AgFax Weekend: Disaster Aid Added to Funding Bill | Ag Economy “Revival”

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Ag Disaster Aid Added to Funding Bill – DTN   10-1

Ag Economy: “Revival” in the Farm Belt, But Things Can Turn Quickly   10-1

Biofuels: Biden Administration Considers Blending Cuts   9-29

Harvest Safety – 15 Fire Prevention and Management Tips   10-1

Cleveland on Cotton: Market Batters Through $1 Mark, Is Demand Still There?   10-2

Conservation – RCPP Grants Target Lower Emissions – DTN   9-28

EPA Rescinds Clean Water Act Groundwater Guidance – DTN   9-28


Cybersecurity: 5 Tools Pros Use to Protect Data, Systems – DTN   10-1

Precision Ag Companies Strive for Cybersecurity, Hacking Threat Remains – DTN   10-1

Ag Sector Increasingly a Target of Cyber Attacks – Commentary   9-29

Cybersecurity and Ag – Is Uncle Sam Asleep on the Job? – DTN   9-29

Ag Corporations Prepare for Battle Against Hackers – DTN   9-28


Drought Monitor Weekly: Dry Out West, Needed Rains Hit Midwest   10-2

NOAA Drought Outlook Monthly – October   10-2


Volunteer Corn Attracts Corn Rootworms – DTN   9-30


California Rice: Harvest Progressing Nicely, Yields Look Good   10-1

California Almonds: Climate & Management Considerations for Future Orchards   9-30


Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   10-2

USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   10-2

Moving Grain: Iowa Temporarily Increases Truck Weight Limits   10-2

Rice Market Updated: Complicated Path Continues at Every Turn   10-2

Shurley on Cotton: Move Above $1 Finally Here, Makes for Some Tough Decisions   10-2

Grain Stocks: All Crops Lower Than a Year Ago – USDA   10-1

Livestock: Unexpectedly Lower Hog Inventories, Steady to Lower Demand   10-1

Global Corn Production Higher, Farmers Face Input Supply Disruptions   9-30

Grain Stocks Bearish for Corn, Soybeans, Bullish for Wheat – DTN   9-30

Peanut Stocks: Utilization Down 5%, 1.6Bln Pounds in Storage   9-29

Livestock: Ag Groups Appeal to SCOTUS on Prop 12 – DTN   9-30

Grain Transportation: Ida Affected Fuel Less Than Exports – DTN   9-28

Thompson on Cotton: Market Resiliency Underscores Strong Fundamentals   9-27


Fuel Report: Diesel Up, Gasoline Down   9-30


Remember Rural Road Safety – DTN   9-29

Corn | Soybeans

Midwest Corn: New Rootworm Trait Debuts – DTN   9-30

Ohio Corn: Minimizing Harvest Losses At the Combine   10-1

Midwest Corn: 5 Takeaways for Dealing with Tar Spot   9-29

Pennsylvania Corn: Risks of Respiratory Exposure to Mycotoxins   9-29

Michigan Soybeans: Speeding Up Harvest Operations   9-29

Minnesota Corn: Sulfur Fertilizer and Crop Production – What to Know – Podcast   9-28

Corn: Grain Test Weight Considerations   9-28

Michigan: Planning for Irrigation Expansion Starts Now   9-29


Tennessee Cotton: Harvest Aid Concoctions Moving into Oct   10-1

Tennessee Cotton: Conversations on Harvest Aids – Podcasts   9-29


Livestock: R-CALF Beef Checkoff Case to Continue – DTN   10-1


Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Jeff Adkinson – Video   10-2


Arkansas Rice: Harvest Passes Mid-Way Point, Yields Still Look Bright   9-27


Tobacco: June Rain Blamed for Short Crop   9-29


Mississippi Wheat: 2021 MSU Short List of Suggested Varieties   9-27

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