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    Midsouth Cotton: Cotton Defoliation Heats Up   9-24

    Southeast Cotton: End of Season Comments   9-24


    Ag Taxes: Evaluating Impact of House Ways & Means Proposal   9-20

    Farm Business: Debt Financing and Timing Farmland Purchases   9-25

    Cleveland on Cotton: Strong, Growing Demand Set for 3 Years   9-25

    Ag and Cybersecurity – A New Target for Old Crimes – DTN   9-21

    Ag Economy Strong in 1st Half of Fiscal Year – Kansas City Fed   9-21

    Illinois Grain Farms: Comparing Machinery Values   9-25


    Drought Monitor Weekly: Hurricane Nicholas Dumps Heavy Showers Across the South   9-25


    Moving Grain: DOT Requests Information on U.S. Transportation Supply Chains   9-25

    Brazil Starts Planting Grain Crop with Forecast of a New Record   9-24

    Ag Trade: Ports in the Gulf Show Signs of Life Post-Ida, Export Volumes Still Below Normal   9-24

    Ag Trade: U.S. Beef Exports Increase, Reflecting Large Shipments to China   9-24

    Rice Market Update: Thailand Sales to Iraq Not Good News for U.S. Export Efforts   9-24

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   9-24

    Ag Trade: A Look at U.S. and EU Pork Exports, and Chinese Pork Demand   9-20

    Livestock: African Swine Fever Confirmed in Haiti – DTN   9-21

    Livestock: USDA Suspends Movement of Pork Products to Combat African Swine Fever – DTN   9-21

    Thompson on Cotton: When Will the Current Range Break – And in What Direction?   9-20


    Kansas: Researchers Study Benefits, Risks of Carbon Credits   9-20


    Mississippi: September Means Fall Fertility – Podcast   9-21

    Power Line Safety for Harvest – Video   9-21

    Louisiana Ag Suffers at Least $584M in Damage from Hurricane Ida   9-23

    Corn | Soybeans

    Minnesota: Prevent Stored Grain Pest Issues Before Winter   9-25

    Kentucky Corn: Tar Spot Confirmed in State   9-25

    Pay Attention to Grain Bin Safety – DTN   9-21

    Indiana Corn: Are Your Fields at Risk for Lodging?   9-21

    Iowa Corn: Drydown and Stalk Quality   9-21

    Michigan Corn: Southern Rust Disease Moving into State   9-21

    Minnesota Corn, Soybeans: Potassium Needs – Could Soil Clay Type Play a Role?   9-21

    Corn, Soybeans: Sept. Yield Checks – Following Up on the Digital Yield Tour – DTN   9-21

    Michigan Soybeans: Fungicide Resistance in Frogeye Leaf Spot   9-20

    Minnesota: Continuous Corn – 5 Tips for Nutrient Management   9-21

    Pennsylvania Corn: Harvest Time Ailments   9-20

    Michigan Soybeans: Harvest Considerations for Overly Dry Fields   9-20

    Mississippi Corn: Burning Stalks – What Does It Really Cost?   9-20

    Kentucky Soybeans: Red Crown Rot Observed in State   9-25

    Louisiana Soybeans: 2021 Variety Trial Testing Results   9-20

    Michigan Soybeans: 11 Recommendations for Harvesting Lodged Fields   9-20

    Cotton | Sorghum

    Tennessee Cotton: Survey on Boll Maturity – Will Ethephon Open It?   9-21


    Midsouth Rice Harvest: Yields Generally Good, Millings Off Somewhat   9-23

    Arkansas Rice: High Grain Moisture Delays Harvest   9-20

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