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    Midsouth Cotton: Late Rains Jeopardize Some Cotton, Others Push Forward   9-17

    Southeast Cotton: Pest Management Finally Winds Down   9-17

    Southwest Cotton: Nervous About Nicholas   9-16


    Projected 2020 Price Loss Coverage Payment Rates   9-16

    DTN Fertilizer Trends: Prices Tick Higher but Without Significant Gains   9-17

    House Ag Committee Debates Budget, Taxes – DTN   9-14

    Ag Economy: Net Farm Income Sees Sharp Gains from Higher Commodity Prices   9-17

    Cleveland on Cotton: Market To Turn Attention to Supply Questions   9-17

    DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Mostly Quiet with Little Movement   9-17

    Ag Policy: U.S. Seeks Coalition for U.N. Food Summit – DTN   9-17

    Seed Production: Financial Benefits for Farmers, but Also Extra Work – DTN   9-14

    Seed Industry – Q&A with Leaders of “The Big Four” – DTN   9-17


    Drought Monitor Weekly: Good Harvest Weather, Some Wet Spots   9-17

    NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook – Oct., Nov., Dec.   9-17


    Ohio: No-Till Wheat – Burndown with Glyphosate Scarcity   9-14


    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   9-17

    Ag Trade: Ida Slows Soybean Export Pace, China Looks to Brazil for Soy   9-17

    Rice Market Update: Firm as Delta Harvest Continues at Full Speed   9-17

    Moving Grain: USDA Research Examines Port Choice for Exports   9-17

    Wheat Market: USDA’s Latest Look at Exportable Supplies   9-17

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   9-17

    Rice Market: 1st Sale of U.S. Long Grain to China Announced   9-16

    Corn, Soybeans: Sept. FAPRI Baseline Update   9-16

    Corn, Soybeans: WASDE 2021 Price Projections – A Historical Perspective   9-16

    Ag Trade: Export Inspections of U.S. Grain Remain Low Post-Ida   9-16

    Shurley on Cotton: The See-Saw at 90-Plus Continues – What Lies Ahead?   9-16

    Grain Transportation: Canadian Pacific Renews Acquisition Proposal for Kansas City Southern – DTN   9-14

    Corn Market: China Production at Record Level, U.S. Expecting 2nd Largest Harvest Ever   9-13

    Rice Market: Favorable News in WASDE   9-13

    Thompson on Cotton: Mostly Calm with Neutral WASDE   9-13

    Rice Market Update: USDA Report Bullish, Delta Harvest Gaining Strength   9-13


    Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Hal & Colby Cromley – Video   9-17

    Fuel Report: Prices See Marginal Decline   9-16

    Arkansas Rice Industry Donates 169K Pounds of Rice in Honor of Rice Month   9-16


    Georgia: Corn Harvest Near Completion; Growers Preparing for Peanuts, Cotton   9-17

    Mississippi: Fall is For Soil Carbon Market Preparations   9-13

    Tennessee: 2021 Cover Crop Variety Trial Results   9-13

    Corn | Soybeans

    Corn: Current Crop Ratings Similar to 2017 Record – DTN   9-17

    Corn, Soybeans: Digital Yield Tour Estimates Barely Budge a Month Later – DTN   9-17

    Corn: Reducing Environmental Footprint Can Save Money – Video   9-17

    Kentucky: Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Starts with Fall, Spring Soil Sampling   9-16

    Iowa Corn: End of Season Thoughts – Stalk Rot, Ear Rot, Tar Spot   9-16

    Mississippi Corn: Mostly Good Crop Nears Harvest’s End   9-15

    Ohio Corn: Foliar Diseases May Affect Stalk Strength and Quality   9-14

    Ohio Corn: Diagnosis of Tar Spot Late in the Season   9-14

    Alabama Soybeans: Taproot Decline Emerging as New Problem   9-14

    Louisiana Soybeans: Researcher Awarded Grant to Study Cercospora Leaf Blight   9-13

    Cotton | Sorghum

    Alabama Cotton: When Should You Apply Harvest Aids?   9-16

    Autauga Cotton Turn Row: Crop Conditions, Harvest Aid Considerations   9-15

    2021 Midsouth Cotton Defoliation Guide Now Available   9-14

    Alabama Cotton, Peanuts: Late Season Disease Considerations   9-16

    Mississippi: All Things Cotton Defoliation – Podcast   9-14

    Texas Plains Cotton: Pests Quiet, Get Ready for Harvest Aids   9-13

    Peanuts | Pecans

    Oklahoma: Pecan Weevil Season Is Here – 15 Steps for Management   9-13

    Florida Peanuts: Time to Check Maturity, Get Ready for Harvest   9-13


    Arkansas Rice: Major Harvest Progress, Estimating Losses   9-13

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