AgFax Weekend: Farmland Values Climb | What to Know About the Chlorpyrifos Ban

    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


    Midsouth Cotton: Cotton Hasn’t Been Let Loose But Harvest Is In Full Swing for Other Crops   8-27

    Southeast Cotton: Insect Pressure Still on the Rise   8-27

    Southwest Cotton: Aphids – To Spray or Not to Spray?   8-26


    Chlorpyrifos Ban – 5 Things You Need to Know – DTN   8-27

    Ag Economy: 2021 2nd Quarter Farmland Values Climb – Federal Reserve   8-25

    Cleveland on Cotton: Market Refuses to Back Down   8-27

    Biofuels: Pipelines Seek to Hit Net-Zero Ethanol – DTN   8-26

    Ag Tech: Kinze Unveils Planter, Tillage Upgrades – DTN   8-24


    Arkansas: Tropical Depression 9 Looms as Farmers Begin Harvest   8-26


    California Pistachios: Irrigation – Mitigation Strategies for Drought   8-27


    Weekly Cotton Market Review – USDA   8-27

    Shurley on Cotton: Strong Prices Continue – So Far with Few Hiccups   8-27

    Rice Market Update: Strong Rough Rice Export Sales with Eyes on Ida   8-27

    Moving Grain: Panama Canal Schedules Lock Maintenance, Repair Work   8-27

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   8-27

    Ag Trade: China’s Hog Herd Expands, U.S. Corn Exports at Record Levels   8-27

    Wheat Market: Global Supplies Contract, Impacting Exports, and Food Prices   8-25

    Rice Market: Global Prices Spiked During Pandemic, Remain High Despite Ample Supply   8-24

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   8-24

    Rough Rice Stocks Up 54% from Aug. 2020   8-24

    Soybean Market: Basis Levels on 7th Week of Downslide – DTN   8-24

    Thompson on Cotton: A Host of Uncertainties Creeping into Market   8-23


    Fuel Report: Prices Drop, Still Almost a Dollar Above Last Year   8-26


    Corn | Soybeans

    Midwest Soybeans: Can Yields Hang On? – DTN   8-27

    Corn: Stress During Grain Fill – A Harbinger of Stalk Health Problems   8-26

    Grain Bins: Time to Clean to Protect This Year’s Harvest   8-26

    Ohio: Soybean Aphids Might Be in Your Fields   8-26

    Nebraska Corn, Soybeans: Scheduling the Last Irrigations of the Season   8-25

    Cotton | Sorghum

    Indiana Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphid Reported In Southern Counties   8-27

    Texas Plains Pest Management: Lots Happening in Fields, Get Out and Scout   8-25

    Arkansas Sorghum: Harvest Aids – Products and Application   8-26

    Texas Blacklands Cotton: Foliar Diseases and Premature Defoliation an Arising Issue   8-24

    Texas West Plains Cotton: Mostly Pest Free with Some Problem Pockets   8-24

    Oklahoma Cotton: When to Terminate Irrigation   8-24

    Texas LRGV Cotton: Harvest in Full Swing   8-23


    Virginia Peanuts: Leaf Spot Waxes as Sclerotinia Blight Wanes   8-27

    Arkansas Peanuts: 3 Considerations for a Strong Finish to the Season   8-27

    Virginia Peanuts: Not There Yet but Getting Close   8-27


    Arkansas Rice: Harvest Aid Considerations   8-23

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