Georgia Pecan Prices: Pawnees Hit Market with Light Deliveries

    Georgia was spared disaster so far during this Hurricane season which ends next month. The Previous storms including Ida brought plenty of wind and rain to the state but not nearly as bad as the last two years when thousands of trees were lost. Plantings of new trees and younger orchards are doing well now and producing. Growers are busy this month and last clearing out debris and getting the orchard floors clean and ready for harvest.

    The crops is reported to be a nice sized crop and prices have jumped up a little since some contracts were signed earlier this year. So far quality appears to be good and demand is fairly strong as the season starts. Prices at the door for small lots has not been established yet as many businesses are just now getting ready to open and should be ready by next week. The year has started off a little later than usual and plenty of rain at the start of the season has kept it at a slower pace than in past years.

    The weather is expected to cool off a little but still will have plenty of warm days this weekend to help growers get ready and get some pecans inside to be graded and sold. It will be a little slow this week so a few sales are expected this weekend, but it should pick up quickly by the end of next week as prices are expected to remain good for top quality pecans. Many are under contract.

    Deliveries were fairly light while Pawnees hit the market this week, and a few Eclipse came in but too few sales to establish a market. Most of the small shellers and buyers of yard tree lots are slow to open and there are no established prices at this time.

    Prices paid to growers (beginning of season September 2021 through late afternoon Thursday, October 7, 2021) at buyers delivery point or F.O.B. the orchard including direct sales to end users, cents per pound in-shell of generally good quality in lots of 20,000 pounds or less unless otherwise stated.

    • Pawnee (deliveries fairly light) (nut count 60-65) 57-58% meat yield 230-240

    Lots over 20,000 pounds including truckloads

    • Pawnee (nut count 48-55) 57-58% meat yield 240-281 mostly 250-268 (nut count 60-65) 57-58% meat yield 240-263

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