Arkansas Rice: Planting Nearly Complete, Forecast Is Cool, Wet, Overcast

    Rice field pre-flood. ©Debra L Ferguson

    Despite how wet the spring has been overall, the high winds of the past two weeks have made quick work of any rain that did fall.  Believe it or not many were in need of a rain this week and received it last night / this morning.  Most received somewhere around 1” of rainfall but some locations saw 2-3”.  All in all, most were happy with it so I guess we’ll call this “the first welcome rain of 2021.”

    Since we reported 93% of our acres planted as of Monday (Fig. 1), this will be the last week we’ll have to discuss that topic.  Still more rice was planted this week given the dry conditions, but it remains to be seen if much more will continue from here, especially with more rains forecast for next week.

    The upcoming forecast is for cool, wet, and overcast conditions.  That means the rice may slow down its progress once again.  Be careful with management decisions while rice is slowing down and not growing normally.  Warmer temperatures will be the key to moving this crop along, and not additional inputs.

    Also make sure you re-run your DD50 reports if you haven’t in a while.  They indicate that rice is a few days behind in progress compared to the long-term weather averages, meaning you likely have more time to get to some management strategies.  That’s more time to get things done the right way.

    2021 AR Rice Planting Progress

    Fig. 1. AR Rice Planting Progress, 2010-2021. Click Image to Enlarge

    Questions on FullPage ‘Brand’ Rice

    There is limited availability of two FullPage hybrids this year that we have received questions on.  These are referred to as ‘FullPage Hybrid Brand 1’ and ‘FullPage Hybrid Brand 2’.  The main thing we want to note is that these two hybrids need to be planted at slightly higher seeding rates compared to standard recommendations for products such as RT 7321 FP and RT 7521 FP.

    For the two ‘Brand’ products, use a 500,000 seed per acre (11.5 seed/ft2) rate as your baseline instead of the traditional 450,000 seed per acre (10.3 seed/ft2) rate.  Increase seeding rates from there as usual based on soil type and planting conditions.  In addition to this, please note that Hybrid Brand 1 will have a limited percentage of plants that may exhibit injury from Preface.

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