirement: Walk a Mile in the Other Person’s Shoes – DTN   3-14


Land Management Company Aggressively Seeking Permanent and Speciality Crop Acreage   3-17


Farm Taxes: Conservation Easements are Viable Tool for Farmland Owners – DTN   3-17


Nebraska: Farmland Values Declined 10% Over 12 Months   3-15


Net Farm Income Down 4th Year; Debt-to-Asset Ratio to Hit 15.5% Next Decade – DTN   3-14


Ag Groups Concerned Over Trump Proposal to Cut 21% of USDA Local Staff   3-16


Dossett On Rice: Not A Time To Be Bearish   3-17


Cleveland on Cotton: “Polyester Pollution” Helped Keep Cotton in Historical Price Range – DTN   3-17


Corn Prices: The Seasonal Rule Helps Navigate Price Volatility – DTN   3-15


Corn, Soybeans: Large South American Crop Forecasts Place Pressure on Prices   3-13


Rose on Cotton: Expect Planted Cotton Acres to Push 12 Million in 2017   3-17


Cotton: Boll Weevil Still a Problem? New Bt Protein Targets and Kills – DTN   3-13


Grain Shipping: Upper Mississippi River Opens Early – DTN   3-13





Drought Outlook: Expansion Likely Down Texas Panhandle, Removal for Central U.S.   3-16


Drought Monitor: Storms Bring Good Rains from Texas to Tennessee Valley   3-16


Georgia Pecans: Will This Week’s Cold Weather Hurt Trees?   3-14


Arkansas Wheat: Freezing Temps May Put Crops at Risk   3-14


South Carolina Wheat: Freeze Damage Possible in the Pee Dee   3-16


Kentucky: Assessing Winter Wheat Freeze Damage   3-16


Georgia: Jenkins County Added to Drought Disaster List   3-15


Pennsylvania: 4 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas from Freeze, Frost   3-15


Oklahoma: Kay County Designated Natural Disaster Area from Drought   3-13





Crop Insurance Sign-Up: Comparing Income Volatility Might Help You Decide – DTN   3-16


Farmland Taxes: Rates and Policies Vary by State   3-13


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   3-17


Thompson on Cotton: Strong Exports This Month, but Unlikely to Last   3-16


USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   3-17


Soybean Economics – More Losses Ahead? – Policy Pennings   3-15


Shurley On Cotton: 80-Cent Fever – 4 Factors Fueling It   3-13




Cotton Outlook: U.S. Net Textile and Apparel Imports Steady in 2016   3-13


Wheat Outlook: U.S. Imports Lowered 10M Bushels on Slow Canadian Shipments   3-13


Oil Crops: Higher Foreign Supplies To Weigh on U.S. Export Demand   3-13




South Dakota Challenging EPA on Higher Ethanol Blends – DTN   3-15


Biofuels: 2016 U.S. Ethanol Exports Rise 2nd Highest Level on Record   3-16




Farm Bill History: Budgets, Boll Weevils, and the 1981 Farm Bill   3-17


Farm Policy: Growing Resistance to Trump’s Trade Agenda from Farm Export States   3-14


U.S. Trade: Lighthizer Reiterates Importance of Agriculture for U.S. Trade   3-15


Trump Proposed Budget Hits USDA Hard – DTN   3-17


Farm Policy: Senate Finance Committee Debates Robert Lighthizer as U.S. Trade Secretary   3-15


EPA Delays Chemical Plant Safety Rule Following Coalition Petition – DTN   3-14


Farm Policy: Farm Bill Hearings Move to Specialty Crops   3-13




Alabama Poultry: 3 Avian Influenza Investigations in Northern Counties   3-16


Texas: Ag Damages from Wildfire Estimated at About $21M   3-16


Texas Livestock: Producers Affected in Wildfires Advised on Feeding Value of Donated Hay   3-14


