AgFax Weekend: New Fertilizer Price Records | EPA Issues Dicamba Fines

    Suspected off-target dicamba injury to soybean. Photo: Amit Jhala, UNL

    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


    DTN Fertilizer Trends: 4 New Price Records Set   11-10

    DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Logistical Issues, Limited Exports Push Prices Higher   11-12

    Texas Field Reports: Fertilizer Prices Continue Record Climb   11-10

    Fertilizer Prices: Another Week, Another Record; Corn-Soybean Ratio Still Relatively Strong   11-8


    EPA Issues Fines Over Dicamba – DTN   11-11

    Infrastructure Bill Passes House – “Country’s Needs Outweigh Partisanship” – DTN   11-12

    Farm Family Business: Legal Advice Keeps Land in Families – DTN   11-9

    Cleveland on Cotton: Market Maintains Momentum Despite Neutral USDA Report   11-12

    Ag Groups Champion Infrastructure Bill – DTN   11-8

    Michigan Farm Under Federal Investigation, Asks for Relief – DTN   11-12

    Farm Machinery: How Much Does Owning Your Equipment Cost?   11-9


    Drought Monitor Weekly: Heavy Rains for Some Areas, More Dryness for Others   11-12


    Tennessee: Dicamba-Resistant Waterhemp Confirmed   11-12

    Indiana: Herbicide Shortage – Planning Termination Of Multispecies Cover Crop Mixtures   11-11

    Mississippi: Burndown During Pricing and Supply Challenges – Podcast   11-11

    Start Planning for Herbicide Shortages in 2022   11-11

    Herbicide Resistance: Chaff Lining, Seed Mills Aid Fight Against Weeds   11-11

    Tennessee Soybeans: 4 Points to Consider when Choosing Your Herbicide Trait Platform   11-11

    Indiana Corn, Soybeans: 5 Tips for Weed Control in Harvest Stubble   11-11

    Herbicide Storage Over the Winter   11-11

    Dicamba-Resistant Waterhemp Confirmed in Tennessee and Illinois – DTN   11-11

    Pennsylvania: Considerations for Nov. Weed Control   11-11

    USDA Reports – Scroll Down


    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   11-12

    Rice Market Update: Supply/Demand Report Leaves Unanswered Questions   11-12

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   11-12

    Ag Trade: China’s Coarse Grain Imports for 2020/21 Double Previous Record   11-12

    Ag Trade: Chinese Wheat Imports Soared Over the Past Year   11-11

    Moving Grain: STB Proposes Procedural Schedule for Rail Merger   11-10

    Ag Trade: Signs of Easing Chinese Demand, a Variable in Soy, Corn Availability   11-10

    Shurley on Cotton: Market Bulls Continue to Run   11-10

    USDA Numbers Neutral for Corn, Wheat, Bullish for Soybeans – DTN   11-9

    Livestock: Senators Reach Deal on Marketing Legislation – DTN   11-10

    Brazil’s Largest Corn Crop Affected by Rising Fertilizer Prices   11-9

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   11-9

    Wheat Market: National Average Basis Has Been Sliding Lower – DTN   11-8

    Thompson on Cotton: Harvest Trundles Along, Crop Better Than Expected  11-8


    Oklahoma Pecan Prices: Volume Expected to Be Light with Short Crop Season   11-12

    Louisiana Pecan Prices: Very Light Deliveries, Elliot Prices Improve   11-12

    Georgia Pecan Prices: Deliveries Rather Slow   11-12


    This Year’s Thanksgiving May Gobble Your Wallet   11-9

    Fuel Report: Prices Up Slightly, Propane Stocks Decline   11-10

    Texas Outdoors: 5 Steps to Reduce Wildfire Risks While Hunting   11-8

    Louisiana Citrus Growers Reeling from Ida Damage   11-8

    Mississippi Outdoors: Deer Management Must Change to Battle Chronic Wasting Disease  11-8


    Louisiana: Farm Finances – Tools  for Farmers to Monitor Their Bottom Lines   11-11

    Corn | Soybeans

    Iowa Soybeans: SCN – Substantial Yield Suppression in PI 88788 Resistance Varieties   11-12

    Kentucky Corn: How Do Cover Crops Affect Yield, Optimum N Rates in Rolling Cropland?   11-12

    Pennsylvania: Good Time to Sample for Soybean Cyst Nematodes   11-11

    Corn: Utilize Proper Timing When Applying Anhydrous Ammonia – Video   11-11

    Corn, Soybeans: Long-Term Usage Implications for Future Planting Decisions   11-10

    Mississippi Soybeans: Sifting Through Variety Trial Information – Podcast   11-10

    Georgia: Soybean Green Stem – What Can You Do?   11-10

    Tennessee Soybeans: Time to Sample Soil for Pathogenic Nematodes   11-10

    Midsouth Soybeans: New Tool for Variety Trial Data   11-10

    Minnesota Corn: Can Starter Fertilizer Reduce Soil Fertility Costs Next Year?   11-10

    Mississippi Corn: 2022 MSU Short List of Suggested Hybrids   11-8

    Illinois: Fall Field Work Following a Wet October  11-8

    Arkansas Soybeans: Variety Performance Against Southern Root-Knot Nematode   11-9

    Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Cool Stored Grain Now  11-8

    Minnesota Corn: High Nitrogen Costs – 5 Considerations for Next Season   11-10

    Missouri Soybeans: Dealing with Cercospora Leaf Blight   11-8

    Mississippi: 2021 Soybean Variety Demonstration Program Summary   11-8

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: Planting and Acreage Decisions in 2022  11-8


    Georgia Pecans: A Short Crop Gets Shorter   11-12


    Rice: 2020 PLC Payment Payment Rates Announced   11-9


    Tobacco: Growing Season Staggers to a Halt, No Significant Frost Damage   11-8


    Georgia Small Grains: Planting Moving Forward, But All Is Not Rosey   11-8


    WASDE Cotton: Domestic Production Slightly Higher   11-9

    WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Soybean Production Declines   11-9

    WASDE Rice: Higher Domestic Use, Lower Exports   11-9

    WASDE Coarse Grains: Increased U.S. Corn Production on Record High Yield   11-9

    WASDE Wheat: Higher Domestic Use, Reduced Exports   11-9

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