AgFax Weekend: Bayer Repurposes Old Herbicide

Planting and applying pre-emerge herbicide. ©Debra L Ferguson

Ernst Undesser, Web Editor


Southeast Cotton: Rain Provides Some Relief   6-11

Midsouth Cotton: Rain Continues – And It Might Be One of the Worst Years for Thrips   6-10

Southwest Cotton: Temps – and Pests – on the Rise   6-10


Bayer Repurposes Old Herbicide to Combat Resistance – DTN   6-8

USDA to Begin 2018-19 Natural Disaster Payments   6-11

Ag Trade: Pandemic May Put Unforeseen Damper on Crop Prices – Commentary   6-9

New Dicamba Lawsuits – DTN   6-8

DTN Fertilizer Trends: Price Climb Continues at Slower Rate   6-11

EPA to Rewrite Trump Clean Water Rule – DTN   6-11

Cleveland on Cotton: Demand, Production Concerns Breath New Life Into Contracts   6-11

DTN Fertilizer Outlook: Potash Higher Over Global Supply Concerns   6-11

Farmland Values Surge with Increased Buying Interest – DTN   6-8

Judge Halts USDA Minority Farmer Debt Relief – DTN   6-11

Ag Economy: Federal Reserve Observations from May – Beige Book   6-11

TC Energy Kills Keystone Pipeline – DTN   6-11

Grain Transportation: STB Chairman Addresses Challenges, Opportunities for U.S. Rail Network – DTN   6-8

Farm Family Business: When Tragedy Opens Doors – DTN   6-8

Illinois Grain Farms: Potential Impact of Estate Tax Changes   6-8

Illinois: How Will Biden’s Tax Plan Affect Grain Farms?   6-8


Drought Monitor Weekly: Warm, Dry Out West, Cool, Wet Down South   6-11

Arkansas: Governor Declares State of Emergency as Rain, Flooding Continue   6-11


Pesticides: 16 Common-Sense Practices for Effective Spraying   6-8

When Herbicides Get Hot – 5 Tips for Spraying in High Temps – DTN   6-11

Considerations for Herbicide Applications Under Hot, Dry Conditions   6-11

Tennessee: Palmer Pigweed – Managing Dicamba or Enlist One Resistance   6-11

Weed Management: High Temps Mean Higher Risk of Spray Drift   6-10

Tennessee: Start Scouting for Palmer Pigweed Escapes   6-8

Pennsylvania Soybeans: Early Season Herbicide Considerations   6-8

Michigan: Dry Conditions Will Impact Early Season Weed Control   6-8


California Almonds: June Orchard Management Considerations   6-10

California Walnuts: June Orchard Management Considerations   6-8

USDA Reports – Scroll Down


Moving Grain: Funding Available for Marine Highway Projects   6-11

USDA: Peanut Price Highlights   6-11

Corn Market: Weather Risk Premium in New-Crop Futures Prices   6-11

Rice Market Update: USDA Reports Notable Bullish Factors   6-11

USDA Reports Review: Bullish for Corn, Neutral to Bearish for Wheat, Soy – DTN   6-11

Ag Trade: China Demand Fuels U.S. Farm Economy, as Federal Support Subsides   6-10

Corn: How Does U.S. Production Compare Globally?   6-10

Ag Trade: Livestock Sector in China Looks to Wheat   6-8

USA: Weekly National Peanut Prices   6-8

Thompson Cotton: Prices Rise Despite Improving Moisture in the Southwest   6-7

Cleveland on Cotton: Production Concerns and Rising Demand   6-7

Rice Market: Narrow Trading Ranges, Declining Volume   6-7


Georgia Peanuts: Through the Eyes of a Farmer – Adam McLendon – Video   6-9

Fuel Report: Prices Inch Higher   6-9

Livestock: Small Meat Locker Business Expands – DTN   6-11


Arkansas: Double-Digit Rainfall in Some Areas; Flooding at Critical Time for Wheat   6-11

Nutrient Management: Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio in Crop Residue – Video   6-11

Corn | Soybeans

Louisiana Soybeans: Protect Yield Potential After Slow, Rainy Planting Season   6-11

Teneessee Soybeans: Planting Progress, Double Crop, and Late Planting Considerations   6-11

Mississippi Corn: Discussing Cover Crop Research – Podcast   6-11

Midwest: Soybean Gall Midge Alert – DTN   6-11

Minnesota Corn: Are Split Applications of Nitrogen Worth It?   6-11

Corn Growers Set Sustainability Goals – DTN   6-9

Indiana Corn: Switching To Hybrids Without Rootworm Protection For Late Planted Crops?   6-9

Mississippi Soybean: Taproot Decline – What You Should Know – Podcast   6-8

Indiana Corn: The Many Colors of Early Season Crops   6-9

Ohio Soybeans: Recommendations for June Planted Crops   6-8

Mississippi Corn: Tassel Stage – Importance and Management – Podcast   6-8

Indiana Corn: Why Are My Leaves Silver?   6-9

Soybean Seed Cold Tolerance Tested – DTN   6-8

Mississippi Corn: Disease Management Considerations – Podcast   6-8

Corn Growth Stages VE To V3 – What’s Going On?   6-8

Cotton | Sorghum

Texas Plains: Lots of Weather Problems, Few Complaints About Rain   6-9

Texas LRGV: Few Pests in Cotton, Midge Prevalent in Sorghum   6-8


Indiana: Hemp Growers Need To Be Aware Of Regulatory Changes   6-8


Louisiana Rice: Start Scouting Fields for Diseases   6-9

Arkansas Rice: Managing Hydrogen Sulfide Toxicity, AKA Autumn Decline   6-7

Arkansas Rice: Preflood Nitrogen Management Under Suboptimal Conditions   6-7

Arkansas Rice: More Rain Coming, Water Weevil Activity on the Rise   6-7


Tobacco: The Drought Is Broken – For Now   6-8

Tennessee Tobacco: 5 Early Season Production Tips   6-8


Spring Wheat: Severe Drought Continues   6-11

Oklahoma Wheat: Southern Harvest Moving Forward, Central Regions Hoping to Start Soon   6-11

Oklahoma Wheat: Sooty Mold Being Reported   6-11


WASDE Cotton: Increased Exports, Lower U.S. Ending Stocks   6-10

WASDE Oilseeds: Increased Domestic Beginning, Ending Stocks   6-10

WASDE Rice: 2020/21 Trade Revisions Result in Lower U.S. Ending Stocks   6-10

WASDE Coarse Grains: Increased Domestic Corn Use, Exports   6-10

WASDE Wheat: Higher Domestic Use, Unchanged Exports   6-10

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