Oklahoma Wheat: Southern Harvest Moving Forward, Central Regions Hoping to Start Soon

    Wheat harvest. Photo: K-State Research and Extension - Creative Commons

    The 2021 wheat harvest is on the move in most areas of Southwest, Oklahoma.  Some places around the Frederick region have been slowed due to heavier rains, but producers are hopeful they will start getting back in fields later tonight or tomorrow.  A large portion of Tillman County received ½ to 3 ½ inches of rain late Sunday evening and early Monday morning.

    In other parts of Comanche and Cotton counties where harvest has resumed, test weights have dropped slightly but are still favorable coming in at 60 lbs./bu. or higher.  Other regions in Kiowa, Washita, and Caddo counties are also reporting extremely favorable test weights ranging from 62 to 63 lbs/bu. for the most part with a few being reported as high as 65.5 lbs./bu.

    Yields in most regions where harvest is being reported are coming in favorable across Southwest Oklahoma.  They are ranging from the mid 30’s to the mid 60’s depending on climate, rainfall and management systems.  We have had a report of one load of wheat being taken in at Clinton and harvest has also started with wheat being taken in at Sentinel, Rocky, Cordell and Apache.

    Producers have been test cutting East of Okarche and South of Kingfisher where harvest usually leap frogs over Grady and Canadian counties, but as of today, moisture ranges on test cuttings have been reported at 15.5% to 17.4% in the Kingfisher/Canadian county region.

    With the predicted forecast of warmer temperatures, producers are hoping they will get into the fields in this area late this afternoon.  Proteins being reported in Southwest, Oklahoma are varying depending on locations, environment and producer management. Regional averages from Southern Oklahoma are currently holding steady at 11.3% to 11.6% based off early reports.

    Below are regions where wheat has been taken in prior to Wednesday, June 9, at 12:00 noon CST.

    Grandfield/Devol- Harvest was successful this past weekend and combines have started back up in these locations after the rains earlier in the week.  Test weights have dropped from earlier reports last weekend but still are coming in at 60 to 61 lbs./bu.  Yields being reported in the mid 30’s to the mid 50’s.

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    Frederick/Chattanooga- Harvest was successful this past weekend until heavy rains on Sunday and Monday morning took place.  Producers are hopeful they will get back into the fields around Chattanooga later this afternoon.  The Frederick region, is hopeful harvest will get moving at full speed tomorrow.  Test weights in this region before the rains were being reported at 60 to 62 lbs./bu., with more data available on the next report.  Yields were being reported as favorable in the mid 30’s to mid 40’s for the most part, with some higher yields in the mid 50’s noted.

    Altus/Duke- Harvest was successful in this region over the weekend, while light moisture and humidity slowed harvest around Altus.  Producers around Duke have been able to continue cutting and harvest in the Altus area now is moving full speed ahead.  Test weights are coming in higher than some of the earlier harvested wheat, with reports now showing 62 to 64 lbs./bu.  Yields being reported from high 30’s to mid 60’s depending on management systems.

    Lone Wolf/Hobart-Wheat harvest continues in this region, as the lighter rains did not delay progress much this week.  Test weights averaging 61 to 63 lbs./bu. Yields being reported from the mid 30’s to mid 50’s depending on location and management.

    Roosevelt- Some wheat was taken in over the weekend at this location, but harvest has been at a standstill due to the heavier rains they received earlier in the week.  Early test weights were favorable at 61 to 63 lbs./bu., no yields were reported. Producers are hopeful they will get back into the fields tomorrow.

    Sentinel/Rocky/Cordell-Test weights being reported around Sentinel on early cuttings are ranging from 60 to 62 lbs./bu.  Test weights on early cuttings around the Rocky and Cordell regions are ranging from 62 to 65 lbs./bu.  Yields are being reported in the mid 30’s to mid 60’s depending on management and if the wheat was grazed.

    Apache- Apache received three loads this morning on first cuttings, test weights on each load were reported at 60lbs./bu. or higher.  No yields were yet reported from this region.

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