Arkansas: Cotton Sustainability Field Day, Trumann, July 30

    Mature cotton rows ready for harvest. ©Debra L Ferguson

    We are delighted to announce plans for a Cotton Sustainability FIELD DAY to be held at the Judd Hill Foundation Farm on July 30. Judd Hill is located on Arkansas Highway 214, 5 miles south of Trumann. The field day is being organized under the umbrella of the Judd Hill Foundation (JHF) with multiple organizers and participants including the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture, USDA-ARS, Arkansas State University, USDA-NRCS, the Soil Health Institute, Cotton Incorporated, and the National Cotton Council.

    With this joint effort, we will take advantage of the great facilities including on-going research and demonstration projects on the JHF Research and the JHF Commercial Farm in partnership with the outstanding cotton producers at Judd Hill, Jesse Flye and Marty White.

    Please be assured that we will take appropriate safety precautions at this outdoor event and will follow CDC guidance for Covid-19.  We do hope you will plan to join us for a great Cotton Sustainability Field Day at Judd Hill in July.


    Activities will include tours on the JHF commercial farm with producers Marty White and Jesse Flye. Field-scale demonstrations participants will see on the tour include use of cover crops and conservation tillage along with sustainable systems focused on improving producer profitability as well as meeting the needs of US cotton customers.

    There also will be a field tour of the JHF Research Farm which includes soil and water conservation research with comparative studies monitoring greenhouse gas production, edge-of-field water quality, and soil health metrics as well as practices to improve irrigation water management and IPM.

    Lunch — The field day will include a catered BBQ lunch under the tent at the Judd Hill office compliments of the JHF & Mr. Mike Gibson.

    Cotton Sustainability Programs – Industry leaders will discuss why it is important for producers to enroll in sustainability programs the brands and retailers are demanding. In response to this demand, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) launched a Better Cotton program in the United States in 2014. More recently, the U.S. Cotton Industry launched the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, a program designed to drive continuous improvement and increase awareness of the benefits of implementing best practices.

    Training and enrollment opportunities for the Trust Protocol and/or BCI will be available at the field day after lunch for producers, their support personnel and other technical advisors and trainers.

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