AgFax Weekend: Dicamba Complaints Again | Picking the Best Equipment, Tech

    Veins of young, affected leaves assume a parallel orientation following exposure to dicamba. Photo: University of Illinois

    Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


    Midsouth Cotton: Wet Conditions Continue, But There’s Still Hope for a Good Crop  7-23

    Southeast Cotton: Rain Causing Issues   7-22

    Southwest Cotton: Bollworms Below Normal   7-22


    Dicamba: Herbicide Injury Complaints Again on the Rise – DTN   7-22

    DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Actions Against Belarus Raise Potash Prices   7-17

    Farm Business: How Do You Pick the Best Machinery, Tech Investments? – DTN   7-17

    Biofuels: Biden Admin to Delay Late RFS Proposals – DTN   7-22

    Seed Treatments: Are They Really Necessary?   7-16

    DTN Fertilizer Trends: Potash, DAP Keep Climbing   7-16

    Large Tractor Sales Up Significantly Over 2020 – DTN   7-16

    Biofuels: Expansion of Summertime Ethanol Sales Struck Down in Court Ruling   7-17

    Conservation – Research Looks for Best Ways to Manage Runoff – DTN   7-16


    Drought Monitor Weekly: Upper Midwest Still Dry, Heavy Rains Hit Great Lakes   7-22

    South Dakota: 11 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   7-20

    Minnesota: 2 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Drought   7-20

    Texas: 3 Counties Designated Natural Disaster Areas to Winter Storms   7-19

    Tennessee: Hickman County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Floods   7-19

    South Dakota: Buffalo County Designated Natural Disaster Area to Drought   7-19


    EPA Sued Over New Herbicide Approval – DTN   7-22

    Winter Wheat: Control Volunteer Wheat to Protect Next Year’s Crop   7-20


    California Almonds: Hull Split Spray Considerations in a Tight Fiscal Year   7-20

    USDA Reports – Scroll Down


    Rice Market Update: New Sales to Iraq Pending Confirmation   7-22

    Moving Grain: Bunge Completes Sales of 35 U.S. Elevators   7-22

    Ag Trade: Biden Admin Pushes WTO on Chinese Non-Compliance   7-22

    Soybean Production: Brazil Likely to Remain World Leader   7-20

    USDA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   7-20

    Rice Market: No Supply Side Changes, Exports Increased   7-19

    Thompson on Cotton: Fundamentals Large and in Charge   7-19

    Soybeans: How Competitive Is U.S. Production?   7-17


    Fuel Report: Diesel, Gas Over 90 Cents Higher Than Last Year   7-22

    Breaking Bobby Bones – 5th Gen. Farmer Talks “Yellow Gold”   7-16


    Florida: Irrigation – 5 Steps for Maintaining Water Application Uniformity   7-20

    Corn | Soybeans

    Ohio Soybeans: Defoliation – It Takes a Lot To Really Matter   7-20

    North Carolina Corn: Effect of Xyway Fungicide on Germination – Video   7-22

    Soybeans: Dicamba Injury – Are There Recovery Options?   7-20

    Ohio Corn: Potential Kernel Set Problems   7-20

    Louisiana Soybeans: Late-Season Nitrogen Application – Does It Work?   7-19

    Michigan Soybeans: Determining R3 Growth Stage   7-16

    Alabama Soybeans: What You Need to Know About Rebanded Stink Bugs – Video   7-16

    Kentucky Corn: Managing Southern Rust   7-15

    Arkansas Corn: July Southern Rust Update   7-15

    Alabama Soybeans: Insect Update and Scouting – Video   7-16

    Michigan Soybeans: Managing Diseases with Foliar Fungicide Applications   7-16

    Kentucky Soybeans: Foliar Fungicide Considerations   7-15

    Cotton | Sorghum

    Texas LRGV: Watch for Whiteflies in Cotton; Sugarcane Aphid Numbers Building   7-20

    Texas Plains Cotton: Fleahopper Pressure Remains Primary Concern   7-19

    Texas Blacklands Cotton: Insects Quiet but Keep Scouting   7-19

    Texas West Plains Cotton: Blooms Starting, 4 Priorities for This Week   7-19

    Mississippi Sorghum: Sugarcane Aphid Management   7-17

    Texas South Plains Cotton: Increased Fleahopper Activity   7-14

    Mississippi: Sorghum Midge Scouting and Management   7-17

    Texas Cotton: Management Following Inundated, Saturated Conditions   7-14


    Livestock: Ranchers Trying to Hang on to Cattle – DTN   7-17

    Livestock: Droughty Crops Make Toxic Forage – DTN   7-17


    Rice: Research Quantifies Effects of Paraquat Drift   7-22

    Arkansas Rice: Mid-Season Nitrogen – Soil-Applied or Foliar?   7-19

    Arkansas Rice: Beginning Push to Heading; Dealing with Armyworms, Stink Bugs   7-19


    WASDE Cotton: Higher Domestic Production, Exports, Ending Stocks   7-12

    WASDE Oilseeds: U.S. Soybean Numbers See Little Change   7-12

    WASDE Rice: Higher U.S. Exports, Ending Stocks   7-12

    WASDE Coarse Grains: Higher U.S. Corn Ending Stocks Despite Increased Usage   7-12

    WASDE Wheat: Lower Domestic Supplies Offset Lower Usage   7-12

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