Ag Sector Increasingly a Target of Cyber Attacks – Commentary

Decades ago, when the two of us were growing up, farmers used gravity-flow gas barrels to refuel gasoline engines, rather than the fancy under-ground tanks commonly used today. Every so […]

Ag Trade: Pandemic May Put Unforeseen Damper on Crop Prices – Commentary

Agricultural commodities are riding a wave of high prices which is good news for farmers in the short run. As our regular readers know, we have pointed out that high […]

Conserving Land and Water – The Biden Administration 30×30 Plan – Commentary

We are writing this column on the Biden Administration’s climate plan and its impact on agriculture just ahead of a report on 30×30 that is to be submitted by the […]

Ag Commodities: High Prices Cure High Prices – Commentary

In the past, when we have advocated for supply management programs, others have disagreed with our analysis by making the argument that “low prices cure low prices.” By that they […]

Corn Exports Over the Last 6 Decades – Promise Vs Performance – Commentary

The continuous growth in crop exports has long been the great hope that would sustain unending prosperity for US farmers. In some ways, ever increasing exports might be seen as […]

Soybeans: U.S. Production Growth Unable to Match Brazil – Commentary

In our last column (here), we began this series of articles designed to provide insight into the question of whether or not a US agricultural policy focused on exports has […]

Arguments for Raising Minimum Wage, Commodity Loan Rates Greatly Overlap – Commentary

One of the more contentious elements of the Biden $1.9 trillion coronavirus stimulus plan, besides its sheer size, is raising the minimum wage for all covered, nonexempt workers from its […]

Future Pandemics – Human and Livestock – Require Highly-Funded, Long-Term Research – Commnetary

The approval of an Emergency Use Authorization of a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease called COVID-19, is an important step in bringing the pandemic under control. […]

Jump in Farm Income Driven Unsustainable Govt. Payments – Commentary

The United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service (ERS) recently (December 2, 2020) released their final farm income forecast which includes a forecast of 2020 net farm income (here). […]

Ag’s Role In Climate Change: Small Steps Taken

We recently wrote a couple of columns identifying issues that we believe Congress should consider, such as antitrust legislation that addresses the concentration farmers face on both the input and […]