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    Corn earworm feeding injury. Photo: Mississippi State Universtiy

    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor

    Fertilizer Exports from China Face Curbs; Crop Acreage Levels Garners Attention   10-21

    Illinois: Implications of Higher Fertilizer Prices   10-19

    Michigan State University Introduces Fertilizer Cost Comparison Tool   10-19


    Pension Funds Sue Over Bayer-Monsanto Glyphosate Liability – DTN   10-20

    Ag Pushes Back on Chlorpyrifos Ban – DTN   10-20

    NRCS Announces Conservation Funding Opportunities for 2022   10-22

    Cleveland on Cotton: Current Range Likely to Hold Through Nov. Reports   10-23

    Ag Economy: Oct. Observations from the Federal Reserve   10-22

    Profitable Harvest, But Farmers Leery of Rising Production Costs, Parts Shortage   10-19

    Corn: Record Yield Holder Aims To Go Higher – DTN   10-21

    Minnesota Farmer to Plead Guilty to Crop Insurance Fraud – DTN   10-18

    Iowa Couple Shares Advice for Fellow Beginner Farmers – DTN   10-20


    Midwest: More Active Weather Pattern Expected Next Week – DTN   10-20


    Michigan: Pesticide Applicator Review Sessions, Recertifications Credits, Testing Options for Fall 2021   10-22

    Minnesota: Private Pesticide Applicator Certification Options for 2021 Close Soon   10-22


    Grain Transportation: Supply Chain Update from National Corn Growers Assn   10-22

    Rice Market Update: Export Sales, Shipments Highest in 4 Weeks   10-22

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-22

    Moving Grains: Downbound Barge Movements Increase With Harvest   10-21

    Brazil Soybeans: Planting Outpaces Last Year – DTN   10-21

    Shurley on Cotton: Don’t Miss Out on Marketing Opportunities   10-21

    Ag Trade: China’s Pork Output Jumps, as Soy, Meat Imports Slow   10-19

    Ag Trade: Chinese Domestic Corn Prices Fall, U.S. Corn Exports Hit Record Volume   10-19

    Ag Trade: Shipping Crisis Continues, Biden Announces Alleviation Plan – DTN   10-18

    Thompson on Cotton: Firm Support, Speculators Still in Control   10-18

    Rice Market: Interest Evaporating in Nov. Futures   10-18


    Fuel Report: Prices Climb Higher   10-20

    Midwest Grains: Alternative Options to On-Farm Storage   10-19

    Mississippi: Emerging Carbon Offset Market May Benefit State   10-18


    Mississippi: Soil Fertility – Calcium, Magnesium Management   10-19

    Corn | Soybeans

    Michigan Soybeans: Avoid Significant Yield Losses by Sampling for SCN   10-22

    Indiana Corn, Soybeans: Using Phosphorus, Potassium Fertilizers Wisely   10-22

    Tennessee Soybeans: Seed Quality Discounts This Fall   10-22

    Midsouth Soybeans: New Tool for Utilizing Variety Trial Data   10-22

    Iowa Corn, Soybeans: Hybrid/Variety Selection   10-22

    Illinois: 3 Considerations as Harvest Resumes   10-21

    Kentucky Soybeans: Seed Quality Issues Due to Fungal Infections   10-21

    Ohio Corn: Harvesting Fields with Moldy Leaves and Stubble   10-19

    Arkansas: 10 Considerations When Taking Soil Samples   10-19

    Iowa Soybeans: SCN-Resistant Varieties for 2022   10-22

    Michigan Soybeans: Overcoming Harvest Challenges – Shattering, Green Stems, Lodging   10-19

    Illinois Corn, Soybeans: 2022 Planting Decisions, Nitrogen Costs, and Crop Prices   10-21

    Alabama Soybeans: Fall Soil Sampling a Good Time to Detect Nematode Problems   10-19

    Kentucky Soybeans: Difficulties in Diagnosing Diseases of Mature Plants   10-21

    Michigan: Soil Health Assessment Tool Now Available   10-19

    Ohio: Prevent Combine Fires During Fall Harvest   10-19

    Mississippi Corn: 2021 Yield Summaries from MSU Hybrid Demonstration Program   10-19

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