Arkansas Rice: Big Leaps in Planting Progress

    Rice planting. Photo: University of Arkansas

    Boy, that escalated quickly.  I mean that really got out of hand fast.

    That could refer to the drying conditions or the planting progress.  Last week’s big jump in planting progress (to 57% as of 5/9) has been followed by another large jump this week.  Depending on just how the weather plays out of the weekend we should be greater than 80% planted, possibly even 90%, by the time the next report comes out on Monday.

    Those nearest to the Mississippi River were probably a little surprised to catch a rainfall this afternoon, some reporting an inch of rain.  So certainly there will be a slowdown in those areas, but much of the rest of the rice growing area will keep rolling unless one of this weekend’s small rain chances catch them.

    The other thing that has gotten out of hand to help drive planting progress is the heat and the wind.  The dreaded flush has been tossed around this week as some fields struggle to emerge through crusting soils and other emerged fields begin to show the effects of the heat, high wind, and sometimes salt injury leading to some desiccation.  Nobody likes to flush but sometimes it’s necessary and a number were flushing today.

    As I’ve been told in the past about farming and the weather:  “It’s a good thing we can’t control the weather, because we wouldn’t all agree on it anyway.”  That’s true today as well, since some need rain, so they don’t have to flush, and others are finally drying enough to get into some fields that have remained wet.  May everyone get just what you need this week.

    NOAA 7-day precipitation forecast

    Fig. 1.  NOAA 7-day precipitation forecast. Click Image to Enlarge

    AR Rice Planting Progress, 2010-2022

    Fig. 2.  Arkansas Rice Planting Progress, 2010-2022. Click Image to Enlarge

    Table 1.  U.S. Rice Planting Progress, 2022.


    May 8, 2022

    Last Week

    Last Year

    5-Yr Avg.

    State Percent Planted
    AR 57 40 75 72
    CA 70 20 49 28
    LA 92 87 87 91
    MS 72 51 76 66
    MO 31 5 71 61
    TX 88 82 92 87

    Source:  USDA-NASS.

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