AgFax Weekend: Senate Passes Infrastructure Bill

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    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


    Midsouth Cotton: Are We Out of The Dark? Late Season Bollworms but Nothing Alarming   8-13

    Southeast Cotton: It’s Stinkbug Month — and There’s Rain in the Forecast   8-12

    Southwest Cotton: Hot Weather Helps   8-12


    DTN Fertilizer Trends: Potash Continues to Lead Prices Higher   8-12

    Senate Passes Rural Infrastructure Bill – DTN   8-12

    Ag Economy: A Look at Farmland Values, Cash Rental Rates, Production Expenses   8-13

    Cleveland on Cotton: Demand Driven Bulls Trample Over 93 Cent Resistance   8-14

    DTN Digital Yield Tour: Strong Potential for Missouri, Weather Threatens Kansas Crops   8-12

    Kansas City Fed – Strong Outlook for Farm Sector, Business Groups Seek to Restart U.S.-China Talks   8-10


    Drought Monitor Weekly: Significant Rainfall Mostly Evades Dry Areas   8-13


    Nebraska Enlist Soybeans: Control of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth   8-10

    Arkansas Rice: Application Cut-Off Timings for Common Herbicides   8-9

    Nebraska Enlist Corn: Control of Roundup/Liberty Resistant Volunteers   8-10


    California Almonds: Hull Tights Caused by Water Stress   8-13

    California Almonds: Maintaining Quality – Best Practices for Pick Up, Stockpiling   8-13

    USDA Reports – Scroll Down


    Shurley on Cotton: USDA Reports Continue to Feed Optimism   8-14

    Rice Market Update: Prices Firm as Harvest Increases Daily   8-14

    USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   8-14

    USDA Reports Summary – Bullish for Corn, Wheat, Bearish for Soybeans – DTN   8-13

    Moving Grain: FMC Launches Inquiry Into Ocean Container Carrier Surcharge Practices   8-13

    Ag Trade: China Seeks Policy to Stabilize Pork Production as Soy Imports Fall   8-13

    Livestock: Less Cattle Market Talk at National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – DTN   8-12

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   8-10

    Rice Market: Upside Potential Requires Confirmation Acreage Estimates Are Too High   8-9

    Thompson on Cotton: Strengthening Demand Ahead of USDA Numbers   8-9

    Meatless Meat – Factors Influencing Industry Expansion   8-10


    Fuel Report: Only Minor Price Changes   8-11


    Corn | Soybeans

    Indiana Corn: USDA Crop Report Predicts State Record Yield   8-13

    Tennessee Soybeans: Scouting for Diseases, Deciding on Fungicides   8-13

    Midwest Corn: Water Needs Taper Off in August   8-12

    Pennsylvania Soybeans: Pay Attention to Uneven Stands – Reports of Stem Diseases Increasing   8-12

    Corn: Estimating Grain Yield Prior to Harvest   8-12

    Mississippi Corn: Grain Drydown, Strategies for Successful Harvest   8-11

    South Carolina Corn: Evaluate Planter Performance Now   8-12

    Mississippi Soybeans: Managing Insects, Disease in Ultra-Late Crops – Podcast   8-10

    Cotton | Sorghum

    Texas Plains Cotton: Pests Mostly Quiet, Watch Late Fields for Fleahoppers   8-9

    Mississippi Sorghum: When Is It Safe to Apply a Harvest Aid?   8-11

    Texas West Plains IPM: Sugarcane Aphids Confirmed; Keep Scouting Cotton Fields   8-9


    Rice: Harvest Starts in Texas, Louisiana; Time Will Tell on Quality, Yield   8-14

    Arkansas Rice: Outlook Increasingly Positive; Time to Drain Some Fields?   8-9


    Tobacco: Harvest Has Started Almost Everywhere   8-9


    WASDE Cotton: Decreased U.S. Production, Lower Exports   8-12

    WASDE Oilseeds: Lower U.S. Soybean Production, Crush, Exports   8-12

    WASDE Rice: Lower Domestic Use, Higher Exports   8-12

    WASDE Coarse Grains: Reduced U.S. Production, Exports   8-12

    WASDE Wheat: Reduced Supplies, Lower Domestic Use   8-12

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