Kansas Livestock: Caring for Cattle That Survived Devastating Wildfires   3-15


Texas: Wildfire Relief Hay Abundant at Livestock Supply Points   3-14




California Almonds: Leaffooted Bug Aggregations Have Begun to Disperse   3-13




Georgia: Major Vidalia Onion Packing Facility Going On The Auction Block   3-17


“Pecan: America’s Native Nut Tree” Written by UGA Pecan Specialist   3-15


What Makes Farmers Try New Practices? Study Seeks to Find Out.   3-14


Fortified Rice Study Paves the Way for More Use in Humanitarian Programs   3-17


Mississippi Wildlife: Hunters Consider Factors Impacting Deer Sightings   3-17


Propane Stocks Drop on Growing Exports   3-17


Diesel and Gas Prices Dip   3-15


Illinois: Cooperators Sought for Insect Trapping Network   3-14


Organic Is Only One Ingredient in Recipe for Sustainable Food Future   3-13




Corn: New Bt Hybrid Stacking Technology Targets Pests – DTN   3-13




State Reports


Missouri: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug – Monitoring and Controlling This Invasive Pest   3-17


Texas Field Reports: Planting Continues Amid Rains; Fires Still a Risk Up North   3-14


Kansas: Moisture, Higher Temps Critical for Grasslands Recovery   3-14


Arkansas Field Report: Rains Delay Planting; Upcoming Freeze Concerns   3-13


Mississippi Field Reports: Wheat Looks Good; Growers Waiting for Fields to Dry to Plant   3-13


Texas: Crop, Livestock Budget Spreadsheets for 2017 Now Available   3-13


Louisiana Field Reports: Corn Planting Begins, Slowed by Rain   3-13




Mississippi: Preplant Intervals for 2,4-D and Dicamba Applied as Burdown   3-17


Mississippi Weeds: Enlist and Xtend – What Boom Specifications Are Required?   3-17


Nebraska: Detecting Invasive Species: Medusahead   3-13


Cover Crops | Nutrients


Cover Crops: 3 Corn Belt States Show Dramatic Increase Over Past Decade – DTN   3-16


Iowa Farmers: Less Tillage Reduces Nitrates and Phosphorus in Watershed – DTN   3-13


Corn | Soybeans | Sorghum


Georgia: Replanting Field Corn and Weed Control   3-17


Texas Blacklands: Corn, Wheat Update; Corn & Cotton Meeting on March 29, Birome   3-16


Alabama Sorghum: Choosing the Right Hybrid Variety   3-16


Illinois Soybeans: University Study Needs Farmers’ Help   3-16


2016 Corn and Soybean Yields – A Historical Perspective   3-15


Arkansas Soybeans: Precision Ag Aids Fight Against Nematodes   3-14


Sorghum and the Sugarcane Aphid: 8 Videos on Management   3-14


Soybeans: Scientists Explore Effect of High Temps on 3 Varieties   3-13




Alabama: Cotton Seedling Diseases   3-15


Alabama Cotton: What Pests to Watch for and When   3-14


Flint on Crops: Cotton – Picking the Proper Variety – Commentary   3-13


Wheat | Alfalfa | Field Peas


Oklahoma Wheat: Tan Spot and Leaf Disease Showing Up   3-17


Arkansas Wheat: Determining Freeze Damage   3-17


Army Cutworms Already Hitting Wheat and Canola – DTN   3-17


Tennessee Wheat: Consider Herbicide Plant Back Intervals on Failed Stand Decisions   3-17


Kentucky: Alfalfa Weevil Feeding Underway – Injury Potential Is A Numbers Game   3-15


Nebraska: Field Pea Seeding Rates, Seeding Depth, and Inoculant   3-15


Iowa Alfalfa: Plan to Scout Stands for Winter Survival   3-14


Nebraska: Field Pea Production – Rotational Costs and Benefits   3-15


Tennessee: Freeze Damage to Jointing Wheat   3-13 


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Kentucky: Wheat Production Field School, March 8, April 26


California Cotton: 2017 Sticky Cotton Summit, Freson, March 21


Kansas: Soil Moisture Sensor Field Demonstration Day, Holcomb, March 21


Mississippi: Crop Monitoring, Irrigation Workshop, Clarksdale, March 21


Oklahoma: 2 Herbicide Technologies Workshops, March 22, April 4


Oklahoma: Peanut EXPO, Atlus, March 23


Iowa: Field Crop Scout School, Ames, March 25


Texas: Interstate 40 Sorghum Luncheon, Amarillo, March 28


Texas: Upton, Reagan County Field Day, March 28


Texas: Brown County Ag Day, Brownwood, March 28


Texas: Corn & Cotton Meeting, Birome, March 29


North Dakota: Grower Farm Bill Conference, Fargo, April 12


Tennessee: 2 Ag E-commerce Workshops, Memphis, April 18, May 9


Texas Livestock: Hill Country Land Stewardship Conference, Kerrville, April 20-21




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